Do Golden Retrievers Bark?

So you’ve decided to own a Golden Retriever because they are friendly dogs that make good companions.

However, you remember that because the dog will be kept mostly indoors, the incessant barking will make your life uncomfortable.

As a result, you’re left wondering whether Golden Retrievers bark.

So, do Golden Retrievers Bark?

Yes, Golden Retrievers bark significantly less compared to other dog breeds.

These dogs bark for valid reasons; for instance, a Golden Retriever will bark when he wants your attention.

Why do Golden Retrievers bark?

Are there ways to minimize barking in Golden Retrievers?

If you ask such questions, keep reading to find out the answers.

Do Golden Retrievers Bark

The Barking Culture in Dogs

Barking is a natural phenomenon in all dog breeds.

Dogs bark to communicate their needs and feelings to their guardians.

For instance, a dog may bark when hungry, wants to play or is bored.

A dog will also bark when he feels threatened or senses danger.

This survival instinct has been passed down from their wild ancestors.

In the wild, dogs would use barking to warn their packmates of potential threats and scare off predators.

While barking is a natural behavior for dogs, some breeds bark more than others.

For instance, herding dogs like Border Collies and Shepherds were bred to bark when they sense intruders on their property.

On the other hand, Golden Retrievers were bred as hunting dogs and were trained to bark only when necessary.

Instead of punishing your furry friend for barking, you can train him to control his behavior.

Dogs are intelligent creatures that are capable of learning new things.

With patience and consistency, you can train your Golden Retriever not to bark unnecessarily.

Golden Retrievers Bark

Why Do Golden Retrievers Bark?

You may be wondering why your Golden Retriever is barking excessively.

Some of the reasons are:


Dogs crave attention from their parents and will do anything, including displaying unnecessary behavior, to get it.

Golden Retrievers remember any behavior that attracts your attention, including incessant barking.

Due to the busy schedules in modern life, pet parents often forget to spend quality time with their furry companions.

As a result, the dog becomes bored and frustrated, leading him to bark excessively.

It’s common to see your Golden Retriever barking excessively when you get home from work.

The dog will wag its tail while barking, an indication of a friendly greeting and need for your attention.

In response, you can pat your dog’s head or allow him to jump on you.

Fear or Anxiety

Dogs may also bark out of fear or anxiety.

If your Golden Retriever is afraid of something, he may bark to try and scare it away.

For instance, he may bark at a stranger or another animal.

An anxious dog will also bark excessively.

Anxiety in dogs is caused by several factors, including loud noises, changes in the environment, and separation from their guardians.

If your Golden Retriever is barking out of anxiety, you should consult a veterinarian or animal behaviorist for help.


Dogs bark to communicate with their parents, other dogs, or strangers.

Each bark has a different meaning, and your Golden Retriever will use them to convey his needs and feelings.

For instance, a short, sharp bark is often used as an alarm, while a longer, continuous bark may show excitement or frustration.

After staying with your Golden Retriever for long, you’ll understand the meaning of different barks.

Thus, you’ll be able to respond to each bark accordingly and calm your pup.


If your Golden Retriever lacks mental stimulation, he may bark excessively as a way to get rid of his frustrations.

Excessive barking accompanied by howling is a common sign of boredom in dogs.

Dogs need at least one hour of exercise every day.

If your dog isn’t getting enough physical activity, he may become restless and start barking excessively.

Boredom leads to stress which may lead to behavioral problems like excessive barking.

To prevent your dog from getting bored, give him enough exercise and mental stimulation.

How to Manage Excessive Barking in Golden Retrievers

Excessive barking is an annoying behavior that can make your life difficult.

You can do the following to minimize excessive barking in your Golden Retriever:

  • Identify the trigger: The first step is identifying what makes your dog bark. Is your Golden Retriever barking out of excitement, fear, or boredom? Once you identify the trigger, you can start working on a solution.
  • Provide enough exercise: Dogs need at least one hour of exercise every day. If your dog isn’t getting enough physical activity, he may become restless and start barking excessively.
  • Keep the dog busy while you’re away: If you’re away from home for long periods, ensure your Golden Retriever is busy. You can provide him with food puzzles or Kong toys filled with treats.
  • Enroll in obedience training: Enrolling in obedience training is a great way to teach your dog basic commands like sit, stay, come, and down. It will also help you build a stronger bond with your pup.
  • Interact and play with your dog: Spend at least 30 minutes playing with your Golden Retriever daily. This will help reduce boredom and keep him happy.
  • Consult a dog behaviorist: If you can’t manage your dog’s barking problem, consult a certified dog behaviorist. He will help you identify the trigger and provide customized solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Golden Retrievers quiet?

Yes, Golden Retrievers are quiet dogs that bark occasionally.

These dogs will only bark when triggered by factors like stress and boredom.

Do goldens like to cuddle?

Yes, Golden Retrievers make excellent pillows.

These dogs enjoy the company of their parents and will do anything to be close to them.

Why do goldens put their paws on you?

Goldens put their paws on people to attract attention.

Like other dogs, Golden Retrievers enjoy the attention of their parents.

Bottom Line

Golden Retrievers bark less compared to other dog breeds like Border Collies.

However, your Golden may bark excessively when triggered by stress, boredom, and lack of attention.

You can minimize barking in your dog by identifying the trigger and providing the appropriate response.

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