Why Does My Dog Pee On Me?

Have you ever noticed that your dog is peeing on you?

This can be a real problem if the dog is marking his territory, but it can also be caused by another reason entirely.

In this article we’ll look at some of the most common reasons why dogs pee on their owners and how to stop them from doing so.

Picking up your dog’s urine stains can be very difficult.

They are usually found in hard-to-reach areas such as the bottom of the stairs or behind a couch.

And once you have caught the smell, it can be nearly impossible to remove without damaging the carpet or flooring.

But don’t worry – there are ways to get rid of these odorous stains!

Theories On Why Dogs Pee On Their Owners

There are several theories as to why dogs pee on their owners.

They could be marking their territory, or they could be trying to show submission.

Or maybe it’s just that they like the taste of urine!

Whatever the reason for the behavior, there are ways to stop it.

Here are some of the most common causes of dogs peeing on their owners.

1. The Owner Is Too Close To The Dog

If your dog is urinating on you, it’s likely because he wants to keep you away from his area.

This has been proven time and again in studies.

A study conducted at Cornell University found that when a dog sees its owner approaching within 20 feet (6 meters) of the dog, the dog will begin to urinate.

One theory about why dogs do this is that they associate humans with food, and the closer you get to them the more you smell like food.

They want to keep their distance from you, and make sure you don’t come near their territory.

So what does this mean for us?

2. The Owner Has Been Too Friendly With The Dog

If you have been too friendly with your dog, then he might start peeing on you to let you know that he doesn’t trust you anymore.

This is particularly true if he was previously abused by you.

He might even try to bite you to warn you off.

If you ignore these signals, then he will continue to pee on you until you understand what he is trying to tell you.

3. The Owner Constantly Praises The Dog

If you constantly praise your dog, then he may feel that he deserves to be praised.

He may not realize that he is being rewarded for peeing on you, and therefore feels entitled to do so.

Try to avoid praising your dog for things that he shouldn’t get credit for, and instead focus on rewarding good behavior instead.

You should only reward good behavior if you give positive reinforcement for it.

4. The Owner Doesn’t Pay Attention To Their Dog

Dogs are very intelligent animals, and they will try to communicate with you if you aren’t paying attention to them.

Some dogs will even pee on you to alert you to something happening around them, such as an intruder.

Just like children, dogs learn through repetition.

So if you always ignore your dog when he tries to communicate with you, he will continue to do so until you pay attention to him.

And if you are ignoring him every single time, then he will eventually start peeing on you to draw your attention to him.

5. The Owner Gets Angry At The Dog

If you get angry at your dog for peeing on you, then he will probably start peeing on you again to remind you that he is innocent.

You should never yell at your dog or punish him for peeing on you.

Instead, you should take a moment to calm down before speaking to him.

Sometimes all it takes is a few minutes to realize that your dog isn’t responsible for the behavior.

Common Reasons For Why Dogs Pee On Their Owners

There are several possible reasons why your pet might be peeing on you.

  • They’re trying to let you know where they live.
  • It’s a sign of submission.
  • They don’t like you.
  • They’ve been kicked out of the house.
  • They want to show you they love you.
  • They are just being silly.

Of course, there are other reasons too, such as when a dog feels stressed or anxious.

But these are the main ones.

If you suspect that your dog might be peeing on you for any of these reasons, here are some tips to help you deal with it.

If your dog has been urinating on you, he needs to learn not to do so.

You need to teach him that this behavior will not be tolerated.

So while it’s normal for a dog to pee on its owner in the beginning, you should try to train him to stop doing it.

You can start by making sure that you and your dog are spending time together every day.

This means playing, running around, having fun, and just hanging out together.

It’s important to make sure that your dog knows that you’re his person.

Then you need to play with your dog to get him used to being touched.

He needs to feel comfortable touching you.

This way he will feel more secure and won’t worry about peeing on you.

You can use toys, food treats, or even a leash to encourage him to touch you.

Once your dog is comfortable with this, then you can start teaching him to stop peeing on you.

The best way to teach him not to pee on you is to ignore him whenever he does so.

When he tries to pee on you, simply move away from him and leave him alone.

Don’t react at all – you need to stay calm and give him space.

After a few minutes, you can pick up the toy and take it back to your dog.

Give him lots of praise each time he stops peeing on you.

Remember to praise him loudly and repeatedly so he learns that telling you “no” will lead to you getting attention.

If you have a small dog who likes to pee on people, you can use a collar with bells attached to it.

Whenever he pees on you, he’ll hear the bells and know what you’re saying no to.

You could also consider using a spray bottle filled with water.

Just before your dog starts peeing on you, you can squirt him with the water.

That way he’ll associate the sound of the water hitting him with the feeling of pee going everywhere.

If you find that your dog is peeing on you often, you can buy special collars made specifically to prevent your dog from peeing on you.

These collars have spikes attached to them which pierce your dog’s skin when he pees on you.

This is painful enough to deter him from peeing on you again.

Another option is to put a piece of tape over the area where your dog peed on you.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s an adhesive or sticky tape – anything that sticks to your dog’s paws will work.

However, you shouldn’t use sticky tape for long periods of time.

Instead, you should remove it after a few hours and wash your hands afterward.

How To Stop A Dog From Peeing On Their Owner

The first thing to do when you notice your dog peeing on you is to make sure that he isn’t trying to communicate with you in any way.

If you think that your dog might be trying to tell you something then take him for a walk around the block to calm down and get rid of any urine he has already produced.

Once he has calmed down, you should ask yourself why he is peeing on you.

Is he marking his territory or does he have an issue with being submissive?

There are several reasons why dogs pee on their owners and these include:

  • They’re marking their territory
  • They’re marking other people
  • They have a medical condition
  • They’ve had too much sugar
  • They’ve been abused
  • They’ve been neglected
  • They’re trying to tell you something

Before we look at each of these scenarios individually, let’s examine what causes dogs to mark their territories.

Is It Marking Territory Or Just Marking The Place They Live In?

A dog will mark his territory to protect himself and his family members.

This is especially true if there are other dogs living nearby who may try to attack him.

Some dogs will also mark their territory if they feel threatened, as well as if they feel that they need to assert dominance over another dog.

However, if a dog is marking his territory because he feels like he needs to do so, then you should consider asking yourself whether or not you’re providing enough stimulation for your dog.

Remember that a dog’s natural instinct is to be dominant over other animals and if you aren’t giving them enough stimulation then they will find ways to show you that they’re not happy with where you live.

So, if your dog is marking his territory simply because he wants to, then you should ask yourself whether or not you’re providing plenty of opportunity for him to exercise his instincts.

Are You Providing Enough Stimulation For Him To Exercise His Dominant Instincts?

Dogs are naturally dominant over other animals which means that they want to be able to assert control over everything around them.

If you’re not giving them enough opportunities to exercise their dominant instincts then they will find ways to show you that they don’t like where you live.

You should always give your dog plenty of attention whenever he wants it and ensure that you provide him with plenty of physical exercise.

If you don’t then he won’t be motivated to mark his territory.

Your dog needs to be given sufficient freedom to roam around your home freely without having to worry about anything else.

This includes allowing him to bark at strangers, run off into the forest and chase after wildlife.

Don’t let your dog out into the garden unless you know that it’s safe for him to do so and even then, only let him go outside if you’re absolutely certain that it’s safe for him to do so.

Does He Have Other Issues With Being Submissive?

Sometimes dogs will pee on their owners because they’re feeling insecure or anxious.

If your dog is peeing on you regularly then it could be because he doesn’t feel accepted by you or
that you don’t love him.

He may also be peeing on you because he’s feeling insecure about his ability to defend himself
against other dogs or because he doesn’t feel like being submissive towards you.

If your dog is peeing on you because he doesn’t feel comfortable being submissive towards you,
then you should seek help from a professional trainer who can teach you how to properly train your
dog so that he becomes more confident and secure.

If your dog is peeing on you because he feels rejected by you, then you should seek help from a
therapist who specializes in animal behavior therapy to help you work through your issues together.

When To Seek Help From A Vet

If your dog is peeing on you for no apparent reason then there is probably something wrong with them.

If your dog is peeing on you frequently, in private places and with little warning then it is time to seek help from a vet.

There are many diseases which cause dogs to urinate on people, including cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, and even epilepsy.

If your dog has been peeing on you without any warning signs then it is definitely time to visit your vet.

Before going to see your vet though, here are some things you should consider regarding your dog’s urine habits.

  • Is your dog having accidents more often than usual?
  • Do they have an abnormal amount of urine?
  • Are they experiencing any other symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, aggression, etc.?
  • Are they eating less or drinking more?
  • Has your dog had an injury recently?
  • Do you know what your dog’s normal urine color is?
  • Have you changed anything in their diet recently?
  • Does your dog appear to be overweight?
  • Have you recently taken them off all medications?
  • Do you think that your dog could be pregnant?

These are just a few questions that you might want to ask yourself before visiting your vet.

There are many possible causes of your dog’s urine problems, and these questions will help you narrow down the possibilities.

It is important to note that there are a number of different conditions which can cause dogs to pee on their owners.

Some of them are very serious, while others are not.

If your dog is peeing on you regularly then it is definitely time to consult a vet.

The first step is to schedule an appointment with your vet.

They will examine your dog and give you advice about the best course of action to take.

However, there are times when your dog needs to go outside immediately.

These instances include:

  • f there is a fire near where they live
  • If they are being chased by wild animals
  • If they are being attacked by other pets
  • They are injured and need immediate attention
  • If they are sick
  • If they are overheating
  • If they are bleeding heavily
  • They need to relieve themselves right now

If you notice that your pet is peeing on you, especially in a place that they normally do not go, then it is time to get help immediately.

You never want to wait too long to bring your pet to a vet.


The first thing to remember is that dog urine has an odor which he cannot control, so he will always do his best to avoid getting close enough for you to smell it.

This means that he will try to keep a safe distance between you and him.

It’s important to understand that this doesn’t mean he’s trying to harm you – quite the opposite in fact.

It’s just his way of keeping out of trouble.

If you treat him as though he’s trying to hurt you, then he will only get more aggressive towards you.

He’s not trying to harm you – he’s simply trying to stay away from you.

If you have no idea what he’s trying to tell you, then ask someone who knows about dogs to help you interpret his behavior.

When you think you know what he wants, then let him do it.

You should never force him to go closer to you than he feels comfortable with.

Don’t forget – you’re not the only one who needs to pee!

Dogs need to relieve themselves too, and when you let them do it naturally, they won’t feel the need to pee on you.

There are many reasons why dogs might want to pee on you, but here we’ve looked at some of the most common ones.

You might like to read our guide on how to train your dog to urinate outside instead of indoors.

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