Can Dogs Eat Vanilla Wafers Safely?

Picture this; you are having your favorite vanilla wafer and a glass of milk when your furry friend starts to give you those puppy dog eyes.

We have all been there; our dogs are always begging for food, especially when we are eating something they know they are not supposed to have.

So, the question is can dogs eat vanilla wafers safely, or will it make them sick?

Can dogs eat vanilla wafers?

Yes, but in small quantities since the ingredients in a vanilla wafer, such as processed sugars, fats, baking soda and corn syrup, are harmful to your dog.

Instead, you should identify a dog-friendly snack such as a dog biscuit that won’t affect your dog’s health.

In this article, we explore the dangers of feeding vanilla wafers to your dog and the options you have when looking for a healthier snack for your furry friend.

So, read on and learn.

Ingredients in Vanilla Wafers that Make Them Unsafe for Your Dog

These are the ingredients that make vanilla wafers unsafe for your dog:

  1. Processed Sugars

Too much sugar in your dogs’ meals will do more harm than good.

Dogs only require a minimum amount of sugar that is then turned into glucose to boost their energy levels.

Unfortunately, vanilla wafers contain a high volume of sugar that can affect your dog’s health.

The harmful effects of too much sugar for your dog include having dental problems, becoming overweight and eventually diabetic.

Dogs need sugar in moderation as it’s hard to digest, making their stomachs turn.

That’s why you should avoid feeding your pooch the sugary vanilla wafers.

Why steal her joy?

  1. Artificial Flavors

Gone are the days when manufacturers made wafers from all-natural components.

Instead, today most processed snacks contain artificial flavors which could harm your dog.

For instance, vanillin and xylitol are common ingredients in wafers and other snacks.

Unfortunately, while they may have no impact on humans, they are disastrous to dogs. 

Some of the common effects of the artificial flavors include:

  • Digestive problems
  • Diabetes
  • Liver failure
  • Allergic reaction
  • Tampered blood circulation

If your dog routinely consumes too many vanilla wafers, you will be endangering their health and life.

  1. Preservatives

Manufacturers add preservatives to vanilla wafers to lengthen their shelf life.

Among the preservatives added is hydrogenated oils.

These are harmful to a dog, and they have devastating effects.

These preservatives subject your dog to bad cholesterol, making them susceptible to serious ailments such as lowered heart rate, cancer and diabetes.

Steer clear from feeding your dogs vanilla wafers no matter how much they drool.

  1. Fats

Essentially, fats aren’t bad for your dog if at all your dog is the active type that will burn the fat with aggravated physical activities.

However, vanilla wafers can be disastrous for the less active dogs as they will add up your dog’s calorie level, eventually leading to obesity or diabetes.

As a dog owner, endeavor to work around the 90/10 rule each day.

The rule states that 90 percent of your dog’s daily consumption should be from healthy dog food.

Only 10% should be from treats.

The rule is meant to protect the dogs from excessive calorie intake.

Consuming vanilla wafers frequently will be deviating from this rule.

Ideally, a dog should have 25 calories for every pound they weigh.

For instance, if your dog weighs 20 pounds, the maximum daily calorie intake should not exceed 500.

However, if you check at a vanilla wafer pack, the calorie content will have you rethinking feeding it to your dog.

  1. Baking Soda

Vanilla wafers contain high levels of baking soda.

Therefore, having your dog consume the wafers can easily lead to baking soda poisoning, which can turn out disastrous.

Baking soda is a toxic component for dogs.

It leads to stomach irritation and diarrhea.

In addition, some dogs can be allergic to baking soda, so the best way would be to avoid the wafers entirely.

Can Dogs Eat Vanilla Wafers Safely

Effects of Vanilla Wafers on Dogs

The ingredients that makeup wafers have the following devastating effects:

  1. Digestive Problems

The fats and sugars in vanilla wafers will make your dog’s stomach turn.

In addition, these ingredients are hard to digest, and your dog may appear dull from the discomfort.

  1. Canine Obesity

Continuously feeding your dog vanilla wafers will make them susceptible to overweight problems.

A high-calorie uptake will consequently lead to obesity in your dog.

That means fats get stored in the dog’s body, heightening their health problems.

Overweight dogs have problems with blood circulation, making it hard for them to be active.

  1. Hormonal Imbalance

After consuming vanilla wafers continuously, you may observe your dog having mood swings. 

The sugars in the wafers alter your dog’s production of different hormones.

As a result, the cycle of low moods and withdrawals alternating with hyperactive and jovial moods becomes a common symptom for your dog.

Like in humans, excess sugars will make your dog feel lethargic and depressed.

Alternative Treats for Your Dog

  1. Healthy Dog Biscuits

Healthy dog biscuits are the best alternatives for your dog as they contain dog-friendly nutrients such as proteins, fiber and carbohydrates. 

Next time you are having your wafer, serve your dog the biscuit, and you’ll have evaded the guilt of subjecting your pup to the unhealthy junk.

The dog biscuits are beneficial to your dog in various ways, such as glowing skin, boosting energy levels, and improving dental and bone strength.

  1. Fruits

Consider a fruit instead of throwing an entire vanilla wafer pack to your pooch.

For instance, a few slices of an apple will not harm your pup.

An apple helps boost your dog’s immune system and overall health compared to harmful vanilla wafers.

How to Treat Your Dog In case of Vanilla Wafer Poisoning?

Consult your vet if you realize your dog has had too many vanilla wafers.
Preferably, consult a vet who has the dog’s health history.
The vet will advise whether to take the dog for a physical examination or give you directions on how to treat your pooch.
If the vet gives you directions to carry out the treatment at home, ensure you follow the instructions to the latter for the sake of your furry friend.


Dogs shouldn’t be encouraged to eat vanilla wafers as most of the ingredients in the wafers aren’t dog-friendly.

Why not go for a dog-friendly treat like the dog biscuit if all you want to see is a happy dog full of life and vibrance. 

The risks of feeding your dog vanilla wafers are too many and not even worth the risk.

Let the pup drool all they want, but the vanilla wafer is a no-no period.

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