Can Dogs Have Apple Pie?

Let’s suppose apple pie is your favorite meal of all time.

On this day, when you are done, you can’t help noticing how your dog has been staring at you all this time.

It makes you feel guilty.

It feels like you should have shared, right?

Too bad the pie was gone too soon, furry friend.

Can dogs have apple pie?

Yes, but in small quantities.

Apples which are the main ingredients in the pie have high fiber content, vitamin C and antioxidants helpful for the dog.

In making the pie, the apples are laced with sugar and crust, adversely affecting your dog’s health when consumed in large quantities.

The next time you are unsure about whether to invite your furry friend to join you in enjoying the sumptuous apple pie, come back to this article and learn all you need to know about apple pies and dogs.

Read on.

Can Dogs Have Apple Pie

Benefits of Apple Pies to Your Dog

Here’s what your pup will be gaining from consuming an apple pie.

Smooth Digestion

Apples aid in the smooth functioning of the digestive system in a dog.

The high levels of fiber and Vitamin A in apples come in handy in ensuring the gastrointestinal organs are well oiled for digestive function.


If your dog has acidity issues, apple pies are a noble option.

They are rich in vitamin C, which is vital in balancing the acids in the dog’s stomach.

It also helps in boosting the overall state of your dog’s immune system.

Additionally, the vitamin helps in the fast repair of the dog’s tissues if injured. 

Lowers Cholesterol Levels

An increased cholesterol level in dogs is harmful as it leads to hyperlipidemia, where the high-fat content in the blood is disastrous.

The apples in the pie come in handy in resolving this, as they contain pectin, which lowers cholesterol levels.

Improved Vision and Bone Formation

The vitamin A component in an apple pie comes in handy in boosting your dogs’ vision. 

It also strengthens your dog’s bones and dental formula.

So if you want your dog to glow and be strong, then a bit of apple pie will push you closer to achieving this goal.

These benefits stem from the apples within the pie; the additions made to the apples raise the caution of feeding the apple pie to your dog in moderation.

Risks of Feeding Apple Pie to Your Dog

Below are reasons why you should only feed your dog  apple pies in moderation:

Gastrointestinal Problems

An apple pie laced with too much sugar can evoke gastrointestinal problems in your dog. 

A dog’s digestive system is not suited to handle too much sugar.

If there is increased sugar uptake, your dog’s stomach may start turning, causing discomfort. 


Watch out for apple pies laced with nutmeg.

In apple pies, nutmeg contains harmful myristicin toxins.

These toxins are dangerous to your dog when consumed in large amounts.

Nutmeg poisoning will have these effects on your dog:

  • High heart rate
  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures
  • Xerostomia
  • Twitching

That makes it important to inquire about all the ingredients used to make your dog’s apple pie.  


If your apple pie contains raisins and grapes, ensure you remove them before feeding the pie to your dog.

These components will hurt your dog as they are toxic to the dog’s digestive system.

Given the magnitude of the risk involved in buying an apple pie for your dog, it would be better to make a healthy one for the dog at home.

Here’s how.

Apple Pie for Dogs Recipe


Ingredients for the apple pie crust for dogs include:

  • 2 cups of wheat flour
  • 1 cup coconut milk (unsweetened)
  • ½ cup cooking oil

Make a moderately sticky dough by mixing these ingredients, then roll it out to form a ¼ inch thickness.

Ingredients for your dog’s apple pie filling include:

  • 2 tablespoons of cornstarch
  • 2 cups of sliced apples
  • ½ cup of apple juice (unsweetened)
  • ½ spoon cinnamon


  • Place the slices of apples in lemon juice to ensure they don’t turn color.
  • Add two spoons of apple juice to the apples and cook lightly on lowered heat. The aim is to soften the apple slices.
  • Whisk the remaining apple juice, cinnamon, and cornstarch together in a separate bowl. 
  • Once smooth, drain into the apple mixture. Allow simmering for 15 minutes.
  • Once ready, allow to cool for 30 minutes before scooping to the crusts.

At this point, you can choose to feed the apple pie to your dog as they are or opt to have them as open faces pie.

For the latter, use the remaining crust to pour on top of the pie and bake for 30 minutes until it turns golden brown.

Let cool before feeding it to your dog.

 A homemade pie makes a healthier option for your dog as it has less sugar content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can apple pie make my dog sick?

No, an apple pie can’t make your dog sick if taken in moderation, and if the apple pie is made up of the basic ingredients, additional artificial sweeteners can be harmful to your dog.

If you are feeding your dog an apple pie for the first time, be keen and observe any abnormal behavior such as hallucinating.

In that case, you need to get in touch with a vet as soon as possible.

Can a dog eat apple pie and custard?

Yes, your dog can eat an apple pie and custard.

The only reservation is that it’s done in moderation.

The right way to introduce apple pie and custard to your dog is to consult your vet, preferably with a history of your dog. 

Given your dog’s health history, the vet will advise you on what to do if anything goes wrong or the risks involved.

The vet will also guide you on any ingredients that could be allergic to your dog.


Treat your dog to an apple pie occasionally and boost her vibrance, joy and glow.

Your dog’s overall health is paramount, and feeding it an apple pie is a step in the right direction as it will help boost the immune system.

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