How Fast Can A Border Collie Run?

At a recent dog show, I had the pleasure to meet Ann and her border collie, Kelpie.

Kelpie’s friendly and docile nature contrasted with her high intelligence level and ability to obey certain commands.

I learned that Kelpie likes to chase balls or other dogs at lightning speeds when she is not out running every day.

At 25 pounds, she may only be a moderately sized dog, but she runs with impressive speed.

It amazed me how swift this Border Collie could run.

So, how fast can a Border Collie run?

The average Border Collie can reach speeds of 30 miles per hour.

That is faster than any Olympic sprinter.

This is because they were bred to herd sheep in all kinds of weather.

Therefore, they’re overall more athletic.

This article will discuss how fast Border Corries are, compared with some fast dog breeds.

It’ll also look at factors affecting their speeds and other aspects.

Can A Border Collie Run

Can a Border Collie Run Long Distances?

Border Collies can run long distances.

Among their best attributes include sporting abilities and endurance.

They also have a tireless work ethic and willingness to run long distances.

Border Collies excel in dog sports such as agility competitions because they are highly intelligent and perseverant.

They enjoy any exercise that involves running, including competitions that require stamina and speed.

Border Collies also burn plenty of calories due to their speed.

So, they are less likely to gain excess weight due to their lean bodies.

Though Border Collies are happy long-distance runners, you must ensure they get the exercise they need.

A dog that is accustomed to getting plenty of exercise can handle running long distances every day.

How Fast Can A Border Collie Run

What is Border Collies’ Speed Compared to Other Dog Breeds?

Border Collies can run 30 miles per hour or faster.

They can also maintain that speed for up to three miles. 

Collies can sprint for up to 10 seconds at a time.

That’s faster than most cars on the road today.

Only a few other breeds can compete with their speed.

To put that into perspective, people can’t even run that fast.

The fastest person clocked a mile in 3 minutes and 43 seconds.

This breed was developed in Scotland for herding.

So, it makes sense that a Border Corrie would keep up with sheep and other farm animals.

Their speed and agility match some of the fastest breeds out there.

Here’s a look at some of the fastest breeds:

  • Greyhounds (45mph)
  • Vizslas (40mph)
  • Whippets (35mph)
  • Borzois (35mph)
  • Great Danes (30mph)

Border Collies are a breed devoted to working.

However, they may be underutilized and crave an activity at times.

When this breed isn’t active, it happily participates in training, agility or herding. 

Factors Affecting How Fast a Border Collie Run

Border collies can run as fast as 30 miles per hour, which is faster than any other dog breed.

Their exceptional abilities are due to the following factors:


Border collies can have different bloodlines.

This depends on where they were bred and who was breeding them.

Some bloodlines are bred for speed, while others are for strength or endurance.

Although Australian and British bloodlines are the most common, others are better suited to speed.

Border Collies bred to run fast will have the best chance of running at high speeds. 

Such dogs’ muscles are strong and healthy, enabling them to run long distances without tiring.

This shows that some Border Collies are better suited for running longer distances than others.


A Border Collie’s features can affect how fast they run.

For example, a dog with long legs can run faster than one with short legs.

The same principle applies to other physical features such as height and weight.

So, if you want a dog that can run long distances at high speeds, get one with large paws and strong legs.

A smaller paw and thinner legs would be preferable for a dog that can sprint at high speeds across short distances.


Your Border Corrie’s health will also affect how fast they run.

Healthy dogs are more active than sick ones.

Any health problem, such as hip dysplasia or heart disease, can cause them to run slower or become tired more quickly.


Age also plays a role in how fast a Border Collie can run.

Older dogs may have trouble keeping up with younger dogs due to arthritis and other age-related issues.

Is It Possible To Train A Border Collie To Run Fast?

Training a Border Collie to run fast is doable.

Border Collies are naturally athletic lean, and intelligent dogs meant to chase after things.

Thus, training them to run fast is easy.

Best of all, they love to play and exercise their minds, so it’s also good for them.

Border Collies don’t need much convincing to run fast as they are great runners.

Training them to run fast is very natural. 

However, you can certainly encourage them in this way by incorporating more running into their
daily exercise.

Playing fetch and chasing balls keeps them excited and active, as they get bored with sedentary

This means your dog will have no problem running around and staying active with a little exercise
and motivation.

These activities keep them healthy and at the top of their game.

A Border Collie’s intelligence also means they need a lot of mental stimulation while running.

They are very active animals; if you want to make them run fast, it should be worthwhile for them.

Final Word

A Border Collie is considered one of the most intelligent and athletic dogs anyone could own.

They have a lot of energy and need good outlets for that.

It’s well worth the effort to put in the time, energy, and motivation to train a Border Collie puppy and see how fast they can run.

Moreover, training them to run can be fun for both of you.

Border Collies make great companions if you train them right and stay aware of their personality traits.

Keeping your dog trained and cared for and you can see them improve their speeds even more. 

Megan Turner

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