Why Does My Dog Suddenly Want To Sleep With Me?

There are several theories as to why dogs sleep with their owners.

These include the following.


Dogs have been known to seek comfort from their owners.

This can occur when they are ill or injured.

They may also find comfort in sleeping with their owner’s bedding.

It has even been suggested that dogs sleep with their owners because it provides them with a sense of security.


Dogs often seek the company of their humans.

This may be due to the fact that dogs do not like being alone.

They may also like being able to communicate with their owners.

Dogs who have separation anxiety will often sleep next to their owners at night.


Some dogs prefer to sleep near their owners because they find their owners’ scents comforting.

Dogs may also associate their owners’ bedding with food and other treats.

They may also associate their owners’ beds with having good dreams.

Theories on why dogs want to sleep with their owners

Dogs love sleeping next to their owners. It’s one of the most important things they do.

Whether it’s for comfort or for security, there are several theories behind why this happens.

1. Dogs seek comfort from their owners

A lot of people believe that dogs just like to sleep next to their owners because they feel safe and comfortable.

This theory is based on the fact that dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years and they know how to act around humans.

They respond to us in different ways depending on where we are, what we’re doing, and who else is around.

When we sit down at home, they will come over and lay down next to us.

If someone comes over unexpectedly, they will bark and run away.

They also seem to seek comfort when they are frightened.

A lot of dogs will hide under furniture or even try to climb up on top of them when they get scared.

2. Dogs seek security from their owners

If a dog is feeling insecure, they might prefer to sleep next to their owner because they think it provides a sense of security.

This makes sense if you consider that dogs tend to live alone for long periods of time.

This can make them nervous and anxious, especially if they don’t have any other friends to hang out with.

When people say “my dog doesn’t like strangers,” it’s usually because he’s afraid of them.

He doesn’t trust them.

So if he feels safer and more secure next to them, then it makes sense that he sleeps near them.

3. Dogs enjoy being close to their owners

This theory is similar to the first two.

The main difference is that it suggests that dogs like to be close to their owners because of the smell.

That’s right, many dogs actually want to be smelly.

Smelling good is part of that instinctual need to attract a mate.

So it seems logical that a dog would want to be close to his owner so he can smell him constantly.

In addition, when a dog gets into the habit of sleeping with his owner, he learns to associate being close to his owner with restful sleep.

So sleeping next to your owner isn’t only about making him feel better, but it’s also about helping him learn to sleep well.

So if your dog wants to sleep with you, there must be something going on between you two that he likes.

Maybe it’s because you’re comforting him or maybe it’s because you smell nice.

Whatever the reason, it’s worth knowing so you can understand what’s happening with your dog.

Dogs as pack animals

In the wild, dogs live in packs.

They hunt together, protect each other from predators, and help keep the entire group alive.

When they’re not hunting or protecting, dogs will often sleep in a specific area known as their “bedding.”

This bedding can include piles of grass, leaves, dirt, even snow.

The bedding allows them to feel protected and secure, and it also prevents the rest of the pack from getting cold while they’re out hunting.

If you have a backyard, chances are good that your dog has her own designated spot for napping during the day.

However, if you don’t have a yard, there are plenty of indoor options.

You can buy an exercise pen or crate specifically designed for this purpose, but you might also consider using an existing room in your house.

Just make sure to clean up any messes after your dog uses it!

While some people think of dogs as just pets, many dogs actually function best when they’re part of a pack.

They need this structure to thrive and be happy.

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The benefits of sleeping with your dog

There are several benefits to sleeping with your dog.

Sleeping with your dog can help maintain a healthy bond between you two.

It’s an opportunity for you both to bond, relax and have fun together.

Some dogs seek out sleeping next to their owners because they associate it with the feeling of being loved, protected and secure.

This is especially true when your dog starts losing his independence and needs more attention from you.

For example, if your dog has been injured or sick, he will probably seek out your presence while sleeping.

If your dog enjoys sleeping with you, this is a great way to strengthen your bond with him.

When you lay down next to your dog and cuddle, you both get to experience closeness and intimacy, which strengthens your relationship.

In addition to strengthening your relationship with your dog, sleeping with your dog can also provide some amazing health benefits.

Dogs who sleep on beds tend to lead healthier lives than those who don’t.

They often eat better, exercise more regularly, and get more sleep.

Sleeping with your dog can also improve your dog’s mental well-being.

Many studies show that people who sleep with their pets feel happier and less anxious about life in general.

Another benefit of sleeping with your dog is that it helps reduce stress levels.

Dogs who sleep with their owners are less likely to suffer from anxiety, depression and other psychological problems.

Finally, sleeping with your dog can also reduce your dog’s appetite, which means that he will be less likely to overeat and gain weight. 

The drawbacks of sleeping with your dog

Although there are many advantages to sleeping with your dog, there are also some drawbacks to consider.

1. Your dog will not always agree to sleep with you

Some dogs do not like to sleep in the same bed as their owners.

If this is the case with your dog, it’s best to keep them separate from you at night so they can have their own space.

You should also pay attention to how often your dog seems stressed when you try to share the bed together.

This could mean that your dog is uncomfortable sharing a bed with you or that he is feeling insecure about something else.

2. You might find out that your dog does not like sleeping in the same bed as you

If you don’t know whether your dog likes sleeping next to you, then you need to experiment with different places for him to sleep.

For instance, if you are having trouble getting your dog to sleep on his own, you could place a blanket across the room where he normally sleeps and see if he will sleep on it instead.

If he doesn’t, you can move him into another room or ask one of your other guests to stay in the room with him overnight.

If he still refuses to sleep on his own, you can consider getting an extra pillow, blanket, and comforter for him to use.

This way you can give him his own space while still providing him with the comfort he needs.

3. You may wake up with wet sheets or blankets

It is important to note that dogs cannot control their bladder and bowels.

In fact, they can even hold their urine for days at a time.

When your dog wakes you up during the night because he has to go to the bathroom, you must take care to clean up any accidents before going back to sleep.

Make sure you get up early enough to change your sheets and blankets before anyone else gets home, especially if you are sharing a bed with your pet.

4. Your dog might try to steal your covers

When dogs sleep, they often curl up under a blanket or cover.

Sometimes, they will try to move their way closer to you in order to snuggle up against you.

It is common for dogs to feel more secure when they are near you.

However, this means that your dog may try to steal your blankets and covers. Keep things separated so he does not accidentally grab onto yours.

5. Your dog might chew on your clothes

Dogs chew on many items, including toys, shoes, furniture, and clothing.

While most dogs chew on items for fun, some dogs may chew on your clothes as a form of communication.

Some dogs will chew on your clothes to signal their discomfort or anxiety.

If this happens, you will need to clean up any damage your dog caused before you go back to sleep.

How to make sleeping with your dog more comfortable

If you’re not going to bed with your dog but instead keeping them in their crate, then you should consider giving them some kind of bedding material to snuggle up to.

You can purchase a bed for your dog from any pet store or online retailer.

You can also get bed covers made specifically for dogs.

The best way to keep your dog warm while they sleep is to provide them with a blanket or comforter.

This will help them stay warm without having to heat the entire house up.

A very well known brand of bedding materials for dogs is Hagen Pet Products.

They have many different options including a variety of dog beds, blankets, pillows, and

Some of these products are specially designed to fit dogs of all sizes.

If you have a large dog it might be good to invest in a larger sized dog bed to accommodate them.

Some dog beds come with a cover that can be removed if you don’t want to use it as a regular bed.

It is important to note that removing this cover will leave your dog exposed to the cold air which
can cause them to become chilled.

Another option is to buy a dog mattress.

These mattresses are usually covered with an extra thick, soft fabric.

A dog mattress can help your dog feel more comfortable when they are sleeping on a hard surface
such as a floor or a concrete slab.

When purchasing a mattress it is a good idea to get one that is firm enough to support your dog’s

Don’t get a mattress that feels like a pillow because this will put too much pressure on your dog’s
spine and neck.

Also, avoid getting a mattress that is too soft because this will also put too much pressure on your
dog’s back, legs, and tail.

There are a lot of benefits to sleeping with your dog.

When you do this, you are providing them with companionship, warmth, protection, and safety.

However, there are a couple of things that you need to know before jumping into bed with your dog.

Dogs prefer to sleep on a flat surface rather than a raised platform.

So, if you are planning on putting your dog on a bed, it is a good idea to place it on a flat surface.

Your dog needs to be able to see out so that they won’t feel trapped inside the bed.

Make sure that they can see at least two sides of the bed.

It is important to remember that having your dog sleeping next to you can lead to separation
anxiety issues.

Therefore, it is best to only let your dog sleep with you once a day at most.

Otherwise, they will probably start whining and barking because they miss you.

How to make sleeping with your dog more comfortable

Now that you understand how important it is to give your dog a safe haven during the night it is
time to figure out what type of bedding materials you should use to provide them with the comfort
they deserve.

1. Use a dog bed

Dog beds are great because they allow your dog to snuggle up to you while providing them with a
nice warm bed to sleep in.

In fact, dog beds are often used as part of a training program for owners who want to teach their
dog to stay away from certain areas of the house.

However, dog beds are generally not recommended to be used as a primary sleeping device.

Dogs tend to shift around a lot during the night and this can lead to discomfort.

Plus, using a dog bed as a primary sleeping device can be dangerous since it puts your dog at risk
of injuring themselves.

So, if you plan on using a dog bed as a secondary sleeping device, you should use it alongside
another sleeping device such as a dog bed cover.

This way, your dog will always have a secure space where they can rest comfortably.

2. Keep your dog cool

One of the biggest problems that dogs face during the night is overheating.

Dogs that are kept outside in hot weather will naturally sweat more rapidly which causes them to

In addition, dogs that live in a warmer climate will require more water to drink than those that live
in cooler climates.

To avoid overheating, you should try to find a dog bed that has a cooling system built-in.

This will help your dog maintain their body temperature throughout the night.

Make sure that you check the instructions that come with the bed to determine whether or not it
has a cooling system.

3. Get a dog bed cover

It is possible for your dog to become chilled.

This is especially true if you are traveling and your dog is left alone in a hotel room.

Even though you’ve provided your dog with a bed, they might still feel uncomfortable due to the
temperature change.

To prevent this, you should consider getting a dog bed cover.

Your dog will be protected from the cold air and they will remain warm.

Most dog bed covers come in various colors and patterns and you should choose one that
matches your dog’s personality.

4. Provide your dog with plenty of food

Your dog should receive adequate nutrition throughout the day.

This means that they should be fed three meals a day.

Not only does this ensure that they have enough energy to play and exercise, it also helps them
grow healthy and strong.

As a pet owner, you should make sure that you feed your dog the proper amount of food each day.

It is also a good idea to weigh your dog every month to ensure that they are receiving the right
amount of food.

5. Give your dog plenty of opportunities to exercise

Exercise is important for both humans and animals.

It keeps them active and provides them with something positive to focus on during the day.

In addition, it also makes them happy.

However, it is important for you to realize that exercising your dog too often can actually harm

Exercising them too frequently can actually lead to obesity and other health issues.

For instance, excessive exercise can increase their heart rate and blood pressure which can cause
them to develop high blood sugar levels and other diabetes symptoms.

6. Teach your dog to relax

One of the worst things that you can do to your dog during the night is to scold them.

Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence among pet parents.

Many people believe that scolding their dogs will teach them to obey commands.

However, this isn’t true. Instead, it teaches your dog that they aren’t worth anything and it
encourages them to act out and disobey you.

Instead, you should try teaching your dog to relax.

This will help them learn that they aren’t worth scolding and that they should just lie down and take
it easy.

This will also improve their behavior and obedience skills.

7. Make your home safe for your dog

Your dog should never be allowed to roam freely through your home.

This includes the yard.

While this is a difficult thing to do, it is necessary in order to protect your dog from harm.

If your dog gets lost, they can easily become separated from you and end up in danger.


As you can see from the list above, there are several reasons why dogs might want to sleep with their owners.

One thing I have noticed is that my own dog, who sleeps on his own bed in our bedroom, will sometimes get up and walk over to me when he wants to go out for a quick potty break.

This is one case where the dog actually did not want to spend time alone, but rather wanted to be near me.

So if this is something that has happened to you or if it happens to you again, just remember that your dog may need some extra attention or affection during these times.

If you’ve read through this article and learned about what causes your dog to want to sleep with you, then I hope that you will find peace of mind as you continue to care for your furry friend.

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