How Fast Are German Shepherds? 

There is nothing better than bonding with your german shepherd on a hike, jog, or run.

However, these canines have high energy levels and thus outrun you many times.

This could make you wonder how fast they are. 

So, how fast are german shepherds?

German shepherds are one of the fastest dog breeds.

These canines are muscular, athletic, and agile, contributing to their speed of about twenty to thirty miles per hour.

This makes them excellent options as speed training partners.

This article discusses everything there is to know about german shepherds’ speeds.

It explains the physical and non-physical factors that make these canines fast.

In addition to that, are ways of improving these dogs’ speeds. 

How Fast Are German Shepherds

Physical attributes that make german shepherds run fast 

German shepherds have several physical qualities that help enhance their general speed.

They include:

  • Flexible spine – This makes german shepherds run faster than other breeds as it allows their backs to extend and contract freely like a coil. 
  • Excellent angulation of hindquarters and shoulders – This allows them to move smoothly and not against the air movement hence covering a greater distance in a short time. 
  • Lean bodies – Their athletic and lean bodies make these canines move faster than their counterparts as they don’t have any extra weight weighing them down. 
  • Long legs – Long limbs enhance a german shepherd’s speed by increasing the distance they make per stride. 
  • Muscular strength – These canines are packed with dense muscles that make them run fast.  They use every bit of their strength to chase after their target.  
  • Aerodynamic head shape – This shape makes german shepherds move through the air more smoothly, reaching their targets faster. 

Nonphysical factors that make german shepherds fast 

Apart from their physical abilities, german shepherds have several skills which make them faster than other breeds.

They include:

  • Maintaining their pace for a long time – German shepherds can run for ten minutes without reducing their speed, making them move faster than other breeds.
  • Analyzing everything – These dogs determine the most straightforward path to take as they run. This makes them move smoother and faster as the chances of stumbling are slim. For instance, instead of running on the rocky terrain, these canines will choose to run on the edges to get to their destination faster. 
  • Unbreakable focus – German shepherds will not stop until they reach their target. For this reason, most of these pups work in law enforcement organizations. 

Can I make my german shepherd run faster? 

If you notice your pooch getting into a slump, the following tips will enable them to regain and improve their speed. 

Play with them

These canines are active and require lots of exercises to stay healthy and strong.

Play catch or take them for a run every day.

However, walking them for fifteen minutes before and after work is vital if you have a busy schedule. 

Allow them to rest

Your puppy requires rest to maintain healthy muscle growth, which is essential in improving speed.

Although you may be tempted to let them hang out and play with you, you must let them relax and recharge. 

Provide a good diet

A healthy diet will keep your furry best friend strong and active.

About 22% of German shepherds’ diets should be proteins.

Additionally, ensure that your four-legged friend receives all the essential vitamins and minerals to prevent them from contracting severe health conditions.

These canines should consume around two thousand calories daily, depending on their age and size.

You should also avoid feeding your german shepherd harmful ingredients like wheat as they will make him sick and weak. 

Does age affect my german shepherd’s speed?

Like all other dogs, your pup’s speed will decrease as they age.

Below are some of the changes in german shepherds’ bodies that come with age and affect their agility. 

Hip dysplasia 

These canines are susceptible to contracting hip dysplasia in their old age, and there is no prevention against it.

However, your pet could undergo surgery to recede it.

That said, hip and joint problems significantly affect german shepherds’ speed. 

Poor vision 

Your german shepherd’s eyesight worsens in their latter days.

Although they may not go completely blind, your pooch’s vision will get cloudy, making it challenging to run after a target. 

Heart problems 

As they age, german shepherds may develop anxiety, leading to heart complications.

These problems reduce the amounts of oxygen in their bloodstream, making it hard for them to run.

However, proper dieting, exercise, and bonding can prevent your four-legged friend from suffering such problems. 

German shepherd speed compared to other dogs 

Although german shepherds are fast, they are not the quickest canines around.

Below is a comparison between these canines’ speed and other breeds. 

  • German shepherds – 30 mph
  • Greyhounds – 45mph
  • Malamute – 36mph
  • Poodle – 30mph
  • Chiba Inu – 25mph
  • Labrador retriever – 25mph
  • Corgi – 23mph

How do german shepherd mix breeds fair on speed? 

When german shephered breeds mix with other breeds, interstign charcteristics are noted, and this includes speed. 

For instace, the german shepherd and greyhound mix is fast.

This is because it combines the muscle of the german shepherd with the greyhounds’ speed making them quicker than both of these breeds. 

On the other hand, the combination between german shepherds and pugs is relatively slow.

Pugs can only run at a speed of about five miles per hour hence responsible for this mix’s slow pace.  

Frequently asked questions(FAQs) 

How fast can my german shepherd run 100 yards?  

A typical German shepherd can cover a hundred yards in ten seconds.

However, some exceptional individuals can do it for a shorter time. 

How fast are Dobermans? 

Dobermans are among the fastest dogs.

They are known for their agility despite being medium-sized.

These dogs can run up to a speed of thirty miles per hour. 

What’s my german shepherd’s speed suitable for?

Their muscle, speed, and agility make these dogs indispensable in certain domains like police work, military, and herding trials. 


Although german shepherds are not the fastest dog breed, their speed is commendable.

That said, you could improve or enhance your pup’s agility by playing with them, providing them a good diet, and allowing them to rest. 

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