Do Weimaraners Shed?

So, you’ve settled on the Weimaraner as your preferred pet; good idea!

It checks all boxes, from being being fearless, masculine, alert, obedient, friendly to being intelligent, and active.

One thing you aren’t sure about, however, is how much they shed.

Let’s face it, nobody loves the constant need to clean up dog hairs; if anything, it’s an annoying task for most of us.

Let’s find out how much these great canines shed.

Do Weimaraners shed?

Yes, Weimaraners are heavy shedders.

Despite the short and soft single coat, the weims are heavy shedders.

This goes against the major misconception that short-coat dogs don’t shed much.

How much a dog sheds is influenced by its breed, time of year, and health.

Shedding can be controlled, so you don’t have the dog hair strewn all over your furniture, clothes, and fixtures.

In this article, we explore how much the Weimaraner sheds and ways to keep it under control.


How is a Weimaraner Coat?

There are two types of Weimaraner coat, the short-haired and long-haired coat.

Short- Haired

Weimaraners that feature a short coat are the more common of the two and are the main feature of this article.

Their coats are short, smooth and sleek.

They don’t have an undercoat, and some feature a white spot around the chest.

During their intense shedding season, you will notice some spots around their dense skin, which disappear once the shedding is over.


The long-haired Weimaraner is not as common, and their coat could grow 5 centimeters long.

In addition, they shed more than their short-haired counterparts.

Their coat is wavy, and some can feature an undercoat.

This makes their grooming involving and time-consuming.

Do Weimaraners Shed

How Much Do the Weimaraners Shed?

On a scale of five, the Weims get a four.

So yes, Weimaraners are heavy shedders; if you are not cautious, you could be sweeping off their hairs all over your house.

The Weimaraners have a single short coat with soft hair that lays well on their body.

You wouldn’t expect the Weimaraner to shed as much at a glance. 

The Weims will shed moderately throughout the year and increase the rate during the spring and autumn.

For a few weeks, you will notice the increase in shedding as the seasons’ change.

After this, the shedding goes back to the normal rate.

Luckily, you can control how much the Weimaraners shed through proper grooming.

How to Groom the Weimaraner to Control Shedding

Fortunately, the Weimaraner is easy to groom; the short hair single coat makes it an effortless affair.

The Weimaraner has a smooth coat that is easy to clean.

Mostly the coat is gray, which explains why in some quotas, it’s referred to as the gray ghost.

To groom the Weimaraner, brush it regularly using a bristle or curry rubber brush.

Either of these will serve you well, given that the Weims don’t have an undercoat.

The Weimaraner doesn’t smell, so you don’t need to bathe it quite often.

Its coat also helps repulse dirt, which helps reduce the number of baths necessary.

How to Control Excessive Shedding on Weimaraners

There are several ways you can control excessive shedding:

  1. Diet

Ensure you feed the Weimaraner high-quality food to boost their overall health, especially the skin.

 Include supplements in their meals that will help saturate the healthy skin oils on the dogs.

That way, you will help the dog grow new hairs timely in the place dead ones have been eliminated.

  1. Bathing

Occasionally give the Weim a good bath that will help keep it all clean and tidy and remove dead hairs.

When bathing the Weimaraner, use the right brush and shampoo lest you leave their skin dry and itchy, aggravating the shedding.

Human shampoos are not to be used on dogs as they will trigger a reaction making the dog shed even more.

Before bathing, give the Weimaraner a thorough brushing so you can get rid of the underlying dead hair.

Repeat the brushing once it is done since it will shed more after bathing.


 Constantly brush the Weimaraner to prevent the fur from being strewn all over.

In addition, it helps prevent the dog from self-grooming from the itchiness triggered by the loose hairs.

Get the right brush for the task and do it once or twice weekly.

First, use a slicker brush to remove the dead hair loosely hanging on your dog’s skin.

Once done, use a comb with medium-sized bristles to get the dead but stuck hairs out.

Be gentle not to hurt the dog, given its thin coat.

What Would Make the Weimaraner Shed Too Much?

If you observe too much shedding that is above the normal rate, it could be a result of:

  • Malnutrition
  • Parasites
  • Skin infection
  • Allergic reaction
  • Stress
  • Change of environment
  • Wrong grooming products
  • Pregnancy
  • Lactation
  • Poor hygiene

Get your Weimaraner checked by a vet to eliminate any worry of a more serious health complication.

Are Weimaraners Hypoallergenic?

Given their high shedding rate, the Weims aren’t hypoallergenic.

Unfortunately, this makes it not the best breed for people who react to dog hair.

The Weimaraner’s dander and saliva are also potential triggers of an allergic reaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age does the Weimaraner start to shed?

The Weimaraners belong to the group of breeds that shed even at six months as they shed their puppy coat.

After this, the Weim features a more mature look as it graduates to adulthood.

When do the Weimaraners shed most?

The Weimaraners shed most during the spring and the autumn in readiness for the season change.

They also shed much during pregnancy and after birth as they lactate.

Older Weimaraners also shed more compared to their younger ones.

This is age-triggered like in most dogs, where they shed more in old age.


The Weimaraners make great companions.

They are intelligent and always alert, which is endearing.

You can easily control how much they shed with proper diet and grooming.

Treat your dog with love, taking it to the vet for a routine check-up.

Involve the Weimaraner in physical exercises to keep their mind involved and deter them from getting destructive.

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