Do English Setters Shed?

The English setter is, no doubt, a beautiful breed of dog.

They are easily recognizable by their long, silky fur coats which come in a variety of colors including black, orange, lemon, and blue.

While their fur may be enviable to some, it does require quite a bit of upkeep.

If you’re considering adding an English setter to your family, you may be wondering how much shedding you can expect.

Do English Setters Shed?

Yes, they shed moderately.

However, with a proper diet and routine grooming, you will aid the dog on its shedding journey and make it less messy.

Some dog breeds shed a lot while others hardly shed.

Some pet owners get wary upon learning their preferred breed is among those that shed a lot.

This article explores the extent to which the English Setter dog breed sheds.

English Setters

What To Expect with an English Setter Shedding

The English Setter is a moderate shedder.

It falls in the same category as the Gordon Setter if you’ve encountered one.

In comparison, the English Setter sheds more than the Pudelpointer but less than the Labrador.

As an average Shedder, proper grooming and dieting come in handy in controlling the shedding.

Set out a day that you brush off the dog gently. 

It will help the dog properly distribute healthy hair on her coat.

For example, brushing an English Setter allows her to remove the old hair and distribute the dog’s skin oils which boosts their skin’s overall health.

How To Groom the English Setter to Control Shedding

Grooming is a big part of controlling excess shedding for an English Setter.

Here are some pointers on how to do it properly to control excessive shedding:

  • Use a bristle brush and a metal comb for the brushing. The metal comb removes any twisted hair and tangles while the brush helps shine the coat.
  • Bath the English Setter at least twice a month. Although the English Setter is a clean dog, a bath will help eliminate the dead skin that could otherwise increase the shedding.
  • When bathing your pooch, use a quality dog-friendly shampoo to protect the dog’s hair and skin. Unfortunately, a low-quality shampoo will lead to dryness of your dog’s coat, consequently increasing the shedding rate.

A good grooming routine goes a long way in controlling how much hair your English Setter sheds.

If you notice your dog is shedding excessively, do not ignore it, lest it’s a sign of greater underlying problems.

How to Stop Your Dog from Shedding Excessively

Here’s how to address excessive shedding:

Adequately Hydrate Your Dog

Water is key in ensuring your dog’s hair and skin remain healthy and intact.

Lack of enough water in your dog’s diet means that the hair follicles will weaken, and shedding will happen unnecessarily. 

Healthy skin and reduces skin irritation.

Eventually, the dog will hardly scratch off the skin, leading to premature shedding. 

Ensure a Balanced Diet

Excessive shedding will be your least worry with a balanced diet as a proper diet translates to overall good health. 

A healthy diet means a healthy skin coat on your dog, ensuring your dog doesn’t suffer from malnutrition-ignited shedding.

Unhealthy dogs shed more unnecessarily.

When looking for healthy dog food options, go for the ones with more proteins and vitamins instead of artificial additives and preservatives that negatively affect your dog’s health.

Consider Healthy Supplements

If you notice your English Setter is overly shedding, you may have to go the extra step and boost her health using supplements.

Among the best supplements that help boost your dog’s skin and hair is Omega 3 supplement.

The better if you get one specific for boosting the dog’s coat health and hair strength.

It will help reduce the fur coming off unnecessarily.

Use a Blow Dry

If you have taken your dog for professional grooming, you will notice that the professionals use a specific dog blow drier customized for dogs.

The blow dry will help remove the loose hair, including the underlying ones.

Ensure you blow the dog gently on the entire skin to ensure no old fur is left behind.

Ideally, you should blow-dry your dog after bathing but before brushing.

That way, you are guaranteed to have properly groomed your furry friend.

Ensure Proper Grooming

If you are not good at blow drying, take the English Setter to a professional groomer at least once per month to ensure the exercise is successful.

English Setters love cleanliness, but you need to do it right to avoid excessive shedding. 

First, ensure you have the right tools for the task, including the correct brush and bathing shampoo.

How you clean your dog matters greatly as it influences how much the dog sheds.

For instance, using low-quality dog shampoo will make their skin dry and itchy and eventually cause unnecessary shedding.

There are several brush types in the market, but for an English Setter, the bristle brush works best as it’s designed for dogs with short coats and hair to help give it a shiny look.

What are the Common Causes of Excessive Shedding in English Setters?

Almost all dogs shed some hair at some point in their lives, but when the shedding becomes too much.

You should try and get to the root cause as it could be a sign of underlying bigger problems.

Some common causes of excessive shedding include:

  • Dry skin 
  • Dehydration
  • Poor diet
  • Using the wrong tools when grooming the dog
  • Bathing the dog too often
  • Allergic reactions
  • Lactating dogs
  • Pregnancy
  • Skin conditions
  • Hormonal imbalances

These reasons are notwithstanding; consult the veterinarian if you notice your dog overly shedding.

Don’t assume or self treat the dog without the professional input of a vet.

When Do English Setters Shed the Most?

The English Setter mostly sheds during the spring and autumn seasons in preparation for the upcoming extreme seasons.
Shedding during these seasons happens naturally for the English Setters unless the dog has been living in a controlled environment.


English Setters shed moderately, and with a proper diet and grooming routine, you will hardly notice the dog shedding off around your house.

Follow the bathing, blow-dry and brushing routine to rip the benefits of a properly groomed dog.

If you are not good at grooming, get a professional to do it for you to help you control the dog’s shedding.

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