Do Schnauzers Shed?

While most dogs shed, some shed less, and others don’t at all.

Those who do, love getting their hair everywhere, from furniture to clean clothes.

Most people can’t stand dogs’ hair because of allergies or neatness.

You may be one of those people considering getting yourself a Schnauzer.

So, do Schnauzers shed?

Yes, Schnauzers do shed.

They shed seasonally, mostly during spring and fall.

The shedding is from the soft undercoat covered by the wiry outercoat. 

This article covers everything you need to know about a Schnauzer’s shedding.

Read on and find out why and how much they shed and how you can take care of them during shedding.

How much do Schnauzers shed?

When you first encounter a Schnauzer, you’ll notice its long hair and mustache.

Most people think that these features mean this dog breed sheds a lot frequently.

Schnauzers are low shedders.

Despite having a double coat, their shedding is so little and unnoticeable.

Regular grooming during the shedding season leaves you with no fur on your couch and bed.

You may not notice shedding in your Schnauzer because of its hair’s long growth cycle.

Unlike other dog breeds, a Schnauzer’s hair takes longer to grow, making the shedding minimum and less frequent.

Schnauzers Shed

Why do Schnauzers shed?

Shedding in dogs is both a natural process and a reaction to changes in temperatures and seasons.

Schnauzers shed seasonally because of the following reasons:

  • The sunlight, longer days, and warm weather trigger the follicles to release the winter coat in spring. 
  • During fall, Schnauzers’ shedding results from its body’s reaction to the drop in temperatures.

It’s still hard to notice shedding in Schnauzers during these two seasons because they’re apartment dogs, and they don’t respond to extreme shedding when seasons change outside.

How do Schnauzers shed?

The Standard, Miniature, and Giant Schnauzers are all low shedders.

However, the amount of shedding depends on their surface area.

The Giant Schnauzer sheds more than the Miniature and Standard Schnauzers.

This is followed by the Standard Schnauzer, who sheds less, and the Miniature, shedding the least amount of all three.

The bigger the body, the more the amount of shedding.

The Giant, Standard, and Miniature Schnauzers have big, medium, and small bodies, respectively.

This explains the difference in their amount of shedding.

Can Schnauzers shed excessively?

Although shedding in Schnauzers is low, sometimes it can be excessive and frequent.

This is because of the following reasons:


Schnauzers can shed in excess and more often because of stress.

This could result from either:

  • A move to a new environment
  • Lack of attention from its owner. Schnauzers love attention, and lack of it can drive them to stress.

When you notice any sign of stress from your Schnauzer, speak to your vet about it because it could be from underlying issues.


Not all Schnauzers are the same; some have different breeding processes.

For this reason, you may find that there are those that shed more as a result of genetic factors.

Before you get yourself one, research the genetics of the dog.

Health issues

A schnauzer can shed because of underlying health conditions.

The common health conditions that lead to their shedding include:

  • Kidney and liver diseases
  • Allergies
  • Cancer
  • Parasites
  • Bacterial infections

How do you groom Schnauzers during shedding?

Grooming a dog reduces the amount of shedding.

For a Schnauzer, proper and regular grooming makes their low shedding unnoticeable.

Let’s delve into the grooming tips.


Schnauzers’ double-coated fur needs regular care and attention.

Vets recommend brushing every day.

The process takes a few minutes but remember to check for fleas and parasites while at it.

Cleaning the ears and eyes 

This dog breed has extra hair around the ears and eyes, which get infections when not cleaned regularly.

Use a soft washcloth and warm water to wipe out dirt gently.

While cleaning, trim the extra hair using a blunt-nosed scissor.

You should trim the hair from the outside because pitting equipment inside the ears and eyes is risky.


Schnauzers have oily skins which require extra grooming and care.

Although dogs don’t need a frequent bath, Schnauzers need to bathe once every week due to the nature of their skin.

While bathing, use a quality anti-shedding shampoo, a gentle brush, and lukewarm water.

Bathing helps eliminate dirt, fleas, tangled hair, and bumps.

Do you need to consult a vet concerning a Schnauzer’s shedding?

Although it’s a natural process, shedding in a Schnauzer sometimes calls for veterinary attention.

These include :

  • Excessive shedding: Schnauzers are low shedders; any excessive shedding isn’t normal.
  • Shedding off-season: Schnauzers shed during spring and fall. If they’re shedding off-season, then that calls for immediate veterinarian attention.
  • Shedding accompanied by other symptoms: Some shedding symptoms are signs of underlying health conditions. Monitor your dog for any of the following symptoms and seek immediate help:
    • Skin dryness and patches
    • Skin irritation and redness
    • Rashes and bumps
    • Rubbing eyes and face
    • Dry, brittle fur that pulls out easily


Are Schnauzers hypoallergenic?

Yes, Schnauzers are hypoallergenic dogs.

They don’t cause people allergic reactions because their fur lacks the protein responsible for causing allergies in dogs.

Do Schnauzers have fur or hair?

Fur grows from a dog’s epidermis while hair begins in the skin.

Schnauzers have hair and not fur.

Their hair is thin and grows from the skin.


Schnauzers are a low-shedding breed.

That’s why it’s common to see them cuddling with their owners.

When they shed, giving them proper care and grooming makes the shedding unnoticeable.

In case of excessive shedding, seek veterinary guidance.

It’s not usual for Schnauzers to shed in excess; they may have an underlying health condition. 

If you are a neat freak or experience allergic reactions to a dog’s hair or fur, consider getting yourself a Schnauzer.

It’s hypoallergenic, and the shedding is close to none with proper grooming.

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