Do Basset Hounds Shed?

One of the key considerations before getting a dog is the prospect of fur all over your house.

If you or one of your family members is allergic to dog fur, you’ll need a hypoallergenic dog breed.

Basset hound is one of the breeds you might be considering.

So, do basset hounds shed?

Yes, basset hounds shed with a degree ranging from moderate to heavy shedding.

Because this dog breed sheds throughout the year, you’ll need necessary tools like dog brushes to control the shedding.

If you love basset hounds and want to have one, how should you prepare your home for him?

Are there risks to your dog’s fur and a way to reduce excessive shedding?

Keep reading to get answers to such questions for your safety.

Do Basset Hounds Shed

Preparing Your Home for a Basset Hound

Basset hounds have smooth, short, and water-repellent coats that are easy to maintain.

You’ll have to make some preparations before bringing a basset hound home.

These preparations include:

  • Clear mud and stagnant water: If your compound has stagnant water and mud, clear them to avoid dirt and mud buildup on his coat.
  • Regular Vacuuming: Due to basset hound’s shedding, you’ll have to vacuum your carpets and chairs regularly, at least once a week.
  • Stock dog cleaning tools: You’ll need to groom the dog regularly, so buy dog cleaning tools like brush, dog shampoo, and a basin early.
  • Buy dog bed and furniture: Get a comfortable bed and crate for your basset hound and furniture covers to protect your sofas and chairs.

How to Reduce Excessive Basset Hound Shedding

It’s irritating to find fur all over your chairs and carpets.

However, you can’t give away your canine friend because you love him.

The only way is to implement actions that reduce the shedding.

The following are ways to reduce excessive shedding among basset hounds:

Brush Your Dog Regularly

Brushing your dog removes fur from his body before it falls off.

The essence is to ensure that the hair does not get to your furniture.

Brushing distributes body oil evenly on a dog’s skin.

The even distribution of oil promotes healthier skin and fur that sheds less.

The best time to brush your basset hound is when he’s dry. 

Brushing your dog will reduce the amount of fur you clean from your furniture.

Use a brush that matches your dog’s coat and hair.

In this case, a bristle brush is the best option because basset hounds have shorter coats.

Give Your Dog a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet helps maintain a healthy coat and skin, which, in turn, reduces shedding.

You should, therefore, ensure your basset hound is eating a nutritious diet with the right balance of minerals and vitamins C and E.

The diet should also be rich in proteins.

Protein contains omega-3 fatty acids, which promote a healthy coat.

Use Anti-Shedding Products

Several products in the market help reduce excessive shedding.

These products work by lubricating your dog’s skin and coat, which reduces friction and, as a result, shedding.

Some anti-shedding products you can use on your basset hound are furminator deShedding ultra-premium dog shampoo and eucalyptus oil.

Bathe Your Dog Regularly

Bathing loosens and removes the dead fur from your canine’s skin.

The process also helps distribute the natural oils in the skin, promoting a healthy coat.

When bathing your basset hound, use dog shampoo and conditioner that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals.

Harsh chemicals can irritate or dry your pup’s skin.

Factors that affect the number of times you bathe the dog include age, activity level, and coat type.

The general rule is to bathe him once or twice a month.

Keep the Dog Hydrated

Water is essential for a healthy coat and skin.

When your basset hound is adequately hydrated, his skin will be supple, which reduces the amount of fur that sheds off.

You can increase your dog’s water intake by adding wet food to his diet.

You should also ensure he has access to clean drinking water.

Control Fleas

Fleas are not only irritating to humans but also dogs.

Fleas make dogs uncomfortable and anxious, which can lead to excessive shedding.

Flea bites cause Flea Allergy Dermatitis, a common dermatological disease in dogs.

Luckily, your vet will prescribe a good flea treatment to control fleas.

You should also keep your dog’s environment clean to prevent fleas from infesting your home.

Vacuum your floors and furniture regularly to get rid of fleas and their eggs.

Risks of Dog Fur

You should control your dog’s shedding because of the following risks:


In America, 3 in 10 people with common allergies are also allergic to dog fur.

Dog fur is often associated with allergies.

However, the leading cause of allergies is not the fur but the dander on the hair.

Dander is made up of skin cells that contain proteins that can cause an allergic reaction in some people.

Choking Hazard

Dog fur can also be a choking hazard, especially for small children.

Basset hounds’ long and thick hair can block a child’s airway if inhaled.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you stop a Basset Hound from shedding?

You can stop a basset hound from excessive shedding by brushing and bathing him, feeding him a nutritious diet full of vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids, and ensuring he’s well-hydrated.

Are basset Hounds hypoallergenic?

No, basset hounds are not hypoallergenic.

This dog breed is known to shed and may cause allergies in some people.

Do basset hounds stink?

No, basset hounds do not stink.

The breed is clean and has little to no body odor.

However, if your pup doesn’t have regular baths, he may start to smell bad.

Final Thoughts

Basset hounds are great pets because they’re loyal and have a friendly personality.

However, they do shed excessively.

You can reduce the excessive shedding by bathing and brushing the dog, feeding him a nutritious diet, using anti-shedding products, and keeping him hydrated.

You should also control fleas because they can cause the dog to shed even more.

Excessive dog shedding can pose health risks to you and other family members.

Such risks include allergic reactions and choking hazards.

Therefore, it’s your role to minimize shedding in your furry friend.

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