Do Akitas Bark? 5 Reasons They Rarely Bark

Akita is an affectionate and loyal dog breed to its owners.

However, if you’re a stranger, you better not come too close, or you’ll get a growl or bite warning.

Although Akitas were initially hunting and guarding dogs in Japan, do they bark?

So, do Akitas bark.

Yes, Akitas bark, but only when there is a valid reason to do so.

They are known as “silent dogs” because they rarely bark.

They only bark when in danger or notice a strange person in the compound.

What are the reasons why Akitas bark less than other dog breeds like beagles?

In which situations do Akitas bark?

Keep reading to find answers to these concerns if you own an Akita and worry about his silent nature.


Reasons Why Akitas Bark Less

Most people are used to barking dogs.

Therefore, Akitas that don’t bark often stand out.

The main reasons why Akitas rarely bark are:

Their Original Purpose as Hunting Dogs

In Japan, Akitas used to hunt bears, deers, and wild boars.

They had to be silent to avoid scaring away their prey.

Akita parents trained them on how to be silent to catch the prey.

Their motto was “obedience without barking.”

Over time, this trait became part of their DNA and was passed down through generations.

Akitas Are Confident Dogs

Akitas are confident dogs that don’t feel the need to bark all the time like other breeds.

They know they can take care of themselves and their family, so they don’t bark unnecessarily.

This confidence also comes from their ancestors.

They had to be brave to face wild animals like bears and boars.

Excessive barking could depict shyness.

Calm Temperament

Temperament affects how a dog barks.

Dog breeds have different temperaments, and this explains the differences in barking.

Akitas have a calm temperament.

This trait was also necessary for hunting.

They had to be calm to avoid making noise and scaring away their prey.

Due to their calm temperament, Akitas are less likely to bark compared to other dogs like beagles with a choleric temperament.

Genetic Make-up

Dog breeds bark differently, and their genes impact this.

Akitas have genes that make them less likely to bark.

This is one of the reasons Akitas were hunting dogs.

Their silent nature helped them to avoid scaring away their prey.

Stress or Health Problems

If your Akita is silent even when strangers come into your compound, there might be a reason to worry.

Your Akita might be stressed or sick to the extent that he cannot bark.

If you notice other changes in his behavior, it’s best to take him to the vet for a check-up.

One way to ascertain your Akita is sick is lethargy.

If he’s not his usual self and is always tired, there might be a health problem.

Other reasons why your Akita might not be barking include old age and teeth problems.

As Akitas age, they become less active, and this includes barking.

Dental issues can also make it difficult for them to bark.

This is because the pain might be too much for them to handle.

Situations When Akitas Bark

Although silent, there are times when your Akita will bark.

The main situations when you’ll hear your Akita bark include:

When in the Presence of Strangers

Akitas are aloof with strangers and will only bark at them to warn them to keep their distance.

This behavior is ideal if you want a guard dog since Akitas will bark at strangers who come too close to your home.

But it can be annoying if you often have visitors.

In such cases, early socialization is essential to help your Akita get used to people coming in and out of the house.

When Bored or Lonely

Akitas are social dogs that love being around their family.

They’ll bark out of boredom or loneliness if they are left alone for too long.

To avoid this, make sure you spend enough time with your Akita.

Take him for walks, play, fetch, and cuddle him often.

You can also get another pet to keep him company when you’re not around.

But ensure it’s a dog like Shiba Inu that gets along well with Akitas since they can be aggressive with other dogs.

When Excited or Happy

Akitas are not vocal dogs, but they’ll bark when excited or happy.

For example, they’ll bark when you come home from work or see their favorite toy.

This type of barking is normal, and you shouldn’t worry about it.

It’s an excellent way to know that your Akita is happy and comfortable around you.

When in Pain

Barking is one way your Akita will communicate to you that he’s in pain.

If you notice your Akita barking more than usual, it might indicate that something is wrong.

If you notice excessive barking for no reason, inspect your furry friend for signs of injury.

If you don’t see any injuries, then the dog might be suffering from internal pain caused by a disease.

You’ll have to take him to the vet for diagnosis and treatment in such a case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Akitas quiet dogs?

Yes, Akitas are quiet dogs that rarely bark.

When they bark, there is a triggering factor like a stranger, the dog is either happy or in pain.

Do Akita Inus bark a lot?

No, Akita Inus are reserved dogs that bark less.

These dogs will only bark when triggered by factors like pain, strangers, joy, or boredom.

What dog barks the most?

Dogs that bark the most are beagles, fox terriers, and cairn terriers.

These breeds are known to be aggressive at anything, including other animals.

They bark excessively to attract attention.

The Bottom Line

Akitas don’t often bark because of their genes and calm temperament.

However, they might bark when they are bored, in pain, happy, or in the presence of strangers.

If your Akita is excessively barking, take him to the vet for a check-up as it could signify an underlying medical condition.

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