Do Wire Fox Terriers Shed?

I always wanted to own a wire fox terrier as a child.

Manifestations do work because I had a fox terrier under my care at some point, and we had a great time together.

The wire fox terrier is a beautiful, intelligent dog that loves being physically active.

Any time is play time for the wire fox terriers.

As a prospective wire fox terrier owner, you are probably worried about their maintenance, including their shedding frequency.

Worry not; we’ll address all that and more.

Do wire fox terriers shed?

Yes, the wire fox terriers are low shedders you’ll hardly notice.

They have a double coat with an outer coat featuring wiry and short hair.

The wire fox terrier’s hair hardly comes off even during the seasons you expect them to shed more like the fall and spring when the heavy shedders are at their peak.

Read on and learn to what extent the wire fox terriers shed, including how to groom them so you can keep the shedding at the bare minimum.

How Much do the Wire Fox Terriers Shed?

Their shedding is low and almost negligible, unlike the smooth fox terriers who are moderate shedders.

Dog groomers rate the wire fox terrier at a ⅖ because almost all dogs shed at some point in their life.

If you are among the dog owners who detest seeing dog hair in your home, car and fabrics, this is the dog to hold.

Under normal circumstances, the wire fox terriers don’t shed much; however, some conditions could lead to the terrier shedding much more than normal.

Do Wire Fox Terriers Shed

What Would Make a Wire Fox Terrier Shed More?

Since the wire fox terriers are low shedders, any excessive shedding should be addressed immediately to avert a crisis and verify whether it’s a symptom of other underlying problems.

Some of the common causes of excessive shedding among  the wire fox terriers include:

  • Parasites
  • Poor diet
  • Pregnancy for the females
  • Allergic reactions
  • Contact with undesirable surfaces
  • Sunburns
  • Self-grooming

If you don’t want your wire fox terrier shedding too much, you need to address what you can, such as proper dieting.

In addition, maintain high levels of hygiene to ward off parasites such as lice and fleas.

Eliminate meals your terrier is allergic to, and always consult the vet before introducing new feed to their diet.

Avoid exposing the wire fox terrier to extreme sun conditions that can trigger excessive shedding.

To avoid the terrier’s self-grooming, ensure you regularly brush and clean it.

How to Control Excessive Shedding in Wire Fox Terriers

The rule of the thumb in controlling shedding is ensuring you maintain high levels of hygiene and regularly groom the dog.

Here is how to tame the excessive shedding in the wire fox terrier:

  1. Regular Brushing

If you can brush the wire fox terrier twice a week for at least ten minutes, you will have addressed the excessive shedding drastically.

Brushing ensures that the coat is well saturated with the hair and that any loose hair is eliminated on time.

  1. Bathing

Wire fox terriers may not be great fans of regular bathing, but it’s something you need to do to control their shedding.

The fox terriers are known to shed most before and after baths.

It’s therefore advisable to brush them thoroughly before and after bathing.

To ensure that you properly carry out the grooming exercise, follow these steps:

  • Use either a bristle or flicker brush to brush the hair towards its projected growth direction, gently
  • Remove any stubborn mats with a pair of sharp scissors starting from the edges and heading inward. Do it in bits to avoid making the terrier scared. Hold the mats in place with your fingers as you cut to avoid scaring the dog when you get to the innermost part.
  • Using a steel comb, brush off the hair once more from the head, shoulders to the back gently, and finish off with the legs.
  • Use a water sprayer to wet the wire fox terrier’s entire body
  • Apply some shampoo and use your hands to lather the entire body, including the undercoat
  • Rinse the terrier twice for the best results
  • Using its towel, dry the dog’s entire body. Optionally, you can use a blow-dry to dry them completely but ensure to set it at the minimal heat to avoid the discomfort on the now almost bare coat.
  1. Trimming

Trimming helps keep your dog’s shedding in check.

Here is how to do it right on your wire fox terrier:

  • Using the right clippers blade, trim the hair to your preferred size, starting from the neck and the back
  • Next, clip the shoulders, legs and elbows, ensuring uniformity
  • Trim the external part of the ears using shears, then move to the belly between the legs. Work the legs and ensure you tackle the section between the toes.

During the trimming exercise, you have to use different blades for the different areas.

For example, use the number 15 behind the ears, 10 for the belly and 7 for the legs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the wire fox terriers hypoallergenic?

Yes, the wire fox terriers are among the breeds considered hypoallergenic.

Their low shedding means you will have minimal hair strewn all over, making them a suitable choice for people allergic to dog hair. 

What are the right tools to groom a wire fox terrier?

Since the wire fox terrier has two coats and is not hairy, you can brush them using the slicker or bristle brushes.

Use grooming clippers when trimming the shoulders, neck and belly. Use straight shears for the legs.

How can I control over shedding in my wire fox terrier?

Before consulting a vet, ensure you have been feeding the terrier a balanced diet.
See that you routinely groom the dog to remove dead hairs to saturate the skin with new hair.
If you have addressed the diet and the grooming part well and the wire fox terrier continues to shed excessively, take the dog to the vet for evaluation and treatment.


Wire fox terriers are a great breed, especially if you have enough time to exercise and play around with them.

They don’t shed much; it’s negligible unless you fail to do your part on proper diet and regular grooming.

If you are looking for a warm, friendly, intelligent dog, get yourself a wire fox terrier.

No regrets.

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