Can Dogs Have Cinnamon Applesauce?

You’re not the only one who loves that crunchy apple vibe; your pups enjoy it too.

Unfortunately, dogs can’t eat an apple a day as recommended for humans. Moderation is the game.

Supplementing dog food with healthy homemade treats like cinnamon applesauce is a great way to improve their health.

To boost protein, you can use fresh, nutrient-dense ingredients like carrots and bone broth, organic apples, and meat bits.

So, can dogs eat cinnamon applesauce? Yes.

Cinnamon and apples are dog-safe ingredients.

However, most store-bought cinnamon applesauce contains additives and sugar, which are not suitable for dogs.

The best option is to make them yourself, but if unable, make sure to purchase unsweetened cinnamon applesauce and feed them in moderation.

This homemade cinnamon applesauce has many benefits for your dog’s health that you won’t ever buy from the store again.

This article highlights the recipe, tips, and healing benefits. 

Health benefits of Cinnamon Applesauce

Cinnamon is a healthy spice, and combined with the rich antioxidant components in apples; the combo becomes even better.

Cinnamon Applesauce

Here are the detailed benefits your dog gets from cinnamon applesauce;

  • Rich antioxidants protect against certain cancers and may reduce asthma by combating oxidative stress in the lungs.
  • High calcium and phosphorous help promote strong teeth, bones, and shiny hair.
  • High insoluble fiber boosts digestive health. Pectin has prebiotic effects which improve gut health.
  • Low in sodium, fat, and calories.
  • Vitamin C helps with degenerative conditions like asthma and joint pains
  • Vitamin A contributes to a healthy, shiny coat and skin
  • High fiber in apples reduces cholesterol levels which helps to improve memory and heart function. Polyphenols aid in lowering blood pressure.

Applesauce for diarrhea and stomach upset in dogs

Applesauce is part of the typical homemade remedy used to treat diarrhea and stomach upset in dogs.

The diet combines bananas, rice, apples, and toast (BRAT). These foods are hydrating and high in potassium and fiber to help improve the digestive system.

Consult your vet about the serving portion, as too much can irritate the digestive tract.

Remember to choose toast, rice, and applesauce without additives; otherwise, it may cause more damage than healing. 

Preparing homemade cinnamon applesauce 

The best part about the homemade cinnamon applesauce recipe is that you control the taste, sugar level, and texture.

If you’re a sweet tooth or prefer a tangy or tart flavor, there are apples for that. You can also mix the apples to get a decadent taste. 


  • 4 medium apples peeled, cored, and quartered 
  • ½ cup water
  • ½ tbsp. cinnamon, grounded 


  • Step 1: Place all the ingredients in a large pot and heat over medium-high heat. Ensure all the seeds are removed. 
  • Step 2: Cook the mix for about 20 minutes until all apples are soft enough to mash. 
  • Step 3: Using a masher or just a fork, gently mash the apples. Alternatively, puree them using a blender to a chunkiness of your liking.
  • Step 4: Cool in the refrigerator before serving.

Serving tips for Cinnamon applesauce 

Although the cinnamon applesauce is often served plain, here are a few combinations that your four-legged friend will undoubtedly enjoy. 

  • Add plain organic yogurt for a dense flavor.
  • Mix in some dry kibble to make it moist and easier for senior dogs to eat
  • Place in ice trays to make popsicles on those summer days
  • Bake then into muffins; your dogs will love it

Tips for safely feeding your dog  cinnamon applesauce

  • The type of apple you choose matters. 6.5 oz. Can of an apple contains 25g carbs, 4g fiber, and 95 calories—but varies in different varieties.
  • Leave the skin on; that’s where half the fiber and nutrients reside. Antioxidants are denser in the skin than in the flesh.
  • Apple seeds contain cyanide (toxic component) in small amounts, which may build up to be harmful to your dog. Remove and discard the apple core also. 
  • Don’t feed your dog cinnamon sticks—they could be hazardous
  • Buy unsweetened varieties. Most store-bought cinnamon applesauce has added sugars and artificial preservatives, which are harmful to your dogs. Get the type made with organic apples. Be wary of sugar-free varieties filled with artificial sweeteners. 
  • Serve in moderation

How much cinnamon applesauce is enough for the dog?

Cinnamon applesauce contains fibrous fruit; therefore, avoid regular consumption.

Can Dogs Have Cinnamon Applesauce?

Instead, it’s best as an occasional treat for your canine friend.

There’s a high risk of digestive problems if taken in large quantities. Approximately 5% of the dog diet is enough.

How to store leftover cinnamon applesauce 

Properly wrap in a suitable airtight container after cooling it and store in the fridge.

If well kept, it can stay up to two weeks in the refrigerator.

Alternatively, transfer the sauce to a freezer-safe container and freeze.

You may use freezer zip bags or a container with a lid. It should stay for at least two months. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Does cinnamon applesauce have added sugar?

It depends. The above homemade cinnamon applesauce has no added sugars.

The apples have enough natural sugars.

However, most store-bought canned or sweetened versions contain unhealthy added sugars from corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup.

Try healthy sweeteners if you want to add more sugar to the homemade version. 

My dog has diabetes. Is cinnamon applesauce safe to feed them?

Yes, in moderation. Add some kibble or raw food with more proteins and fiber.

Plain cinnamon applesauce in the stores may contain sweeteners that are bad for your dogs’ health.

Ensure you keenly check the ingredients while buying. 

Can dogs eat strawberry applesauce?

Yes. Fresh strawberries are a great way to incorporate healthy fruits into your dog’s diet.

They are packed with health benefits similar to apples–low calories, high fiber, antioxidants, and vitamin C.

This helps manage your dog’s weight and improve their immune system.

Be aware of store-bought versions, as most are filled with sweeteners. 


Add this nutritional fun treat to your dog’s diet and control their sugar intake while getting the best nutritional value.

Gradually introduce cinnamon applesauce to your dog’s diet or as an occasional treat.

Homemade cinnamon applesauce is nutritious, you control the sugars, and the recipe is the easiest.

Let your furry friend enjoy a delicious healthy scoop of applesauce from your kitchen. 

Megan Turner

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