Can Dogs Have Bacon Grease?

Bacon grease makes almost everything taste better.

Drain the remaining oil into a jar and store it in the fridge for the next time you want to toast your hamburger buns.

While bacon grease can be used in various ways, you might wonder if you can also add it to your dog’s regular meal.

So, can dogs have bacon grease?


A tiny amount of low-sodium bacon grease can be safe for your dog to consume occasionally.

This is because bacon grease in moderation has plenty of benefits for your dog, including maintaining a shiny coat.

This article will discuss the benefits and the risks of feeding your dog bacon grease.

It will also explain what may happen if your dog eats bacon grease.

What happens if my dog eats bacon grease?

The side effects of your dog eating bacon grease will depend on the amount ingested, your dog’s age, size, and general health profile.

If your dog overeats bacon grease, one of the first symptoms will be an upset stomach. 

The excess fat and salt can also be lethal to your dog as they can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and bloating.

In the worst cases, it can result in pancreatitis, kidney failure, obesity, diabetes, and other heart-related problems.

Can Dogs Have Bacon Grease

Can a lactating dog eat bacon grease? 

Adding bacon grease to your nursing dog’s meal can be a great energy source as it’s an all-fat food.

Fatty foods such as bacon grease can give your nursing dog the vital energy required to care for her puppies.

Ensure to keep away bacon grease from the little ones as it may be too much for them. 

Benefits of adding bacon grease on dog food

While bacon grease may sound like an odd thing to feed your dog, it has many benefits for your pup.

However, before providing your dog bacon grease, ensure you buy low-sodium bacon, as too much sodium can cause severe health issues like pancreatitis. 

Some of these benefits are: 

  1. It’s great for active dogs

Active dogs require fat to fuel their muscles and provide the energy they need for movements.

If you feed your dog bacon grease in small amounts like 2-3 tablespoons every 4 hours a day, he may have more capacity to burn fatty acids and perform at a high level. 

For dogs who engage in demanding mental activities like hiking, scent work, or hunting, or who compete in agility, feeding them regular snacks of bacon grease can benefit their health.

  1. An excellent treat

Like humans, dogs love bacon as it’s a food that meets their instinctual cravings.

You can drizzle a little bacon grease on your dog’s food as a treat occasionally.

This can also make for a great training treat for rewarding good behavior.

  1. Maintain a shiny coat

Bacon grease is a wonderful way to make your dog’s coat glossy.

The dietary fats in bacon grease help your dog’s body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins that are essential to the cells, nerves, and muscles. 

Fats, including bacon grease, also help the skin stay moisturized, creating a water barrier that allows the hair follicles to become shiny. 

  1. Adding calories to your dog’s diet

For underweight or recuperating dogs, adding a small amount of low-sodium bacon grease to their diet can benefit their health.

This is because their restricted diets or inactivity can contribute to rapid weight loss, which can be detrimental to their health. 

Bacon grease in small amounts can be a great way to get them to have extra calories in their meal. 

  1. Checking for illness

For dogs who have suddenly lost their appetite, it may be hard to know if they’re feeling unwell or are just bored with their regular food.

Before taking your dog to the vet, it’s recommended that you rule out sickness first by adding something irresistible like bacon grease to their food.

 If your dog still refuses to eat, that can indicate an illness that may require an emergency visit to the vet. 

Why is bacon grease not recommended for dogs? 

While low-sodium bacon grease in tiny amounts may not be entirely toxic to dogs, too much of it can pose several risks to your dog.

These may include:

  1.  Your dog may develop a liking for it

You should be careful when giving bacon grease to your dog as he may start wanting it instead of his regular food.

Give your pup bacon grease in small doses occasionally to avoid pickiness and unhealthy cravings. 

  1. Pancreatitis

Fatty foods like bacon grease may cause pancreatitis, a potentially life-threatening condition for dogs.

Overeating bacon grease can cause pancreatitis for breeds genetically prone to pancreatitis.

Some signs to look out for include vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, and weakness.

The excess fat content can lead to the inflammation of the pancreas, which can be fatal if left untreated. 

  1. Obesity

Feeding your dog copious amounts of bacon grease regularly can result in rapid weight gain, further causing obesity.

Avoid feeding bacon grease to sedentary dogs like older ones as the high-calorie content can add more problems to their health.

You should also never feed bacon grease to dogs with pre-existing conditions like diabetes, as the unnecessary weight gain may be problematic to their health. 

  1. Indigestion

Fatty foods like bacon grease can make your dog fall ill as their digestive system cannot digest it properly.

If your dog eats bacon grease, he’s more likely to experience digestive tract issues like diarrhea, vomiting, and an upset stomach.

In some cases, dogs may suffer gastroenteritis, an intestinal tract inflammation.

This condition may cause diarrhea, vomiting, stomach cramping, lethargy, fever, and dehydration.

Can puppies eat bacon grease? 

Avoid feeding your puppy bacon grease as it can be too rich for their digestive system.

Fatty foods like bacon grease can cause indigestion for adult dogs and even worse for puppies. 

If your puppy eats bacon grease, he may experience an upset stomach, loss of appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, and lethargy. 

In conclusion

While bacon grease may have plenty of benefits for your pup, it should only be offered in small amounts as it’s also loaded with dangerous amounts of sodium and fat.

Consult your vet before feeding your dog bacon grease as a precaution.

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