Can Dogs Eat Pumpkin Bread?

Pumpkin bread has a lovely aroma during fall, especially on Halloween.

As a dog lover, it’s tempting to want your furry friend to join in the festivities with a slice of pumpkin bread.

But hold up, although pumpkin is safe and nutritious for dogs, the sugars and additives in pumpkin bread can be dangerous.

Here’s the good news, you can make pumpkin bread free from additives right at home.

So, can dogs eat pumpkin bread?

Yes, in moderation.

Pumpkin isn’t the issue; many of the ingredients in pumpkin bread are dangerous to your furry friend.

Substitute the toxic spices with healthy and dog-safe products and let your dog enjoy the slices.

Although pumpkin has dense nutritional value, too much of it can be problematic.

There are many things to consider before feeding your dog pumpkin bread.

Below you’ll find some exciting pumpkin bread dog facts and a list of beneficial nutrients pumpkin bread provides for dogs.

Can dogs eat pumpkin bread

Tips for making a loaf of healthy pumpkin bread for your dog

  • Use whole wheat flour to boost nutritional fiber content. Processed wheat flour is harmful to your puppy’s stomach.
  • Substitute sugar with natural honey to sweeten the bread.
  • Add plain Greek yogurt to maintain the moisture. You can use vanilla Greek yogurt instead to make the bread sweeter. Vanilla is a non-toxic, mild flavor for dogs.
  • Avoid adding artificial sweeteners or spices. Although the spices amplify the sweetness in bread, they are problematic to your four-legged friend.

How to safely feed your dog pumpkin bread

Raw pumpkin

Never feed your dog raw pumpkin; it’s dangerous.

The inner parts of the gourd can be used in soup stock, but they have less nutritional value to dogs.

To feed your dog a fresh pumpkin, remove the skin and seeds, then cook it thoroughly. 

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are not toxic but are filled with calories and might be difficult for your dog to digest, depending on how you prepare them.

On the contrary, the seeds have beneficial fatty acids with dense antioxidant properties that are healthy for your dog.

Canned pumpkin

Canned or pureed pumpkin is least likely to cause any digestive problems to the dog, thus safe for consumption.

In addition to being a good source of fiber and low in calories, it can be used as a remedy for an upset stomach in dogs.

Avoid sugar-free canned pumpkin or varieties with additives like spices, sugars, and fillers.

Pumpkin pie and bread

Pumpkin pie filling has extra sugars, spices like nutmeg, and additives highly toxic to dogs.

The pie is often high in calories that are not suitable for your dog’s health.

Xylitol, a sugar substitute in most baked products (pumpkin pie and bread) of highly toxic and dangerous to dogs, even in small amounts, best avoided at all costs.

Spiced pumpkin foods

Does pumpkin by itself even have a taste?

Most humans prefer flavored pumpkin and use spices like nutmeg and cinnamon, which may irritate a dog’s stomach.

Feed your furry friend plain pumpkin food to be on the safer side and avoid vet visits.

Why you should feed your dog pumpkin products

Adding pumpkin to your dog’s diet comes with health benefits like weight control, ease of indigestion, and an overall nutritional boost.

Vitamins and minerals

Vitamin A in pumpkin helps in brain and eye development and improves the immune system.

Additionally, Vitamin C and E in pumpkins have antioxidant properties that help combat free radicals which trigger abnormal cell growth harmful to your dog’s health.

Minerals like potassium aid in muscle strength and growth.

At the same time, Magnesium is responsible for blood sugar regulation and healthy bones.

Similarly, Beta carotene, a red-orange pigment in pumpkins, helps improve the immune system response.

Digestive health boost

Pumpkins have a high fiber content which helps soothe and regulate a dog’s metabolism.

The prebiotic element promotes good bacteria in the dog’s gut enabling a thriving environment.

It also eases constipation and diarrhea issues.  

Weight control

Pumpkins are hydrating and have a high fiber content that helps weight loss.

The high moisture in pumpkins adds water to your dog’s diet quickly and naturally.

Dangers of feeding pumpkin bread to your dog

Nutrient deficiency

Although pumpkins add a lot of fiber to your dog’s diet, too many limit the intake of other essential nutrients like proteins, therefore, there is a risk of nutrient deficiency since the dog is full most of the time.

High calories

Pumpkins have a high-calorie content as a starchy vegetable.

If taken in large amounts, it may be dangerous to your dog’s weight and general health.

Storage tips

To store.

Keep pumpkin bread in an air-tight storage container at room temperature for up to 3 days or refrigerate for 5 days. 

To freeze.

Wrap the pumpkin bread portions tightly in plastic wrap before freezing.

Stored correctly in air-tight freezer-safe bags, it can stay up to 3 months in the freezer.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can a dog eat pumpkin bread with nuts?

No, some nuts in pumpkin bread are toxic to dogs.

Nutmeg, the primary nut in pumpkin bread, is highly lethal to dogs and should be avoided.

Other spices used in making bread-like batter are not necessarily needed in your dog’s diet.

They also have high calories that put your furry friend at a risk of obesity if consumed in large amounts regularly. 

How much pumpkin bread is enough to feed my dog?

Depends on the dog’s diet and what they eat during the day.
Ensure the diet factors in all nutrients necessary for a dog’s healthy growth.
If newly introducing pumpkin products to your dog’s diet, start in small amounts and increase gradually—plain canned pumpkin is the best place to start.
However, pumpkin bread should be an occasional treat.


Pumpkins are dense in fiber, minerals, and vitamins, good for your dog’s health.

However, unless it’s homemade, pumpkin bread contains additives toxic to your dog.

Be wary of the high calorie, sodium, and fiber content that affects your dog’s health when consumed in large amounts.

Fortunately, the benefits outweigh the risks, so why not whip up some delicious healthy pumpkin bread for your furry friend. 

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