Can Dogs Eat Brussel Sprout Leaves?

Dogs love the texture and nutty taste of Brussel sprouts and will always be eyeing your plate of these vegetables at the dinner table.

Avoiding their puppy eyes in such scenarios can be challenging.

However, you may wonder if these vegetables are safe for Fido before giving them some. 

So, can dogs eat Brussel sprout leaves?

Yes, dogs can eat Brussel sprout leaves but in moderation.

These vegetables are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, supplementing your pup’s diet.

However, excessive consumption of Brussel sprouts could cause diarrhea and flatulence in dogs. 

This post describes the benefits of Brussel sprouts to dogs and the risks of Fido overeating these vegetables.

In addition to that are ways of preparing Brussel sprouts for dogs. 

Can dogs eat Brussel sprout leaves

Benefits of Brussel sprout leaves to dogs  

Below are some of the nutrients in Brussel sprouts and how they benefit dogs. 

  • Vitamin B – These vegetables contain both vitamin B6 and B1, which enhance dogs’ blood circulation and heart health.  
  • Vitamin C – This vitamin promotes dogs’ immune systems, improves their energy levels, and gives relief to some illnesses like UTIs. 
  • Vitamin K – Vitamin K metabolizes calcium into dogs’ bones, preventing the deposition of this mineral in their arteries and heart.  
  • Manganese – This mineral helps dogs digest amino acids and carbohydrates and enhances the making of fatty acids. 
  • Potassium – Potassium promotes the functioning of dogs’ nerves, hearts, and muscles. It will also help balance fluids in your pup’s body. 
  • Fiber – The high amounts of fiber in Brussel sprouts promote dogs’ digestive health. It increases bulk and absorbs excess water aiding in your pup’s bowel functioning. 
  • Kaempferol – Aside from being an antioxidant, kaempferol reduces cancer and inflammatory activities in dogs. 

How many Brussel sprouts are safe for my dog? 

The size of Brussel sprouts serving safe for your pup depends on their size and weight.

However, all dogs should not consume more than three Brussel sprouts.

That said, small dogs like Pomeranians should have only a quarter to one Brussels sprout in a serving. 

If introducing these vegetables to your pup, start with a quarter or half Brussel sprout regardless of age, size, or weight, then watch out for any reactions before proceeding.

This is because some dogs can be allergic to these vegetables. 

Although Brussel sprouts are filled with several nutrients, dogs should have them occasionally and not with all their meals. 

brussel sprout leaves

Considerations to take before feeding dogs Brussel sprouts  

  • Ensure that you consult the vet first before introducing Brussel sprouts to Fido. Your pup may have some dietary issues that could flare up after ingesting these vegetables.
  • Remove the hard stems on these vegetables before preparing Bryssel sprouts for Fido. These stems are challenging for dogs to chew. Thus, your pup will swallow them whole risking choking. 
  • Avoid seasoning your pup’s Brussel sprouts. Ingredients used to garnish and season these vegetables like oils, lemon juice, pepper, salt, and onions cause irritation in dogs. Therefore, keep your furry friend’s Brussel sprouts natural and clean. 

How to prepare Brussel sprouts for dogs 

There are three safe ways of preparing Brussel sprouts for dogs.

They include: 


Steaming softens these vegetables’ fibers, making them easy for Fido to chew.

This process also retains all nutrients, moisture, and freshness in Brussel sprouts, thus ideal for dogs.

You should use a steamer cooker, so the vegetables cook thoroughly. 


Place Brussel sprouts in a pot with water and let it cook for ten to fifteen minutes.

Boiling ensures the vegetables are tender enough for your pup to ingest and digest.

 You could either puree boiled Brussel sprouts for your four-legged friend or cut them into tiny pieces and sprinkle them on their meal.  


Add water and Brussel sprouts into a microwave-safe bowl and let it cook on high for six to eight minutes.

It’s advisable to stir the vegetables every two minutes and check their tenderness till they are soft enough for Fido. 

Risks of Brussel sprout leaves to dogs 

Brussel sprouts are rich in a compound known as isothiocyanate that eases the movement of food and waste in dogs’ gastrointestinal tracts.

However, it also leads to bacteria build-up, which exits these canines’ bodies as gas. 

Excessive consumption of Brussel sprouts will increase the amounts of gas leaving your pup’s body which could cause them to suffer from stomach upsets.

These stomach irritations go away after a while and should be no cause for alarm.

That said, contact the vet if your pup’s symptoms last more than two or three days. 

Dogs may also suffocate from eating raw or poorly cooked Brussel sprouts.

This is because they swallow these vegetables whole as they are challenging to chew.

Thus, fido should only indulge in Brussel sprouts if they are thoroughly cooked. 

Alternatives to Brussel sprouts  

Like humans, some dogs do not enjoy Brussel sprouts.

Below is a list of safe vegetables they can eat instead. 

  • Broccoli – This vegetable is rich in vitamins and potassium, which enhance dogs’ heart and bone health. However, Fido should not have them in large amounts as they contain isothiocyanate, which harms dogs’ digestive systems. 
  • Cucumber – Cucumber has high amounts of water, making them the perfect treat to keep your pooch hydrated. It is also low in calories and doesn’t threaten unhealthy weight gain in dogs.  
  • Peas – These are rich in proteins and a compound known as lutein that promotes dogs’ eyes, skin, and heart. 

Frequently asked questions(FAQs) 

Can my puppy eat Brussel sprouts? 

Puppies should not eat Brussel sprouts.

These canines have high chances of getting choked with sprouts as they have small throats.

Additionally, puppies have sensitive digestive systems and suffer severe stomach upsets after indulging in these vegetables. 

Are frozen Brussel sprouts safe for my dog? 

Dogs should not have frozen Brussel sprouts.

These vegetables are challenging to chew, increasing the chances of your pup choking on them. 

Can my dog eat plantains? 

Fido can eat plantains because they contain fiber and anti-inflammatory properties that promote health for dogs.

However, your pup should not eat these vegetables raw as they pose a choking risk and may cause stomach upsets in dogs. 

Is lettuce safe for my dog? 

Dogs are allowed to eat lettuce.
However, they should not eat this vegetable in high amounts as it could cause them to suffer from diarrhea and vomiting. 

To wrap up 

Although Brussel sprouts are safe for dogs, Fido should not eat them often and in high amounts.

This is because excessive consumption of these vegetables leads to stomach complications.

Moreover, dogs get all the necessary nutrients from their regular protein-rich diet. 

Thus, your pup won’t miss out on supplements by not eating Brussel sprouts.  

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