Why Does My Golden Retriever Puppy Sleep A Lot?

This blog is dedicated to golden retriever puppies and owners who are not sure why they are sleeping in their bags all day.

How Much Sleep Do Dogs Need?

Dogs need about 10-11 hours of sleep per day.

This means that they should get up at least once every 12 hours to eat, drink and exercise.

If you have a large breed dog such as a Great Dane, then it’s best to give them longer breaks between meals (about 30 minutes) so that they don’t become too full.

You can also help your pet by giving them a bedtime snack before going to sleep.

It is important to feed your dog right before they go to bed, not right after, as they will wake up hungry if they haven’t eaten during the day.

If your dog wakes up frequently throughout the night, then you should try to put him back on his regular schedule.

The more restful your dog sleeps, the less likely it is that he will wake up during the night.

Also, make sure that you are feeding your dog within an hour of when you want him to waken up for the next meal time.

If your dog doesn’t get enough food during the day, then he might wake up hungry at night.

Why Do Puppies Sleep So Much?

In general, dogs need about 12 to 14 hours of sleep per day.

However, puppies spend much more time sleeping than adult dogs.

When you first bring your new puppy home, he will probably wake up twice during the night to go out.

He’ll also want to eat at least once every two hours.

This can cause him to sleep an average of 17 hours each day.

In addition, he’ll wake often in the middle of the night to urinate and defecate.

By the age of six months, most puppies have settled into their regular sleeping patterns.

They sleep longer periods throughout the day and are no longer awake as many times as they were when they were younger.

As long as they get enough exercise and sleep, most puppies will continue to grow and develop normally.

However, there are some exceptions.

If a puppy sleeps too little or gets too little exercise, it can lead to health problems that include obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and even death.

Therefore, make sure to give your puppy plenty of quality sleep and exercise whenever possible.

Next, let’s take a look at why do golden retriever puppies sleep so much.

The Sleep Cycle of a Golden Retriever Puppy

Your puppy may be sleeping a lot because he is in a growth spurt or simply because he is exhausted from all the playing and learning he’s been doing.

Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal behavior for a young dog.

It will pass quickly, but if you think your puppy is getting too much sleep, there are ways to help him get more exercise and keep his energy levels up.

What Causes Your Puppy To Sleep A Lot?

Puppies can be very active at this age and they need lots of exercise.

If you have a Golden Retriever puppy, you should let them run around outside as often as possible.

This will tire them out so that they can rest.

In fact, it’s important to give them plenty of exercise during their early years so that they learn how to walk on a leash without pulling.

You also want to make sure that your puppy has enough food and water each day.

When they don’t get enough sleep, their muscles grow weaker and they become lethargic.

They will be less likely to play when they are tired and they will eat less.

You can prevent this by giving them enough exercise and feeding them regularly.

How to Help Your Puppy Get More Exercise

If your puppy is not getting enough exercise, you can try one of these activities to help him get some extra activity in:

Take your puppy for walks every morning and afternoon.

Walk briskly so that your puppy gets tired quickly.

Get your puppy used to riding in the car.

Drive slowly and gently when you first start out with him so that he doesn’t feel frightened.

Once he becomes comfortable, drive faster and longer.

He will enjoy this!

Play fetch with your puppy.

Make sure you throw the ball far away from yourself so that your puppy runs after it.

Then take him home and reward him with a treat once he brings it back.

Put your puppy on a leash and take him for long walks.

As he gets older, you can take him off the leash and let him run free.

You can even put treats in his collar to encourage him to run.

How to Keep Your Puppy Active All Day Long

If your puppy spends most of his time lying down, he probably isn’t getting enough exercise.

You can help by keeping him active throughout the day.

Feed him before you leave for work and then again when you return home.

Let him go to the bathroom before you go to bed so that he can relieve himself while you sleep.

And don’t forget to feed him dinner before bedtime.

When you wake up in the morning, let your puppy out into the yard and watch him run around.

After breakfast, let him out again and play with him until he starts whining.

Then take him inside and let him use the bathroom.

Play with him for another half hour and then let him out again.

Repeat this process until lunch.

To help your puppy feel better about being cooped up, you can play games together like hide-and-seek and tug-of-war.

Your puppy will love these games and they will keep him happy and busy all day long.

How to Help Your Golden Retriever Puppy Sleep

Your golden retriever puppy is probably going through lots of changes at the moment, including a growth spurt.

This means that your pup will need more sleep than usual.

If you are worried about your puppy’s sleep, please don’t stress yourself out too much.

It’s quite normal for puppies to have a lot of energy, especially if they are growing up fast.

As long as your puppy is eating well and getting enough exercise, he should be fine.

However, if your puppy is not sleeping, it could be due to a number of reasons.

Some of these reasons include:

  • He has an upset tummy
  • He is teething
  • He needs extra grooming time
  • He has a bad case of separation anxiety
  • His mother is having trouble nursing him
  • He is bored
  • He has an injury
  • He is stressed
  • He is overweight
  • He is lonely
  • He is sick

A Bad Tummy

Golden retrievers can suffer from gastroenteritis which causes them to have diarrhea.

If you notice your puppy is having diarrhea, make sure he gets plenty of fluids by giving him water with electrolytes.

Also give him some food high in fiber such as boiled chicken or liver.

He may also benefit from an anti-diarrhea medication like Loperamide (Imodium).

If he still has diarrhea after 48 hours, it may be a good idea to take him to the vet just in case.

If your puppy has had diarrhea for more than 24 hours, there is a chance he has a bacterial infection.

In this case, consult your vet immediately.


Puppies usually start teething around 6 weeks old.

If your puppy is teething, he may be chewing on his toys instead of his bones.

You can ease his discomfort by providing him with chew toys made from rubber or plastic.

Another option would be to provide him with a small rawhide bone.

Make sure you supervise your puppy while he chews on his bone so he doesn’t swallow any sharp pieces.

Grooming Time

It’s important to give your puppy adequate grooming time.

Grooming sessions help him relieve himself and get rid of fleas.

The best way to do this is to play with him while you groom him.

You can even use a blow dryer on his coat to speed up the process.

Be careful not to overdo it though, as too much grooming can cause your puppy to become irritated.

Separation Anxiety

You may notice your puppy seems anxious when you leave home.

If this is the case, you can try distracting him with a toy.

However, if he continues to have problems, it might be better to find another person to stay with him during the day.


Your puppy may be bored if he is left alone too often.

To combat this problem, you can arrange for him to go outside every hour or two.

Keep him away from busy areas where people are walking around.

Also keep his favorite toys within reach so he has something to do while you are gone.

Remember to always let him come inside whenever you return home.


If your puppy is stressed, he may experience separation anxiety or excessive barking.

You can reduce his stress levels by spending quality time with him.

Play with him, feed him, and give him affectionate hugs.

Make sure you praise him for anything he does right.

For example, if he sits quietly while you read a book, tell him how smart he is.


If you notice your puppy seems sad or depressed, talk to him.

Let him know you miss him when you’re apart and reassure him that everything will work out okay.

Give him lots of attention and affection to boost his confidence.


Make sure your puppy gets lots of exercise and nutritious food.

Always weigh him before feeding him, and follow the recommendations given by your vet.

Overweight dogs tend to have difficulty breathing and therefore, may snore a lot.


If your puppy has sustained an injury, make sure he receives proper treatment.

Consult your vet if you suspect your puppy has broken a limb.

Never try to treat a puppy’s injury yourself.

If you are unable to stop your puppy from licking his wound, soak a clean cloth in hydrogen peroxide and place it over the injury.

Do not cover the area completely.


If your puppy is feeling ill, consult your vet immediately.

Make sure you keep him warm and comfortable until he recovers.

When to Worry About Your Golden Retriever Puppy’s Sleep

It’s important that your golden retriever puppy is getting plenty of sleep so you can know they are healthy.

If you’re concerned about your puppy not sleeping enough, there are several reasons why your golden retriever might be sleeping more than usual.

Your puppy is in a growth spurt

This is common with most puppies, especially those who are just starting out. As they grow bigger and stronger, their bodies need more energy to fuel them.

Your puppy is tired from all the play time

If your pup has been having a great time playing outside and exploring the world around them, you might find that they are very tired when it comes time to settle down for the night.

You have an active lifestyle

If you work long hours, travel frequently, or spend a lot of time outdoors, you might notice that your golden retriever is waking up much earlier than usual during the day.

Tips for Getting Your Golden Retriever Puppy to Sleep Through the Night

Puppies are growing and developing all the time, and that includes their sleep patterns.

While you may have noticed your Golden Retriever puppy sleeping more than usual, it’s not necessarily a cause for concern.

In fact, most puppies will sleep more during the first few months of life than they do later on.

This is due to a number of factors.

First, puppies don’t have much control over their environment.

They’re completely dependent on us for everything they need, so we naturally tend to take care of them when they’re young.

This means less time spent playing with other dogs or running around outside, both of which would help keep them awake at night.

As well as this, new puppies often wake up every hour or two during the night, making it very difficult to get any real rest.

This can be frustrating for owners who want to get some sleep themselves.

It’s also hard on the puppy, since he needs to stop eating and drinking if he wants to fall asleep.

If your puppy is waking up every hour or two, try using one of these tips to make sure he gets enough rest each night.

Keep your puppy warm.

If he wakes up cold, he’ll probably continue to wake up throughout the night.

Try wrapping him in a blanket before bedtime and leaving it there until morning.

He’ll stay warmer longer this way.

Put him on his back.

Most puppies prefer to sleep on their backs, but if yours isn’t, try putting him on his side instead.

You’ll find it easier to put him down for good once he falls asleep this way.

Use a crate.

There’s no need to let your puppy run free around the house when he’s only going to get into trouble anyway.

Use a crate to restrict his movements and give him somewhere safe to sleep during the night.

There’s nothing wrong with your puppy being a little sleepy, especially if he’s just starting out.

However, if he’s constantly waking up, then perhaps it’s time to look into why he’s sleeping so much.

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