Which Dog Breeds Get Along Best With Cats?

Having a pet cat and a pet dog in one home can be a challenging task. Getting the two animals to get along can be tricky as they have different needs and preferences. With a bit of patience and understanding, it is possible to create a harmonious relationship between cats and dogs.

The best dog breeds for this purpose are those that are intelligent, friendly, and affectionate such as retrievers, poodles, and bichon frises. With proper training, diet, and exercise, you can ensure both your cats and dogs live peacefully in your home.

Why Should Dog Breeds Get Along With Cats?

Having a pet that gets along with cats can be great for those who already have a feline companion. Dog breeds that get along with cats tend to be intelligent, friendly, and affectionate, making them a great addition to your family. Not only do they add an extra layer of security for your cat, but they also provide your family with a loyal and loving companion.

When considering which dog breed to get, it is important to look for certain traits such as intelligence, friendliness, and affection.

Poodles, and bichon frises are all great choices for getting along well with cats. Diet, and exercise are also important for ensuring a harmonious relationship between your new pet and your existing cat. Make sure to introduce your new pet in a controlled environment and with plenty of patience and understanding. With the right care and attention, your pets can live peacefully and happily together.

The Best Dog Breeds for Getting Along With Cats

If you’re looking for a new pup that won’t upset the fur-dynamic at home, consider the following breeds: retrievers, poodles, and bichon frises. These intelligent and friendly dogs can not only get along with cats, but will form strong bonds with them, too. In particular, have a natural affinity for cats and will often even groom them.

Poodles are also great family pets and have a surprisingly gentle nature. Bichon frises, meanwhile, have an even temperament and a knack for quickly forming bonds with other pets.

To ensure the best possible relationship between your pup and your cat, be sure to provide plenty of training, exercise, and a healthy diet.

Training your pup to be polite, obedient, and respectful of cats is essential for a harmonious home environment. Exercise and playtime is also essential for all pets, providing both physical and mental stimulation.

A healthy diet, meanwhile, will help your pup maintain their energy level, allowing them to be less aggressive and more likely to bond with cats. With the right breed and some tender loving care, you can create a happy, healthy home where cats and dogs can live together in harmony. By choosing one of these breeds and providing proper training, exercise, and nutrition, you can create a lasting relationship between cats and dogs.


Retrievers are an excellent choice for households with cats, as they are typically intelligent, loyal, and eager to please. They love playtime and attention, so it’s important to make sure they get plenty of both to keep them happy and content.

Training is also essential for creating a harmonious relationship between retrievers and cats, as it helps reinforce positive behaviors and discourage negative ones. Positive reinforcement such as treats and verbal praise are great for teaching retrievers proper behavior around cats. Retrievers are friendly, gentle and affectionate, traits that help them get along with cats well.

It is important to remember that each animal is an individual, so it’s a good idea to take time to introduce your retriever and cat to each other slowly. This will help them learn to trust each other. While retrievers are usually good with cats if properly introduced, it is important to keep a watchful eye on their interactions and intervene if either animal appears uncomfortable or stressed.


Poodles get along with cats very well, as they are intelligent, loyal and playful. They make excellent companions for cats, and can help create a harmonious environment if they are well-trained and given proper exercise.

When it comes to poodles and cats, it’s important to socialize them early and often to help create a strong bond. Training should focus on positive reinforcement and consistent feeding schedules, and owners should be diligent in separating the two when they start to quarrel.

Paying close attention to their individual personalities can also be beneficial. If a poodle shows any signs of aggression, it should be corrected right away. With a balanced diet and regular exercise, cats and poodles are sure to become the best of friends.

Bichon Frises

Bichon Frises make a great companion for cats, thanks to their friendly and affectionate nature. They are known for being intelligent and highly trainable, which makes them better able to coexist peacefully with cats. If you keep your Bichon Frise on a leash in the presence of a cat, they are less likely to get too rambunctious.

They have a tendency to be somewhat protective of cats, which can help keep them safe from other animals. When it comes to keeping your Bichon Frise and cat happy together, it’s important to start early.

If you can, socialize them while they are still puppies and kittens, so they can get used to each other’s presence and build a trusting bond. Make sure they have plenty of nutritious food and plenty of playtime together and apart, as regular exercise and a healthy diet will help keep them both in good spirits. Most importantly, keep an eye on how they interact and intervene if necessary to ensure a harmonious relationship.

Tips for Ensuring a Harmonious Relationship

To ensure a harmonious relationship between a dog and a cat, it is important to provide both animals with enough training and exercise. Training your dog to recognize the presence of a cat and to respect the cat’s boundaries is essential for the two to get along. It is key to ensure your pet is on a balanced diet and given enough exercise to keep them healthy and happy.

Creating a positive environment for both animals is essential.

Allocating time for them to interact, under your supervision, can build trust between the two. Providing your pets with enough space for them to explore and play together can help them to form a bond. Making sure there are plenty of toys available can also help them to engage in play and create a peaceful atmosphere.


Training your dog to get along with cats is an important step in developing a harmonious relationship between the two. Start by introducing them in a neutral environment, such as a park, rather than in your home. This will help to set the tone for the relationship.

As you introduce them, provide treats and show lots of positive reinforcement so they learn to associate the presence of each other with something pleasant.

Spend time and consistency with both pets and encourage interaction with one another at a distance, before allowing them to get close. This will help them become comfortable with each other and understand that they can exist in the same space. Praise and reward them when they behave positively towards each other.


When it comes to cats and dogs living in harmony, diet is a key factor. To ensure that your pet stays healthy and their relationship with each other stays amicable, make sure you’re feeding them both the right food. Cats need a high protein diet and it’s best to avoid grains and fillers.

When it comes to dogs, some breeds may require different diets, so it’s best to consult a vet before settling on one. Feeding them at the same time can also help them bond as they’ll be sharing a common experience.

Making sure your pets are getting the right nutrients is key for a good diet. Provide your cats with high-quality wet food, as well as some dry food for snacks.

Dogs should have a balanced mix of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins. Be sure to keep treats to a minimum and only give them to your pets when they’ve been particularly well behaved. Regular check-ups with a vet will help you monitor their health and make sure their diet is suitable for them.


Exercise is an important factor in making sure a dog and a cat get along. It helps to keep dogs mentally stimulated and physically fit, and it also helps them release some of the energy that would otherwise be redirected towards the cat.

A good exercise routine for your pup can include a combination of walking, running, playing fetch and other activities. Taking your dog to the park or on regular hikes can give them the opportunity to explore and get some fresh air, which can help to keep them calm and relaxed around the house. Having a playmate for your pup, such as another dog or a human, can help to provide them with the social interaction and companionship that they need.

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