Can Dogs Eat Scrambled Eggs With Cheese?

Scrambled Eggs are a staple in many homes.

They are cooked for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and for our fluffy companions.

You can serve scrambled eggs or add other foods like cheese to make it more delicious and nutritious.

The combo makes such a delightful meal, but is it safe for the dog?

Many dog lovers would wish to tag their dogs for every fantastic treat.

However, the safety of new meals is not always clear.

So, can dogs eat scrambled eggs with cheese?

Yes, dogs can have scrambled eggs with cheese, but in moderation.

It’s rich in protein, vitamins, phosphorus, and calcium.

However, ensure that you have cooked the eggs thoroughly and removed the shell.

Too much scrambled eggs with cheese can cause stomach upset.

This article will look into how often, health benefits, side effects, and which dogs can feed on scrambled eggs with cheese.

How Often Can a Dog Have Scrambled Eggs With Cheese?

The frequency depends on the size, activity, and tolerance of the dog.

For instance, eggs have calories, and too much will need an active dog.

If a dog is not active and consumes scrambled eggs daily, it could pose a health challenge in the long term.

Cheese contains fat that can cause pancreatitis.

The portion you give should be proportional to the size of the dog.

Moreover, some dogs are intolerant to dairy products, so a small amount or none is best for them.

It’s okay to serve scrambled eggs with cheese daily to active dogs and once or twice to inactive dogs and puppies.

When serving, always remember the 10% rule.

Treats should not exceed 10% of a meal; so that dogs can have a balanced diet.

Can Dogs Eat Scrambled Eggs With Cheese

Can Puppies Eat Scrambled Eggs With Cheese?

Yes, puppies can have scrambled eggs with cheese.

They’re a rich source of protein, vitamins, vitamin A, and phosphorus necessary for their growth.

Eggshells are also important as long as you clash them into fine particles; they prevent cataracts.

Nonetheless, there are restrictions when giving your puppy scrambled eggs.

They include;

Raw eggs should never be an option.

Ensure that you cook the eggs properly to eliminate any contamination, especially salmonella.

Your puppy will likely have bacterial infections if they eat raw eggs.

When the scrambled eggs with cheese are specifically for your puppy, avoid too much cheese.

Fat from cheese could obstruct arteries and cause stomach upset and pancreatitis.

Give scrambled egg with cheese in moderation because of the side effects of the ingredients.

Once or twice a week is enough.

Benefits of Scrambled Eggs With Cheese to Dogs

  • They contain protein that helps dogs maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat. Protein is also the building block of muscle, so this is an essential nutrient for your dog’s overall health. It also keeps your dog feeling full and satisfied, which can help to prevent overeating and obesity.
  • Cheese has phosphorus, an essential component of bones, teeth, and cell membranes. It’s also required to help the body absorb calcium, another vital nutrient for healthy bones and teeth. Phosphorus also helps convert carbohydrates into energy while aiding in muscle contractions, nerve conduction, and normal kidney function.
  • Cheese contains calcium essential for strong bones, teeth, and muscles. It also helps with blood clotting, nerve functioning, and cell signaling. Calcium is necessary for pregnant dogs because it supports their health and growing pups.
  • Scrambled eggs have pantothenic acid, a water-soluble vitamin known as vitamin B5. It can act as an anti-inflammatory agent and help with allergies, dermatitis, and other skin conditions. It also plays an important role in the adrenal gland, which helps regulate your dog’s metabolism and hormonal balance.
  • They’re rich in vitamin A, an essential part of a dog’s diet. It helps with eye health, aids in developing strong bones, and boosts the immune system. Moreover, it has antioxidant properties that may protect against heart disease.

Side Effects of Scrambled Eggs With Cheese On Dogs

  • Having raw eggs regularly could make dogs biotin-deficient. Uncooked egg whites contain avidin, which binds to biotin and prevents absorption in the intestines. The good news is that you can quickly remedy this problem by feeding your dog raw egg yolks or cooking the eggs before feeding them to your pup.
  • Some dogs may develop allergic reactions and gastrointestinal effects when eating scrambled eggs with cheese.
  • Too much fat from cheese may cause pancreatitis and obesity. It can also lead to stomach upset and bloating–a deadly condition in which the stomach fills with gas and twists on itself.

Which Dog Breeds Can Have Scrambled Eggs With Cheese?

Any dog breed can have scrambled eggs with cheese as long as they are well cooked, and the shell removed.

The overall standard to determine if a dog can eat scrambled eggs with cheese is to know their health record.

It will give you a clear path on the amount and how often you should give them.

It’s advisable to introduce scrambled eggs with cheese in small amounts at first so you can notice any effect.

Some breeds such as collies, great Danes, German shepherds, French dogs, and golden retrievers are known for stomach upset.

Therefore, you should serve them sparingly.

Can Dogs Having Diarrhea Eat Scrambled Eggs With Cheese?

Yes, you can give your dog scrambled eggs with cheese.

However, plain scrambled eggs are preferred because they reduce diarrhea.

If it is the first time you’re giving your dog scrambled eggs, it’s best to stick to plain rice to stop diarrhea.

The dog may be cheese intolerant, hence causing more problems. 

If diarrhea persists, especially in puppies, call a veterinary doctor or visit a nearby clinic.


It’s always a challenge for dog owners to know what fits their fluffy companion.

It is okay to give scrambled eggs with cheese but in moderation.

The dog’s size, activeness, and cheese intolerance are important factors to consider.

Otherwise, there is no need to worry when treating your dog to some creamy scrambled eggs with cheese.

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