Can Dogs Eat Russet Potatoes?

Russet potatoes are versatile vegetables.

They are ideal for the fluffiest mashed potatoes and golden brown french fries.

These tubers are also the best option for baking, thus rarely miss in any of your meals.

Your dog enjoys their fluffy texture and earthy, delicate flavor, and you have slipped a couple of pieces to them countless times.

Although you enjoy doing so, it never skips your mind to question if these tasty vegetables are safe for their bodies. 

So, can dogs eat russet potatoes?


Russet potatoes are healthy and nutritious vegetables for dogs.

However, your dog should only eat thoroughly cooked russet potatoes without seasonings and additives.

Although these potatoes have many benefits, dogs should not eat them regularly and in large portions.

Russet potatoes are rich in starch and solanine, which make dogs sick if taken in excess. 

This article will discuss everything you need to know before feeding your dog russet potatoes, including the benefits and risks of doing so. 

How to prepare russet potatoes for dogs

Under no circumstances should your dog eat raw potatoes.

Potatoes contain a compound known as solanine which is harmful to your dog.

The amounts of this compound reduce during the cooking process.

Therefore, the longer the russet potatoes are cooked, the better.

You can prepare russet potatoes for your dog in two different ways.

The first method involves baking the potatoes without adding any seasonings and flavors.

Baking them with the skin on or off depends on your preference.

However, make sure that no potato skin makes it to your dog’s mouth.

Potato skins contain a substance known as oxalate, which is toxic to dogs.

This compound causes kidney complications in dogs when taken in high concentrations.

Although your dog enjoys their crunchy texture, always keep russet potato skins to yourself. 

Secondly, you can skin and slice the russet potatoes.

Then boil them in a tray with water and without any seasonings.

Ensure that they are thoroughly cooked to reduce their solanine concentration. 

Can dogs eat russet potatoes

Benefits of russet potatoes to dogs

Russet potatoes are rich in nutrients such as vitamin C and B6, Iron, Potassium, and magnesium which are essential for your dog.

Below is an explanation of how some of these nutrients benefit your dog. 

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a water-soluble organic compound essential for strengthening your dog’s immune system.

It boosts the role of white blood cells, which supports your furry friend’s immune system.

  • Potassium

This mineral maintains the blood vessels’ functions in your dog’s body.

Potassium stands out for its ability to restore lost electrolytes too.

Most importantly, this unique mineral promotes muscle development in your dog’s body, and there’s nothing more remarkable than that, as this makes them stronger and healthier. 

  • Iron

Iron ensures that your dog’s body functions well and stays healthy.

This is because it is necessary for hemoglobin creation, an element of the red blood cells transporting oxygen to parts of your furry friend’s body.

Generally, this mineral guarantees dogs’ overall well-being. 

  • Vitamin B6

This vitamin is also known as pyridoxine, and it is essential in the red blood cells formation in your pup’s body.

Always incorporate it into your dog’s meals as it keeps them alive. 

How much russet potatoes can my dog have?

The amount of russet potatoes that dogs can have is dependent on their weight, size, and tolerance.

If you are not aware of these, contact the vet and get the exact size suitable for your dog. 

Dogs should eat russet potatoes in moderation, as too much of their starch could make your dog obese.

Furthermore, thoroughly cooked russets could still cause solanine poisoning in dogs.

If taken in high amounts, the little bits of solanine in each piece or bite will build up, thus becoming toxic to your furry friend.

Dogs are intended to get all their necessary nutrients from animal protein.

Therefore, they don’t have to eat russet potatoes to obtain these elements.

Your dog will be okay with only having them as occasional treats. 

Can my dog have mashed russet potatoes?

Dogs can have mashed russet potatoes as long as they are free from seasonings.

This is because garlic and onions, mostly used in their seasoning, cause anemia in dogs.

In addition to that, the excess salt in mashed potatoes may make your dog dehydrated. 

Can my dog eat baked russet potatoes?

Dogs are not prohibited from eating baked russet potatoes.

However, their baked potatoes should be cooked thoroughly, peeled, and unseasoned. 

Can dogs eat sweet potatoes?

Sweet potatoes are healthier alternative treats for your dog to other varieties.

They are rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin C, A, and B6.

Therefore, dogs can indulge in this treat but in moderation.

When introducing your pet to something new, always contact your vet and start with small portions to test if they are reactive or allergic to it first. 

Can my diabetic dog eat potatoes? 

Keep your dog away from russet potatoes if they have diabetes.

The high amounts of starch in potatoes will cause their blood sugar levels to spike.

Can my elderly dog eat potatoes?

Elderly dogs can enjoy these tasty vegetables but within limits and without any seasonings.

These dogs are highly susceptible to dangerous diseases like diabetes.

Their meals should always be low in calories and plain. 

Can my dog with pancreatitis eat potatoes?

Dogs with pancreatitis are sensitive to foods with a lot of fat.

Therefore, well-cooked potatoes without any trace of fats like butter will not cause them any harm.

On the other hand, french fries should never make it into the mouths of dogs with pancreatitis. 


Treating your dog to skinned, thoroughly cooked, and unseasoned russet potatoes in moderation is healthy and heavily nutritious for them.

Remember, keeping your pet healthy and happy is your primary responsibility.

You should never slip and feed them seasoned and unpeeled potatoes right out of your plate because you can’t resist their puppy eyes. 

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