Can Dogs Drink Smart Water?

Strenuous activities, such as running or playing fetch, dehydrates your dog and leads to health problems if not adequately addressed.

It’s vital to ensure they are adequately hydrated before and after exercise by offering them fresh water.

After all, you got a bottle of smart water for yourself, so why not give some to your pup too?

So, can dogs drink smart water?

Dogs can drink smart water, but it’s not necessary.

Smart water contains electrolytes like sodium and potassium, which are essential for humans who sweat a lot, but dogs don’t sweat as much as we do.

In fact, their coat helps to keep them cool. 

If your dog is healthy and well-hydrated, it will likely get all the electrolytes it needs from its food.

However, if your dog is ill or has diarrhea, smart water helps replenish electrolytes and might be recommended by your veterinarian.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about giving your dog smart water, including the benefits and risks, to help you make the best decision for your pet.

What is Smart Water?

Perhaps you are wondering what is smart water?

Smart water is a type of bottled water that contains electrolytes.

The electrolytes in smart water are sodium and potassium.

Smart water also has calcium, magnesium, and chloride.

These electrolytes help replenish the body after strenuous activity or sweating.

Why are Electrolytes Added to Bottled Water?

Electrolytes include minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

These minerals are found in the body and play an essential role in how the body functions.

They help regulate fluid balance, muscle function, and blood pressure.

When you sweat, you lose electrolytes through your skin.

Drinking water with electrolytes helps replenish the electrolytes lost during sweating and prevents dehydration.

However, unlike humans, dogs don’t sweat through their skin.

They have a coat of fur that helps keep them cool.

When they do sweat, it’s through their paw pads.

Therefore, they don’t need electrolytes in their water to replenish what’s lost during sweating.

Dogs obtain most of the electrolytes they need from their food.

A healthy, well-balanced diet contains all the electrolytes a dog needs.

However, some dogs might need additional electrolytes if they are ill or have diarrhea.

In these cases, your veterinarian might recommend giving your dog smart water or another type of bottled water that contains electrolytes.

Can Dogs Drink Smart Water

What are the Benefits of Smart Water for Dogs?

The benefits of smart water for dogs are negligible.

Dogs obtain the majority of the electrolytes they need from their food.

However, if your dog is ill or has diarrhea, your veterinarian might recommend smart water to help replenish electrolytes.

Treat Dehydration

If your dog is dehydrated, it’s essential to seek veterinary care immediately.

Dehydration is a severe medical condition that can lead to death.

Symptoms of dehydration in dogs include excessive thirst, dry mouth, sunken eyes, lethargy, and decreased skin elasticity.

Thus, rehydrate your dog with smart water or electrolyte-rich water if your veterinarian advises it.

Besides, homemade electrolyte-rich water is easy to make; simply add a pinch of salt, sugar, sea salt, honey, and lemon to regular water.

Lemon and salt supply electrolytes like potassium and sodium, sugar provides carbohydrates for energy, and honey helps soothe the stomach.

Give your dog plenty of freshwater as well if it’s dehydrated.

Dogs need more water when sick or have diarrhea because they lose fluids.

Remember to give your dog small amounts of water frequently throughout the day until it’s rehydrated.

Is Smart Water the only Distilled Water Available for Dogs?

Bottled water is popular because it’s convenient and tastes better than tap water.

However, not all bottled water is created equal. In addition to smart water, other types of bottled water contain electrolytes.

These include Propel, Gatorade, Powerade, and Vitaminwater.

So, if you’re looking for a type of distilled water for your dog, any of these brands would be suitable.

However, consider the following tips before giving your dog any kind of bottled water:

  • Check the label to ensure the water doesn’t contain added sugar or salt since too much sugar, or salt is harmful to dogs.
  • If you’re unsure about a particular water brand, ask your veterinarian for recommendations.
  • Give your dog small amounts of water at first and observe for any adverse reactions.
  • Monitor your dog for signs of dehydration and seek veterinary care if necessary.

Is Smart Water Safe for Dogs?

Smart Water is safe for dogs to drink in moderation; however, as with all things, there are some risks associated with giving your dog too much smart water.

Drinking too much water leads to water intoxication or hyponatremia, which is caused by low sodium levels in the blood.

Water intoxication causes vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, seizures, and death.

Therefore, it’s essential only to give your dog smart water or any other type of bottled water in moderation and never force your dog to drink more than it wants.

When not to Give Your Dog Smart Water

You shouldn’t give your dog smart water unless your veterinarian advises it.

Smart water is not necessary for healthy dogs who are well-hydrated.

Too much sodium is harmful to dogs and leads to sodium poisoning.

How Much Smart Water Should I Give My Dog?

Your dog might like the taste of smart water, but too much is harmful.

Smart Water contains more sodium than regular water.

When dogs consume too much sodium, it can lead to health problems such as dehydration and electrolyte imbalance.

In general, it’s best to give your dog small amounts of smart water.

If you’re unsure how much to give, start with one teaspoon per pound of body weight and increase the amount gradually as needed.

Can Dogs Drink Smart Water FAQs

Can my diabetic dog drink smart water?

Smart water is safe for diabetic dogs to drink in moderation.

However, ensure the water is sugar-free and salt-free.

Is smart water good for my dog’s skin?

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that smart water is good for your dog’s skin.

However, drinking plenty of water is essential for healthy skin.

Can I give my dog sparkling smart water?

Dogs can drink sparkling smart water; however, it’s best to avoid giving your dog carbonated water as it leads to stomach upset.

Is Smart Water safe for puppies?

Puppies don’t need smart water, and too much sodium is harmful.

It’s best to give your puppy plain water or consult with your veterinarian before giving them any bottled water.

Can pregnant dogs have smart water?

Pregnant dogs need plenty of water to stay hydrated; however, they don’t need smart water.
Too much sodium is harmful to pregnant dogs and can lead to dehydration.


Just like humans, dogs need to stay hydrated.

Smart water is safe for dogs to drink in moderation; however, too much is harmful.

When giving your dog smart water, start with small amounts and increase as needed.

If you have any concerns, consult with your veterinarian.

Though smart water has minimal benefits for dogs, it contains valuable electrolytes that are helpful for some working or sporting dogs.

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