Sugar And Spice

Meet Sugar and Spice, our adorable Bichon babies. Our story about how Sugar and Spice came into our lives is a sad one with a happy ending. In a nutshell, we found both girls in a local rescue shelter while we were looking for a new dog to join our family.

The two were originally found in a horrible setting, starving and riddled with a myriad of health problems. 

When we met the Sugar, the most confident of the two, we knew we couldn’t separate the sisters from each other. This was mostly because Spice was blind from SARDS (Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome), meaning she relied on Sugar to navigate through life.

So, we adopted them straight away!

Despite the hardships both Sugar and Spice have been through, both dogs have been nothing short of a joy. Sugar got along with us and our existing dogs right away, but Spice needed more time.

While she had her sister by her side, she was still wary around new humans, new smells, new sounds, and new animals.  

Still, after a lot of research, veterinary appointments, and contact with other owners of disabled dogs, we soon got the hang of Spice and her ways. Now, she is a confident little girl who trusts us wholeheartedly.

She’ll wake us up every morning with kisses, and she loves to meet new dogs on her walks. It’s as if she’s not blind at all.