Molly Pickles

Molly Pickles is our sweet old lady, whom we adopted after an old friend moved to another country and couldn’t take her with them. She is an Irish Setter/Corgi mix – and isn’t she just adorable!!

We have had her for about 4 years now. She is a very loving dog who adores anyone who crosses her path – always demanding cuddles and pets from our (very willing!) visitors. She has been through so much in her life, but never lets it show.

Her favorite pastime is to sit on the sofa with us whilst we are watching TV or snoozing away in bed at night. 

Now she is getting on in age, her vision has really started to fade – and we think she is approximately 80% blind in both eyes.

In the first stages of this vision loss, it really affected her confidence, but with a few adjustments for accessibility around the home (such as ramps to the bed and the sofa), she’s found her footing again and is her same old rambunctious self. 

She loves going out for walks and will happily go all day if you let her! She also enjoys playing tug of war with any toy (or blanket) that catches her fancy. Though I am sure she would love to be able to see better, we’ve got some ideas up our sleeves to help her along the way. 

Molly Pickles is a great companion and a wonderful addition to our family. We hope that this story helps you to understand that an elderly blind dog can be a wonderful companion, and that your dog’s fading vision isn’t the end of the world – it is just a new chapter starting up in the story of your life together!