This is Keiki, our lovely, sassy female Husky girl. Even though she has been blind since birth, she is full of energy. We rescued Keiki from an irresponsible breeder, who was prioritizing profit of her puppies’ wellbeing, resulting in birth defects in some of her litters.

Though she does not have use of her eyes, she does have a strong sense of smell that helps her navigate through her life and environment.

For example, when I come into the room where she sleeps at night, she will give me a little nudge with her nose and let me know it’s time to go to bed! She also loves to play fetch with a whistle ball, and we are always trying to find new toys for her to enjoy. Huskies are high energy dogs – even without their sight!

Keiki is a sweetheart, but she can be very stubborn if you try to force her to do something she doesn’t want to do. If you’re patient and gentle, she’ll usually follow your lead. She is learning how to walk on leash, so we hope to get her out more often soon.

We love this dog, and we think she loves us back! Even though some may think she is missing out without the use of her eyes, we think she is just as happy as any other dog would be!