Meet Frankie, my sweet Rottweiler puppy who was born blind. I met him at a rescue shelter when he was only 9 weeks old after the breeder deemed him “unsuitable” for sale. Luckily for me, it meant I met my best friend. 

Frankie is just like any other dog, except for the fact he can’t see. However, as he was born blind, he’s not known the world in any other way than pitch black.

This means that he’s always been able to run around a park, wrestle with fellow dogs, search for cuddles from humans, and explore the world like any other puppy. Instead, he relies on his other senses (including a remarkable sense of smell and hearing) to navigate the world around him. 

Frankie has been a joy from the moment I took him home in my arms. He’s a charismatic, loyal, affectionate, and protective dog, exhibiting all the wonderful traits of a Rottweiler that I adore.

He just needed a bit longer with potty training – instead of sitting by the door like another dog to communicate that they need to pee, Frankie will bark once at us. Frankie has learned his own ways to communicate, and it’s up to me to translate it for him!

Like any young pup, Frankie can be quite difficult. I had to puppy-proof the house by cushioning any potential hazards that he could walk into, and not to mention the number of times he’s torn apart my clothes instead of his toys.

Still, caring for Frankie is generally no different to caring for another puppy, and I wouldn’t have him any other way!