Dusja is a sweet stray mongrel that we rescued from the Czech Republic. Whilst living on the streets, her vision was fading, and with no spaces in shelters available, it was thought that she would have to be put down. We adopted her and brought her home to live with us in the United States.

She has been our constant companion for over 4 years now – and even though she is now fully blind, she is an energetic and loving member of our family.

Our dog, Dusja, is a spoiled girl – always getting tidbits off our plates when it gets to dinner time – so even though she can’t see what is on our plates, she knows to sit by the table and beg when she hears us serving up food. We are all totally in love with this little girl!

Even though she needs a little extra support from us, especially when new visitors are in the house (she gets a bit jumpy around strangers, as she can’t see), we love her and would never change anything about her.

In fact, we think her blindness is maybe even a bit of a superpower, as she can hear and smell with such minute accuracy. 

Having this girl in our lives has been an absolute blessing, and she brings so much joy and energy to our home.