Chewie And Hope

Chewie (the red Golden retriever) and Hope (the small chihuahua)  are a bonded pair of elderly dogs  – and even though Hope is blind, they still share a wonderful friendship. In fact – Chewie acts as a seeing eye  guide dog for little Hope. The empathy, trust and appreciation between these two is really touching to see. 

As these two dogs are senior, they probably don’t have as much energy for mischief and hi jinx as they used to – preferring to spend time lazing around in the garden on sunny days, and snoozing in front of the fire when it’s on the chillier side.

We have the luxury of having a big veg patch in our backyard, and as retirees ourselves,  we spend a lot of time out there planting up and spending time with our lovely dogs. 

We aren’t totally sure how Hope lost her vision, as she was a blind senior when we adopted her – and the rescue shelter had little historical medical information on her.

However, we do know that she has had her eyes removed in an enunciation surgery, so we can assume that there was something malignant about them – potentially a case of cancer. 

Adopting these two dogs was one of the best things we ever did – seeing the pure love that is between these dogs really reminds you about what is important in life!