Benson is our faithful family pet – a Weinmariner/Airedale terrier mix that utterly melts everyone’s hearts. He has been with us since he was about 1 year old, and we love him dearly. So, we were pretty devastated when, around age 8, his vision started to slip away.

We tried all kinds of treatments for him – both from the vets, and holistic treatments and diet supplements as well. Nothing worked.

Eventually, he lost all of his vision, and rather than fighting a losing battle, we have just accepted it and adapted our lives to his new needs. He still loves to go out on walks, but now he can’t see very far ahead of him, so we take him along in a harness.

He still gets excited whenever he sees me coming home, but he will bark at other dogs or people who come near our house, just out of uncertainty. But otherwise, he is happy and contented.

Though, we are hoping that veterinary research does find a treatment that will help dogs like Benson to regain their sight, we think it is a little past that stage for Benson, who is getting on for 11 years of age now.

I’ve heard of stem cell therapy being used to treat blindness in humans, and I’m hoping that eventually, this will be turned into a treatment for dogs too. 

For now, though, us and Benson are incredibly happy with our little life together. He is a truly exceptional dog!