Why Does My Dog Whine At Night ?

There are a few reasons why your dog may be whining at night.

It could be that they are trying to get your attention, they are bored, or they may be experiencing separation anxiety.

Why do dogs whine?

Dogs can’t talk, so if they want to communicate with you, they have to make noise.

If your dog is whining for attention, try giving them some positive reinforcement when they are quiet.

If they are bored, try giving them something to do like playing fetch or chew toys.

Separation anxiety can cause dogs to cry and whine at the thought of being left alone.

If this is happening, it’s best to keep your dog in their crate or kennel while you’re away from home.

This will help them feel safe and secure.

The following article will answer any questions you have about why dogs whine.

  • Do dogs whine more when they are anxious or tired?
  • What causes my dog to whine?
  • How can I stop my dog from whining?
  • Does my dog whine when he is sick?
  • Can dogs whine when they are happy?

Dog Whining Causes – Why Do Dogs Whine?

Dogs don’t whine because they are unhappy or angry, but rather they whine to attract attention.

They whine because they need your help!

When your dog whines, you know they need you to pay attention to them.

You’ll recognize their whining as soon as you hear it.

The next time your dog starts whining, give them a treat.

This will encourage them to continue whining so you can provide them with some positive attention.

It is important to understand that not all whining is bad.

In fact, most whining is a sign that your pet wants to interact with you.

When you ignore your dog’s whining, it is likely that your dog will resort to other behaviors such as barking or chewing to get your attention.

Here are some other reasons why dogs whine:

1. Your dog may be lonely

Dogs experience loneliness just like humans do.

Even though they can’t speak, they still yearn for human companionship.

When you leave your dog alone for long periods of time, they may become depressed and start whining.

2. Your dog may be bored

Your dog probably has plenty to do during the day.

They love running around outside and sniffing everything they come across.

However, when you go to bed, they may become bored and start whining.

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Try to find ways to entertain your dog during the evening hours.

For example, you can play fetch with them or let them chew on a toy.

These activities will help distract them and keep them occupied until you wake up in the morning.

3. Your dog may be stressed out

Stress is one of the main causes of whining.

If your dog experiences stressful situations every day of their life, they may begin to whine in order to express their feelings.

Stressful events include going to new places, meeting new people, and changing environments.

4. Your dog may be sick

In addition to stress, many illnesses can cause your dog to whine.

If your dog is suffering from an illness, they may be uncomfortable and in pain.

Dogs usually whine when they are ill because they can’t tell you what hurts.

Instead, they whine to get your attention so you can take care of them.

Reasons your dog might whine at night

It could be that they are trying to get your attention, they are bored, or they may be experiencing separation anxiety.

  • Boredom
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Attention Seeking
  • Tired and Unhappy
  • Dogs Who Are Overweight
  • A Lack of Exercise

How to stop your dog from whining at night

If your dog is whining for attention, try giving them some positive reinforcement when they are quiet.

If they are bored, try giving them some toys to play with and give them something to chew on.

If they are experiencing separation anxiety, it’s best to let them sleep in their own bed until they feel more comfortable sleeping alone.

Crate Training

Another solution you can use to help stop your dog from whining at night is crate training.

Crate training involves placing your dog in a small room (crate) when they need to go out to the bathroom or do other things that require them to stay inside.

This will teach your dog to “hold it” while they are in the crate.

You can also put treats in their crate so they associate going into their crate with getting rewarded.

When they want to go outside, they can go into their crate without being punished.

They will learn not to whine because they know that if they don’t hold it, they won’t get any treats.

Once they have learned this, you can remove the treats and just leave the crate open so they can come back inside whenever they need to.

Separation Anxiety

Some dogs experience separation anxiety, which means they become upset when they are left alone.

If your dog exhibits signs of separation anxiety, you can try leaving them in another room for short periods of time when you leave the house.

You can also try using a remote control so you can keep an eye on them while you are away from home. The last option is to use a travel crate.

These crates allow your dog to enjoy themselves during transport but will prevent them from escaping when you aren’t around.

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If you suspect your dog is bored, try playing games with them.

Some great games include Frisbee, tug-o-war, hide-and-seek and fetch.

Another thing you can try is hanging out with your dog for long periods of time.

While this isn’t exactly fun, you can try doing things like taking walks together, letting them run free in the yard or simply sitting down to watch TV together.

You can also try feeding them treats to make them happy.

If none of these solutions work, consider hiring a professional trainer who knows how to deal with stubborn dogs.

A good trainer should be able to train your dog to stop whining at night.

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Dogs that whine excessively

It’s common for dogs to whine at night.

This behavior is usually harmless and doesn’t cause any problems, but it can become excessive over time if you don’t address the issue.

If you have noticed that your dog is whinier than usual lately, it might be worth it to take a look into what is causing their whining. Here are some of the most common causes for this behavior.

  • They need more exercise
  • They feel anxious or scared
  • They are lonely
  • They are bored
  • They are feeling stressed out
  • They want to play with another dog
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When to see a vet about your dog’s whining

If your dog is whining for attention, try giving them some positive reinforcement when they are quiet.

If they are bored, try giving them some toys to play with during the day and give them something to chew on at night.

If they are experiencing separation anxiety, you should probably take them to the dog park so they can socialize with other dogs.

If none of these suggestions work, contact your veterinarian.

What’s wrong?

Your dog may be whining because they have an illness such as diabetes, kidney disease, or cancer.

If this is the case, it’s important to visit your vet right away.

They will be able to perform tests to determine if your dog has any health issues that require treatment.

If your dog does not need medical attention, then your vet can help you find ways to manage the behavior.

Is there another reason my dog’s whining?

The most common reason for excessive whining in dogs is boredom.

This occurs when dogs feel like they are missing out on their favorite activities.

In order to combat boredom, you can give your dog toys to play with, exercise them regularly, or walk them around the neighborhood to relieve stress.

You can also try using a radio or television to entertain your dog while you do chores around the house.

There are several things you can do to keep your dog entertained during the day.

The best way to determine if your dog is bored is by watching how they respond to these activities.

Is it normal for them to whine?


Some dogs whine to communicate with humans.

Others whine to communicate with each other.

Whining is a natural behavior that many dogs exhibit.

Is there anything I can do to make him stop whining?

You can try distracting your dog from his whining by playing with him.

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Use a laser pointer to distract your dog while he is whining.

Or, if your dog is too old to jump, use a toy instead.

Give them something to chew on to occupy their mind.

Dogs usually don’t whine when they are tired or hungry.

How to deal with a dog that whines all the time

If your dog is whining for attention, try giving them some positive reinforcement when they are quiet.

You can also give them treats in an attempt to train them to stop whining.

However, if this doesn’t work and your dog continues to whine, it may be due to the fact that they are bored.

Try playing with them and encouraging them to play.

If you notice that they are not interested in playing, you might want to consider giving them another toy and seeing if they will play with it.

This way, you can keep them occupied until bedtime.

Another reason why dogs whine is because of separation anxiety.

They may start whining as soon as you leave the house.

If this happens, try taking them outside first thing in the morning and then again before leaving the house for the day.

Once you have done this, you should notice a decrease in their whining.

You can also try placing them on your lap while you wait for your ride home from work.

Lastly, if your dog is whining constantly all night long, it could be because they are experiencing pain.

If this is the case, you may need to visit your veterinarian to find out what needs to be done.

There may be a physical problem with your dog that requires immediate attention.

If you suspect that your dog is suffering from separation anxiety, there are some natural remedies that you can try.

These include using white noise machines, giving your dog a favorite blanket, or even having another dog nearby.

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