Why Does My Dog Lick My Husband But Not Me ?

There are a few reasons why your dog might lick your husband but not you.

Why Does My Dog Lick My Husband But Not Me?

Dogs are social animals.

When a dog licks a person, it’s usually because he wants to bond with that person, or because he thinks that person is worthy of his affection.

There are several reasons why dogs may lick their owners differently than other people.

Your husband may be more likely to give your dog treats or attention when he licks him.

This is especially true if your husband has a petting zoo at home, where he can play with your dog every day.

Your dog may view your husband as a higher-ranking member of the family.

He may see your husband as an authority figure, so he will seek out your husband’s approval before approaching you.

If your dog sees you as a lower-ranking member of the family, he will treat you like an equal.

However, this doesn’t mean that he won’t approach you at all.

If he does, it’ll most likely be in the form of a friendly greeting.

It’s possible that your dog knows who he should lick and who he shouldn’t.

For example, if you have two children, your dog may only want to lick one of them.

1. Who Do Dogs Usually Lick?

Dogs are often very particular about whom they choose to lick.

They may lick particular members of the household depending on what kind of relationship they have with them.

Family members

Your dog will most likely lick you first if you’re a member of the same family.

However, if you’re married to another family member, your dog may still choose to lick that person, but just not you.


Many dogs will love to lick babies and toddlers.

Some dogs even prefer to lick toddlers over adults.

However, they’ll usually approach both children and adults equally.


Teenagers tend to be a little bit less appealing to dogs than babies or toddlers.

Although teenagers are considered “adults” by dogs, they don’t always act like it.


Adult dogs tend to be less interested in lapping up the saliva from any adult humans they come into contact with.

However, they have no problem lapping up the saliva from infants or toddlers.

2. How To Stop A Dog From Licking You

If your dog is latching onto your husband instead of you, there are some things you can do to stop him from doing so.

Give your dog treats for good behavior.

Treats are great motivators, and this will help keep your dog focused on you rather than on your husband.

Keep your dog away from your husband.

If you have a large yard, make sure your husband stays inside while you’re outside.

This way, your dog won’t have anyone else to lick.

Try giving your dog some time alone with your husband.

Let him go off leash and explore the yard, so your husband can interact with your dog without being distracted by you.

Make sure that your dog feels comfortable around your husband.

If he doesn’t feel safe around him, he may start licking him in order to gain his confidence.

If you have children, try keeping your dog away from them.

The last thing you want is for your dog to lick a child and then get sick from it.

Teach your dog to be respectful.

Teach him to sit before approaching someone, and tell him to “stay.”

If he follows these rules, he’ll be able to show his respect to whomever you let him lick.

Let your dog know that he needs to ask permission before licking someone.

Make sure to teach him that it’s rude to lick someone without asking first.

The History of Dogs Licking Humans

Dogs have been around for thousands of years, and most people in the world consider dogs to be their best friends.

In many cultures, it’s common practice to let your dog lick you after your bath.

The reason behind this is simple.

Dogs can help us clean ourselves better than any other animal on Earth, and we reward them with affection and attention by allowing them to do so.

But there’s one thing about dogs that makes them different from humans — they lick us.

While some of our actions can seem strange to an outsider’s eyes, like how we hug each other, kiss each other, or even sleep together, it’s actually normal behavior for dogs to lick us.

In fact, they’ll often lick us even if we don’t want them to.

One of the main reasons why dogs lick their owners is because they love us.

Licking Is a Sign of Love

When dogs lick their human companions, they’re showing their love for them.

They’re trying to show affection through physical contact, which means that they’re demonstrating that they care for their owner.

In return, we should treat them with love and affection, and allow them to lick us whenever they feel like doing so.

While it may seem inappropriate to an outsider, it’s totally normal for dogs to lick their owners.

When they do, they’re not just being dirty.

They’re also demonstrating that they love us and appreciate our presence.

The Science of Why Dogs Lick

In most cases, dogs will only lick their owners if the owner is in an upright position.

If someone is sitting down, the chances are that the dog won’t lick them.

However, there are exceptions to this rule, such as when the person is sleeping.

In other words, if someone is lying on the ground, your dog may just want to play with them, but if they are standing up, then they will probably want to lick them.

When it comes to humans, some people say that dogs have an instinctive desire to lick everyone they meet.

This isn’t always true though.

Some dogs don’t like to lick strangers, while others seem to enjoy it.

The same thing can happen with children.

A child may love to have their legs licked, whereas another child may find it disgusting.

As we all know, every dog is different, so it’s best to treat each one individually.

The Different Reasons Dogs Might Lick Their Owners

Dogs can have different relationships with their owners than with each other, especially if they’ve been raised together from puppyhood.

They may view one person as “the boss” while another is viewed as “the little brother/sister.”

That person may then get the affection that comes along with being the superior of the two.

While this may seem like a strange explanation for why dogs lick their owners, it makes sense in some cases.

If your dog licks your husband because he’s the dominant partner in the relationship, it would make sense for the dog to do so.

The dog is showing his appreciation for the fact that his owner is in charge and will always take care of him.

If your dog is licking you (but not your husband) because you’re the lower ranking member of the household, however, it wouldn’t make much sense for the dog to do so.

He’d probably prefer to show his devotion to his higher-ranked owner instead.

Here are a few possible explanations for why dogs lick their owners:

Why Some Dogs Might Lick One Person But Not Another

First, it’s important to understand what makes up a dog’s sense of hierarchy.

The top dog in a pack is usually the alpha male, who is typically larger than his fellow dogs.

He has the most energy and is often aggressive toward other dogs.

He also tends to get the best food and attention.

Next in line is the beta dog, which is often smaller and less aggressive than the alpha.

These dogs tend to get the second best food and attention.

They also have the ability to defend the territory of their group, and they can be very protective of the alpha male.

Below these two dogs are the omega dogs, who are generally smaller still and may have trouble defending themselves against attacks by other dogs.

Finally, there are the outcasts, who are even smaller and don’t get much attention at all.

In some cases, this last group will actually become the alpha dog if he proves himself strong enough.

How to stop Your Dog from Licking

If your dog licks your husband, it’s probably because he sees his owner as a higher-ranking member of the household.

The same goes for dogs who lick their owners.

They think that by doing so, they are showing their affection.

This behavior can get out of hand when one person in the household is less dominant than another.

When this happens, it may be time to take action on behalf of your spouse.

The next step will depend on whether you want to try training your dog away from licking or just keep things simple and make sure your husband isn’t around when your dog is eating.

In either case, there are several ways you can solve the problem.

Try Training Your Dog Away From Licking

Keep Things Simple And Make Sure He Isn’t Around When Your Dog Is Eating

Don’t Let Your Dog Eat Anywhere Near You

Teach Your Dog To Stop Licking By Using an Anti-Licking Spray Or Device

Offer Treats Instead Of Food

Separate Them During Meal Times

Put Your Dog On A Leash While He Eats

Use a Collar With a Remote Control

Remove Their Access To Water

Is It Really a Problem if My Dog Licks Me?

Your dog may be doing it out of pure affection, or it may be a way for them to communicate with you through their behavior.

Either way, there’s no reason to get upset about it unless you find it very distracting or annoying.

Licking Is Pure Affection
Maybe your dog is just being affectionate.

If this is the case, then don’t worry!

The best thing you can do is reward them with a treat whenever your husband gives them one (or even better, give them both).

This will encourage your dog to continue lapping up your man in order to get the treat.


Another possibility is that your dog is trying to tell you something by licking you.

For example, maybe your dog wants to go outside or wants to play.

They may be telling you that they want to go out or want to play by licking you.

In these cases, reward your dog for licking you.

You can also use positive reinforcement such as petting them on the head when they lick you.

Higher Ranking Member of the Family

This isn’t an entirely uncommon occurrence.

Dogs view humans as the dominant members of the household, so they may see licking us as a sign of respect.

Just like we would never expect our dogs to lick our friends or strangers, they shouldn’t expect us to let them lick us either.

However, some dogs may still try to lick you because they think you’re someone important.

If you’re okay with that, then you should probably ignore them.

Otherwise, you can keep them away from you by putting your hands up to protect yourself.

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