Why Does My Dog Lick Me When I Pet Him?

Dogs have been around for over 10,000 years.

The first domesticated dogs were actually wolves who were tamed by humans.

Wolves are known as pack animals, and they tend to live in packs with other wolves.

They will often defend their territory against any threats.

Wolves don’t always stay together though.

Sometimes a wolf will stray off and become a lone wolf.

A lone wolf is an individual wolf who has no pack.

Lone wolves aren’t socialized into packs, so they can be quite dangerous if left alone.

This is why wolves are usually kept in packs for protection.

Domestication is the process of taming wild animals into pets.

It’s important because it allows people to use these animals for labor and food.

Domesticated animals are easier to handle than wild ones.

For instance, cows can be milked without becoming violent like wild buffalo.

In ancient times, some cultures used dogs for hunting and guarding.

In many cases, however, dogs were merely kept as pets.

As time went on, though, the relationship between man and dog became even closer.

Today, most dogs are still pets, but there are still some breeds that are bred for specific uses.

My Dog Lick Me When I Pet Him

The History of Dogs Licking People

Dogs have been around for millions of years.

They are one of the oldest domesticated animals.

Although they were initially used for hunting purposes, today they are an important part of human society.

Dogs are very loyal and protective of their owners.

They are known for being able to sense danger and alert their owners before anything dangerous happens.

This is why many people keep them as pets.

Ownership of dogs has increased over the past few decades.

As a result, there are more dogs in the world than ever before.

A lot of these dogs live with families and are treated like members of the family.

In fact, they are considered so much like children that they are given names and are often referred to by their owners as such.

This means that some dogs can become extremely attached to their owners and even develop strong bonds with them.

Sometimes this attachment can lead to serious problems if not dealt with properly.

One such problem is when a dog starts licking its owner.

Many people believe that this is just another form of affection, but in reality, it could mean something else entirely.

Let’s find out what it is!

Reasons Why Dogs Lick People

Dogs are very loyal animals and they have been known to guard their owners and even help them in times of danger.

Many people have been known to adopt dogs for companionship and protection.

Some dogs, however, do not belong with humans.

They were born wild and have learned how to survive on their own.

This means that some dogs may still try to protect themselves by attacking when they feel threatened.

This can lead to biting and other harmful behaviors.

Sometimes, this is what happens when a dog bites its owner.

In most cases, however, dogs will only bite if someone threatens them directly.

The following are reasons why dogs may want to lick you when you pet them.

  • They Like the Touch – One reason why dogs like to lick others is because they enjoy being touched. They love feeling soft fur on their bodies, especially those around their face. Some dogs also enjoy having their ears scratched. Licking is a natural behavior for dogs because it helps them to relieve stress. They need the touch and stimulation from human contact to help them relax.
  • They Want Attention – Other dogs may want to lick you because they want your attention. They may be lonely and sad and they just want to know that you care about them. You can give them this attention by petting them and giving them treats. They may also enjoy the fact that you’re paying attention to them and they’re getting all the attention they could ever want.
  • They Are Showing Submission – Some dogs also lick you when they want to show submission. They may be afraid of something and they want you to calm them down. They may also be trying to tell you that they don’t like something you’re doing. For example, if you’re playing with them and then suddenly stop, they may start licking you in an attempt to get you to continue.
  • They Are Trying to Get Your Attention – Some dogs also lick you because they want you to pay attention to them. They may be whining and barking at you but you keep ignoring them. Some dogs also do this because they are hungry. They may be looking for food and they’ll go after anything that’s edible. You may think that they’re going to eat you, but they’ll probably find something else instead. You should always keep your eyes open when you’re walking around with a hungry dog.
  • They Are Trying to Make Friends – Certain breeds of dogs may also lick you because they want to make friends with you. They may be nervous around new people and they want to know whether you’re friendly or not. They may also want to play with you. Some dogs will even welcome you into their homes and allow you to stay there temporarily while you look for a place of your own.
  • They Are Just Cute – Some dogs just love to be looked at and they love to be petted. They may want to kiss you or they may want to play. Some dogs will even want to be held and cuddled. Others will just want to sit next to you and watch you while you work. Some dogs even sleep curled up beside you.

If you notice that your dog likes to lick you, it’s best to avoid situations where you can’t control his behavior.

For instance, if you’re riding in a car with a dog, you shouldn’t let him out of your sight.

He may want to jump out of the window or run off.

There are many things that can happen when a dog starts getting excited.

It’s better to leave him home than risk any harm coming to you or anyone else.

Is It Safe to Let My Dog Lick Me?

Before we answer this question, let’s look at why dogs do what they do.

Licking Is an Attraction To Other Animals

Dogs are attracted to other animals because they have similar senses, such as hearing, smelling, and tasting.

These similarities make them feel comfortable around other species.

Licking Shows Submission

When dogs want to express dominance over another animal, they will sometimes “lick their opponent” by gently rubbing their tongues against its body.

This is meant to convey the message that they are in control of the situation and don’t need to fight back.

“Licking your partner shows that you’re submissive,” says Dr. Susan Wright, a dog behavior expert and author of The Barking Lot.

“You’re saying ‘I’m willing to accept whatever you give me.'”

Some Dogs Lick for Attention

Some dogs use licking as a way to get your attention.

They will often start with gentle strokes on your arm before moving up to your face.

They may even start to nuzzle you if you pay close attention to them.

“If your dog is really cute, he’ll probably start to lick you to get attention,” explains Dr.Wright.

“It’s a way of getting your attention.”

How Can I Get My Dog to Stop Licking Me?

Your dog may be licking you as a sign of affection or as a way to show submission.

Some dogs also lick as a way to get your attention.

If your dog licks you when you pet him, it’s likely that he enjoys the affection you’re showing him and wants more.

If your dog is licking you for no apparent reason, you might want to try some of these tips before resorting to harsher measures like spanking!

Is It Attachment Behavior?

Dogs lick their owners because they enjoy being with them and are looking forward to spending time together.

They may also do this to demonstrate affection, but if you’ve ever seen a dog licking another animal (like a cat) then you know that it can have an aggressive intent behind it.

In other words, if your dog is doing it out of love, then it’s likely safe to let him lick you.

However, if you suspect that your dog is trying to assert dominance over you by licking you, you should stop letting him do so immediately.

What If My Dog Keeps Licking Me?

If your dog is doing this for any reason, it’s important to understand why.

There are several reasons that your dog might be licking you.


This is probably the most common reason that dogs lick people.

Dogs love to receive affection from their owners.

If your dog licks you when you’re holding him, hugging him, petting him or even just talking to him, then he’s probably enjoying the affection that you’re giving him.

It may seem odd at first, but if you think about it, it makes sense – dogs do not like being alone.

They need human companionship in order to feel safe and secure.

When we give them affection, they know that we care about them and want to spend time with them.

If your dog is licking you because he likes what you’re doing, then you should keep doing it! If you stop, it will make him sad.

This is especially true if you’ve been ignoring his actions for some time.

As long as your dog likes what he’s doing, don’t worry about it.

Just continue to pet him and give him affection whenever possible.


Some dogs may lick other animals (or people) as a form of submission.

In this case, the animal is trying to gain the owner’s approval by receiving affection.

In other words, the dog is asking “Do I have your approval?”

If you pet your dog while he’s licking another animal, then he’s telling him that he approves of what he’s doing.

You may notice that the dog will usually try to lick you after he does this.

That means that he enjoyed the fact that you approved of what he was doing.

So, if you see your dog licking someone else, don’t be alarmed.

Most dogs enjoy the feeling of being loved, so there’s nothing wrong with your dog wanting to receive your approval and having fun while he’s getting it.

However, if your dog keeps licking other people or animals without any apparent reason, it could mean that he’s trying to become dominant over them.

He may not realize this yet, but he’s trying to assert himself and prove that he deserves to be treated better than others.

If this happens, it’s best to ignore him until he learns that he can’t behave that way.


It’s also possible that your dog is licking you in an attempt to intimidate you.

This is very rare, but it has happened before.

If your dog is licking you and growling at the same time, he’s trying to convince you that you shouldn’t touch him.

It may sound strange, but this behavior is actually quite normal.

A lot of people assume that dogs only act aggressively toward other animals, but this isn’t always true.

Sometimes, a dog will act aggressively toward people who are close to it.

It’s almost never directed at strangers though.

The most obvious example of this would be a dog that’s been abused or neglected.

These types of dogs often growl and bark at people who are nearby, so they try to scare away anyone who gets too close.

If you’ve ever seen a pit bull, then you already know what this looks like.

The behavior is extremely dangerous, so avoid these dogs at all costs.

There are a few ways that you can tell if your dog is trying to intimidate you.

First, watch his body language.

Is he looking at you with his eyes wide open?

Are his ears back?

If so, he’s preparing to attack.

His lips may also be curled up slightly, which shows that he’s ready to bite.

Next, look at his tail.

If it’s wagging slowly, he’s happy and relaxed.

However, if his tail is tucked between his legs, he’s afraid that you’ll hurt him.

Finally, remember that dogs are smart enough to know when someone is bluffing.

So, if your dog seems worried and scared, it’s probably because he knows that you won’t hurt him.

Don’t take it personally, and go on your way.

Are You Being Submissive?

Does your dog lick you in order to subdue you?
This could be a sign that he’s afraid of you or feels threatened by you.
In either case, you’ll need to stop letting him lick you if he does so on purpose.
The following article will help you determine why your dog is licking you.


There are many reasons why your dog might keep licking you, but most often it is because he likes what you’re doing with him and wants more.

If your dog keeps licking you when you try to give him affection, don’t worry about it.

It’s just his way of saying “I like this.”

You can continue to give him lots of love and affection through other means if you’d like.

If you want to know what else your dog might be trying to tell you, read on!

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