Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

Dogs eat poop because they are hungry. They don’t want to waste food. If you feed them too much, they might get sick or even die.

Most dogs love to eat their food. And they usually eat it at every opportunity they get. This means that they often leave behind some leftovers. When they go outside to defecate, they sometimes drop some of these leftover bits into the grass.

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop

This is where the problem starts. Some owners assume that their dog eats poop because he/she likes it. In reality, dogs eat poop because they are starving. As soon as they finish eating their food, they start looking for something else to eat.

If your dog has a habit of eating his/her own feces, then there are two things you can do:

1) Make sure that your dog always gets enough food.

2) Try to find out why your dog does this and try to stop him from doing so.

How To Stop Your Dog From Eating His Own Feces?

1. Feeding Too Much Food

Feeding Too Much Food

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your dog always receives enough food. You should never give your dog more than 2 meals per day.

It is also important that you keep an eye on how much food your dog eats. If your dog seems to be getting fat, then you need to reduce the amount of food that he/she consumes.

2. Keep An Eye On What He Eats

It is important to monitor what your dog eats. If he doesn’t have anything else to eat, then he will most likely turn to his own feces. If you notice that your dog is starting to eat his own feces, then you should take action immediately.

3. Find Out Why He Does That

Once you have determined that your dog eats his own feces, then it is time to figure out why he does that. There are many reasons why dogs eat their own feces.

The main reason is hunger. But there are other factors which could cause your dog to do this. These include:

  • Lack of exercise
  • Being bored
  • Feeling lonely
  • Having digestive problems
  • Being stressed

4. Be Careful With The Amount Of Water He Gets

Be Careful With The Amount Of Water He Gets

When you are giving your dog water, it is very essential that you pay attention to how much he drinks. Many people think that if a dog is drinking a lot of water, then he must be thirsty.

However, this isn’t true. A dog who is drinking a lot of liquid may not actually be thirsty. Instead, he may just be trying to stay hydrated.

5. Don’t Leave Leftover Food Around For Him

When you prepare your dog’s meal, make sure that you put all the ingredients in one bowl. Then, when you are done feeding your dog, throw away any remaining food. This way, your dog won’t have any chance of finding the leftover food.

6. Give Your Dog A Good Walk

A good walk is essential for keeping your dog healthy. If you don’t give him enough exercise, then he will probably end up turning to his own feces. So make sure that you take your dog for regular walks.

7. Get Rid Of Any Stale Food

Stale food is dangerous for your dog. It could lead to serious health issues. If you see that your dog is eating his own feces, then try to remove any stale food from around the house.

8. Remove Any Other Surroundings Which Could Lead To Problems

8. Remove Any Other Surroundings Which Could Lead To Problems

There are some other things which might encourage your dog to eat his own feces. One such example is a litter box. If your dog thinks that there is nothing better to eat, then he may start using the litter box as well.

9. Monitor Your Dog’s Bowel Movement

If your dog starts having diarrhea or constipation, then you need to get help right away. Both these conditions can lead to your dog eating his own feces.

10. Make Sure That He Has Enough Exercise

If your dog has been sitting around for too long, then he may begin to develop problems. In order to prevent this, you should make sure that he gets plenty of exercise.

11. Try Not To Feed Him Too Much

Some dogs tend to overeat. If this happens, then they will eventually turn to their own feces.

12. Provide Him With A Safe Environment

Provide Him With A Safe Environment

Your dog needs to feel safe and secure at home. If he feels threatened by something, then he will most certainly resort to eating his own feces. Therefore, you need to provide him with a safe environment.

13. Keep His Diet Consistent

It is also important that you keep your dog’s diet consistent. If you change his diet, then he may find it difficult to adjust. As a result, he may turn to his own feces.

14. Watch Out For Signs Of Depression

Dogs can sometimes become depressed. If your dog shows signs of depression, then it is best to get help immediately.

15. Offer Him Some Treats

You can use treats to help motivate your dog to stop eating his own feces. You can even offer him a reward if he stops doing so.

16. Clean Up After Him Regularly

Clean Up After Him Regularly

You shouldn’t leave piles of poop lying around. Doing this will only encourage your dog to continue eating his own feces. Instead, clean up after him regularly.

17. Talk About The Problem

Once you notice that your dog is starting to eat his own feces, you should talk about the problem with someone else. This person can then suggest ways on how to solve the issue.

18. Be Patient

It takes time for a dog to learn new habits. So be patient while trying to teach your dog not to eat his own feces!

19. Don’t Force Him

Don’t force your dog to do anything. If he doesn’t want to stop eating his own poop, then just let him do what he wants.

20. Give Him Time

Give Him Time

Don’t expect your dog to suddenly stop eating his own feces overnight. It usually takes several weeks before a dog learns new habits.

21. Avoid Using Punishment

Punishing your dog won’t work either. Instead, you should focus on teaching him why he should stop eating his own feces in the first place.

22. Use Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement works much better than punishment. If you use positive reinforcement, then your dog will associate eating his own feces with getting rewards.


To conclude, dogs tend to eat their own poop because they don’t know any better. However, you can easily train them to stop doing this. All you have to do is follow the tips mentioned above.

Megan Turner