What Dog Breed Most Closely Resembles a Wolf?

Are you looking for a canine companion that resembles a wolf? Look no further than the Tamaskan Dog!

This breed is a particularly popular choice for those wanting the wolf-like appearance without the wild behavior of a true wolf. In this article, we’ll look at the Tamaskan Dog, its background and characteristics, as well as other breeds that come close to resembling wolves. Read on to learn more about the Tamaskan Dog and other breeds that may be suitable for you.

What Characteristics Make a Wolf?

When deciding which dog breed most closely resembles a wolf, it’s important to understand the key characteristics of a wolf. Wolves are incredibly smart and independent, making them excellent hunters.

They also have thick fur, long snouts, and a bushy tail. Wolves are built for endurance and are able to travel long distances at a steady pace. Wolves communicate with their pack members through body language, facial expressions, and a variety of vocalizations.

Another important factor to keep in mind when looking for a breed that resembles a wolf is its size. Wolves are large animals, so any breed that you’re considering should have a similar size and stature as a wolf.

Amongst the various breeds, the Tamaskan Dog is one of the closest to resemble a wolf visually.

Tamaskan Dogs have thick, double coats, long snouts and bushy tails similar to wolves. They are also considered to be very intelligent and independent, making them great hunting companions.

It’s worth noting that other breeds such as Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes also closely resemble wolves. These breeds tend to have a similar size and stature to wolves, with their thick fur and bushy tails. While they may not be as independent as the Tamaskan Dog, they still make great hunting companions. If you’re looking for a dog that closely resembles a wolf, you should consider all of these breeds.

Tamaskan Dog

Tamaskan dogs are the closest canine breed to resemble a wolf. They were created to look like wolves and have many of the same characteristics.

Tamaskan dogs can range from 28 to 36 inches in height and weigh between 55 and 85 pounds. They have a thick, double coat of fur, usually with a dark gray base and black or red tips, which makes them look like a wild wolf.

They have erect ears, almond-shaped eyes, and a bushy tail. They have an athletic build and are known to be agile and energetic.

Tamaskan dogs are loyal and loving, but they can also be independent and dominant. They need a lot of exercise and socialization and require a strong, confident owner to make sure they stay under control. If this is something you think you can handle, then a Tamaskan dog may be just the pet for you.

Tamaskan dogs are not the only wolf-like dog breed.

Other breeds, such as the Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute, also have some physical and behavioral traits that can be seen in wolves. The Tamaskan is still the closest breed to a wolf, and should be considered if you want a pet that resembles one. Tamaskans are highly intelligent, loyal and devoted, and are an excellent companion for the experienced dog owner. With proper training and socialization, they can be a joy to have around.


The Tamaskan Dog is a relatively new breed of domestic dog that was developed to closely resemble wolves in appearance. The breed was created in Finland in the 1980s as a combination of huskies, Alaskan malamutes, and German shepherds, and was carefully bred to maintain the dog’s ‘wolf-like’ characteristics.

The Tamaskan Dog is the only breed of its kind and is still extremely rare outside of Europe. This hardy breed stands around 24 inches tall and can weigh up to 85 pounds. The coat of the Tamaskan Dog is thick and comes in a variety of colors, from black and tan to silver and red, and can be a combination of any of these colors.

The coat is also longhaired and sheds heavily twice a year.

The head of the Tamaskan Dog is large and wolflike, with erect ears, a broad muzzle, and almond-shaped eyes. The breed is known for its energetic, friendly, and loyal personality, and is an ideal companion for active families. Other breeds that sometimes resemble wolves in appearance include the Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute.

Both breeds are known for their thick, shaggy coats, typically in white and gray colorations, and their characteristic wolf-like facial features. They are both very active, intelligent, and independent, and due to their high energy levels, they need plenty of exercise and stimulation to thrive. While these breeds may look like wolves, they are bred to be loyal, friendly companions, and are not suited for living in the wild.


When looking for a dog breed that resembles a wolf, there are several key characteristics to consider. A wolf-like dog will likely have a thick, double coat that is typically gray or white in color. The ears should be pointed and the tail should be thick, long, and carried low.

The most important characteristic to look for, however, is the overall shape and size of the dog. A wolf-like dog should be tall and strong with a broad head, a muscular neck and a deep chest.

Another characteristic to look out for in a wolf-like dog is its behavior.

Wolves are naturally intelligent and independent animals, so if you are looking for a dog that will be a challenge, a wolf-like breed may be the perfect match. A wolf-like dog will also be energetic and alert, and may even be a bit protective of its owners.

The Tamaskan Dog is a popular wolf-like breed, as it is large, strong, and has a thick, double coat. Its alert, friendly nature and intelligence make it a great choice for owners looking for an independent and energetic dog. Other wolf-like breeds include the Siberian Husky and the Alaskan Malamute. While these two breeds do share some wolf-like qualities, they are not as large and strong as the Tamaskan Dog and may not be suitable for all owners.

Other Breeds

If you’re looking for a dog that looks like a wolf, two other breeds to consider are the Siberian Husky and the Alaskan Malamute. Both of these breeds were bred from a type of wolf called the arctic wolf. They have thick coats of fur to protect them from the cold, and both are known for their intelligence.

The Siberian Husky is a mid-sized breed, with a thick double coat to keep it warm. They are relatively easy to train and are known for their friendly and outgoing personalities.

The Alaskan Malamute is a larger breed, with a thick double coat, and is known for its loyalty. They are very intelligent and can be stubborn, but they make great family pets. Both breeds have the wolf-like look you may be looking for, and they have the added benefit of being friendly and relatively easy to train.

Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is another breed that closely resembles wolves. This breed is known for their thick, double-layered coat and bright blue eyes, making them a unique and striking breed. They are also known for their high energy and intelligence, making them a great choice for people who want an active and loyal companion.

What’s more, they have a great sense of adventure, so training them and taking them on hikes or runs can provide a great bonding experience. They also do well with other pets and children, but require plenty of exercise and stimulation to avoid behavioral issues. All in all, the Siberian Husky is a great choice for people looking for a loyal and active companion that resembles a wolf.

Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute is considered one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, making them a close relative to the wolf. They take after wolves in their appearance and behavior, having thick fur coats and a powerful physique.

The Malamute is an incredibly loyal companion, highly intelligent, and can be very mischievous if not trained properly. They have a strong prey drive, so it is important to keep them on a leash when walking in areas with wildlife. They are also strong-willed and independent, preferring to make their own decisions, so they can be difficult to train.

That being said, they thrive when they have a good leader that can take charge and set clear boundaries. With adequate exercise and plenty of affection, the Alaskan Malamute makes a wonderful family pet.


If you are looking for a canine companion that closely resembles a wolf, then the Tamaskan Dog is the breed for you! With its distinct look, size, and characteristics, the Tamaskan Dog is an incredibly unique breed that stands out from other dogs.

This breed is loyal and intelligent, making them a great addition to any family. Not to mention, they look strikingly similar to their wild cousins.

The Tamaskan Dog isn’t the only breed that can resemble a wolf. The Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute are also both similar in look and size to a wolf.

While these breeds are a bit larger than the Tamaskan Dog, they can make great companions for their loving and energetic personalities. No matter which breed you choose, all of these dogs will give you a sense of the wild and a connection to the wilderness. All of these breeds are loyal, intelligent, and beautiful and make excellent canine companions. If you are looking for a wolf-like dog, then any of these breeds are sure to provide you with a majestic and memorable experience.

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