Meet Samson, our sweet Chihuahua puppy who was sadly born without eyes. It’s pretty rare for a dog to be born without eyes, and unfortunately, many hold the belief that dogs born without eyes should be put to sleep. Instead, my partner and I felt compelled to give Samson the best quality of life possible. 

Samson has never known what it’s like to have eyes, so he quickly learned to navigate life without the need for sight. Of course, this comes with some downsides.

He can be quite jumpy if you don’t audibly communicate with him first (as hearing is his main sense), and as a result, it takes him quite a while to develop a bond of trust with someone. 

Our daughter quickly became Samson’s best friend, using her gentle voice to reassure him that she’s going to pet him. He’s adapted to our home remarkably fast, and his personality shines through when he’s playing with our daughter or going for a walkies. 

Inevitably, dealing with a disabled dog requires several changes compared to dealing with a dog who isn’t blind. We’ve had to puppy-proof the house with multiple barriers to prevent Samson from hurting himself, we are still in the depths of potty-training, and he continues to jump at sudden noises. 

Despite the downsides, welcoming Samson into our home has been nothing short of a blessing.