Sabi is our lovely little rescue dog that we found when on holiday in Cuba. She was a stray, so we aren’t totally sure of her heritage, but from the look of her, we think she has an element of wirehaired dachshund in her ancestry.

As a breed, wirehaired dachshunds do have a history and susceptibility to eye and sight problems –  particularly glaucoma.

We believe that at some point in her life, Sabi suffered from glaucoma that left her blind. However, with our help, Sabi is now healthy and thriving – she utterly loves life! She chases her ball in the park (not very accurately – but we’re not going to tell her that!), and loves her basket by the radiator.

She enjoys the finer things in life – having a penchant for tuna and steak, which we are only too happy to indulge. That being said, we do keep her healthy by feeding her a balanced diet, with supplements and vitamins a plenty to keep her healthy. We’ve even managed to get her to eat vegetables for the first time ever!

We are hoping that by sharing this story, other people will be inspired to help dogs like Sabi who may also suffer from glaucoma or another eye condition.