Is Wet Cat Food Bad For Dogs?

It’s a beautiful evening; you’ve served dinner for all family members, including your pup and cat, in their respective bowls.

However, you turn back and catch Fido eating your cat’s wet food instead of their own.

Surprised, you realize that this might not be the first time they do so. 

So, is wet cat food bad for dogs?

Cat food can be bad for dogs if they consume it in high amounts and regularly.

This is because it contains high amounts of vitamin D and fats, which may harm these canines.

Excessive consumption of vitamin D causes kidney failures in dogs, while too much fat may lead to Fido contracting pancreatitis and obesity. 

Herein is a detailed outlook on the effects of cat food on dogs.

This article also compares the nutritional needs of these pets and describes how to prevent your pup from eating cat food. 

Is Wet Cat Food Bad For Dogs

What makes wet cat food harmful for dogs 

Below are some cat food ingredients that may make your pup susceptible to severe health conditions. 

Vitamin D 

Marine or fish-based wet cat foods contain high vitamin D levels, which may harm dogs.

Although this supplement manages the retention and balance of phosphorous and calcium in dogs, its excessive consumption may lead to vitamin D toxicity in these canines.

Symptoms of this condition include: 

  • Excessive urination 
  • Excessive thirst 
  • Drooling 
  • Weight loss 
  • Poor appetite 

If not treated in time, vitamin D toxicity can escalate to kidney failure or even death in dogs. 

High amounts of fat 

While dog food contains below twenty percent of fats, cat food consists of thirty percent, hence risky for Fido.

This is because excessive consumption of fats causes pancreatitis and obesity in dogs. 

Pancreatitis involves the inflammation of dogs’ pancreas, which can be life-threatening.

Thus, contact the vet if your pup shows the following signs.  

  • Loss of appetite 
  • Hunched back 
  • Dehydration 
  • Lethargy 
  • Fever 

On the other hand, obesity is the accumulation of unhealthy body weight that may make dogs susceptible to contracting severe health conditions like cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases. 

Cats’ and dogs’ nutritional needs 

Cats are carnivores and hence require lots of meat-based proteins.

Their daily calorie intake should consist of atleast fifty percent meats or other protein sources, not less than thirty percent fat, and around twenty percent carbohydrates. 

On the contrary, dogs are omnivores, meaning they can obtain calories from meats or vegetables.

Their daily calorie intake can consist of atleast five percent fats and twenty-two percent protein.

That said, a large dog’s diet can also include upto fifty percent carbs and close to five percent fiber. 

Generally, cats require more proteins and fats than dogs.

Thus, their food contains lots of nutrients that your pup doesn’t need and places them at risk of contracting the diseases mentioned above. 

What happens to my dog after eating wet cat food? 

Fido will not suffer dire consequences if they eat only a few bites of cat food.

However, your pup might show the following symptoms if they ingested Kitty’s food in high amounts. 

  • Vomiting 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Lethargy 
  • Abdominal pain 

These symptoms go away after a while.

However, take your pooch to the vet if they start to howl or bark in pain.

This is because it could be a sign of severe harm or damage. 

How to keep dogs away from wet cat food 

The first thing you could do to keep Fido away from wet cat food is place your pup’s and cat’s bowls in different areas.

For instance, Fido’s can stay in the kitchen, and your kitty’s in the laundry area or room. 

Secondly, Separate your cat’s feeding place using a gate or barrier that Fido can’t jump over.

However, if your pup is tall, try feeding Kitty on a higher area like countertops.

Lastly, you could buy a cat crate that your pooch can’t fit. 

When is wet cat food safe for dogs?

Although it’s not harmful to dogs in high amounts, wet cat food can come in handy for pups experiencing muscle wasting, poor appetite, weight loss, and cancer.

This is because it’s tastier than regular dog food encouraging a sickly pup to eat. 

Cat food also has more calories, helping this variety of pups obtain their nutrients faster.

Additionally, kitty food is a healthier alternative treat for dogs than human foods like cheese or chicken. 

When is wet cat food harmful to dogs?  

Some dogs can’t have cat food, even in small amounts, as it could worsen their conditions.

They include: 

  • Dogs with sensitive gastrointestinal or digestive tracts – These pups may vomit or have diarrhea after eating cat food due to its high amounts of fats.  
  • Obese dogs – Obese dogs already have excess unhealthy fats and risk developing other conditions like pancreatitis. Thus, feeding them cat food will only worsen their situation. 
  • Pups with kidney and liver problems – Dogs with these conditions should only have low protein meals, and cat food isn’t one of them.  

Frequently asked questions(FAQs) 

Are there foods safe for both my cat and dog? 

Several human foods, like cooked meat, salmon, and eggs, are safe for cats and dogs.

However, feeding these pets their specific foods is advisable to prevent them from contracting health problems. 

Is dry cat food safe for my dog? 

Your pup isn’t allowed to eat dry cat food as it has high amounts of fat and vitamin D, which may harm them. 

Can my cat eat dog food? 

Cats should not eat dog food as it lacks nutrients like vitamin A and taurine, which are essential for them.

Dog food also has low-calorie levels; it might cause your kitty to be malnourished. 

Can I mix cat food with dog food for my pup? 

You shouldn’t mix cat food and dog food for your pup as it might cause them to suffer from nutritional imbalances.

These foods are made to suit the different pets’ dietary needs.

Therefore, indulging in this mixture leads to under or overexposure to certain nutrients in dogs. 

Why does my dog eat wet cat food?  

Dogs eat cat foods because of their high meat content.
These canines also have strong senses of smell and immediately detect the traces of fats, proteins, and other palatable elements in cat food. 

To conclude 

Dogs can’t have cat food as a regular meal because it contains high amounts of fat and vitamin D, which may cause them to suffer from severe health problems.

Therefore, Fido should only have it occasionally as a treat.

Furthermore, dog food has enough nutrients for your pup; indulging in cat food is unnecessary. 

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