Is Dog with a Blog a Real Thing?

Are you looking for advice on whether the TV show “Dog with a Blog” is a real thing? The truth of the matter is that it is not. While the show may be based on a real life event or idea, it is not itself a real thing. It is simply a show that is enjoyed by many viewers.

The Show

Dog with a Blog is an American television sitcom that premiered on October 12, 2012 on Disney Channel. It stars G Hannelius, Blake Michael, Francesca Capaldi, Stephen Full, Regan Burns, and Beth Littleford.

The show follows the adventures of an anthropomorphic talking dog named Stan and his adopted family, the Putney’s. Stan’s owners, Bennett, Ellen and their children Tyler and Avery, are aware that he can talk but do not reveal this to anyone else. The show is structured around three main story lines.

Stan is trying to keep his talking ability a secret while also trying to find his purpose in life.

The Putney’s are facing the everyday life issues that any other family would face like growing up, sibling rivalry, school problems, and dating. Stan writes a blog to document his life and often gives out advice to his readers.

Despite its popularity, Dog with a Blog is not a real thing. It is a television show created for entertainment purposes only. It has been a hit among its targeted audience, but it is not real. There are no talking dog blogs, only the ones featured on the show.


The characters in Dog with a Blog are comprised of a variety of human and animal characters. The main human characters are the family, consisting of parents Bennett and Ellen, and their three children Tyler, Avery and Chloe. Then there’s Stan, the talking dog, who can understand and speak human language.

Other animal characters include Wizard, the family’s cat and Chloe’s pet parrot, Reba. These characters make for a unique and entertaining family dynamic, providing plenty of comedic moments throughout the show.

The characters in Dog with a Blog have a wide range of personalities that make for interesting interactions. Bennett is often the one to provide a calming and rational approach to situations, while Ellen has a more impulsiveness and goofy side to her.

Tyler is the typical teenager, trying to fit in and figure out life.

Avery is the more outgoing and ambitious one, while Chloe is the creative and mischievous one. Stan is the lovable family pet who has plenty of tricks and secrets to keep the family on their toes. Wizard is the family’s cat who seems to be always getting into trouble and Reba is the bird who loves to talk. These characters make for a diverse and interesting cast that will surely captivate viewers.

Story Line

Dog with a Blog follows the story of a family of five and their two dogs: Stan and Avery. Stan is a talking dog who is adopted by the family and knows how to blog. The family struggles to keep Stan’s ability a secret while Stan discovers the world of blogging and uses his talent to help the family resolve their issues.

Through the show, Stan explores topics like friendship, family, loyalty, and responsibility. In each episode, the family learns a lesson and Stan finds a way to share it with his readers.

The show is not real, but its central themes—family, loyalty, responsibility—are.

Dog with a Blog is a great way to learn about the importance of these values. It also provides insight into the world of blogging and the power of communication. As an educational tool for children, Dog with a Blog is ideal for teaching about life skills and digital literacy.

Is Dog with a Blog Real?

Dog with a Blog is not a real thing; it is a television show. This show, airing on the Disney Channel, follows the lives of the Bennett-Blossoms, a family with two kids, a dog, and a blog.

The show follows the life of the family and the antics of their talking dog named Stan. Even though Stan is able to talk in the show, it is not based on a real life situation and the show should be taken as entertainment and not as a reflection of reality.

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