How Fast Can Poodles Run?

One of the factors to put into consideration when choosing your ideal dog is its running speed.

Poodles are intelligent, friendly and trainable, energetic dogs.

Before getting one, you may be wondering, how fast can poodles run?

Poodles are fast dogs with great endurance.

They can run at speeds of between 20 to 25mph, depending on their body size.

This speed is higher than that of the average dog breed.

Knowing how fast it can run will help you decide if it matches your profile or if you’re planning on getting a Poodle.

This article answers all your questions regarding Poodles and their running speeds.

Read on to find out about the varieties of Poodles, their speeds, and if they make good running companions.

How Fast Can Poodles Run

What speeds can Poodles reach?

Poodles are among the 15 fastest dog breeds in the world.

Their running speed is similar to that of the Border Collie, German Shepherd, and the Scottish Deerhound.

Poodles can reach top speeds of between 25 to 28mph.

When on a sprint, this dog breed can record high speeds ranging from 28moh to 30mph.

Although Poodles can reach high speeds, this varies with each dog.

This is because their breeding, health, and training differ.

A healthy Poodle with a regular training routine can easily attain high speeds.

Why do Poodles run fast?

A Poodle’s speed exceeds that of the average dog breed.

Below are the reasons behind this dog’s unique agility ability.

History: The history of Poodles explains why they are fast runners. They were bred as water retrievers and working dogs. These activities involved hunting and retrieving shot-down birds from lakes and ponds. Poodles were excellent for the job because of their fast speeds and endurance traits. These traits are still part of Poodles, and that’s why they’re active and fast runners.

Body structure: For a dog to run fast, it needs to have a medium-sized body structure. While a big dog is too heavy to run fast, a small one has difficulty reaching velocity. A Poodle’s average-sized body enables it to reach high velocity. Its legs are long, helping them take springy steps while running. 

Do all Poodles run fast?

Poodles are known to run at high speeds, but not all of them can keep up.

This is because they come in different varieties, depending on their size. 

The standard, miniature, and toy Poodles are all fast runners.

However, the standard Poodle is the fastest, followed by the miniature and the toy poodle.

The standard Poodle is the biggest of all three, weighing between 45-70 pounds with a height of 18-24 inches.

It can run at speeds of 30mph.

The miniature Poodle, which weighs 12-20 pounds and is about 15-inch tall, can run at 25mph.

Lastly comes the top Poodle, which weighs between 6 to 9 pounds and is 10 inches tall.

It can run between 10-15 mph speeds, making it the least agile of all three.

What determines the running speed of a Poodle?

Other than size, other factors determine how fast your Poodle can run.

These include:

Age: A young Poodle cannot run fast because its bones, joints, and muscles are still developing. On the other hand, older Poodles can’t run fast because as a dog ages, its bones and joints weaken and health conditions increase, thus affecting their running speeds.

Health: Underlying health conditions can affect your Poodle’s running. These include obesity and arthritis. Arthritis weakens your dog’s muscles and joints while obesity cones with other health issues like cancer and liver and kidney diseases that affect its physical performance. 

Training: If you train your Poodle to run daily, it gets used to it and won’t have problems reaching velocity. A Poodle that lacks regular exercise may not be able to run fast and maintain its speed for a long time.

Can you make a Poodle run faster?

If your Poodle isn’t running as fast as it’s supposed to or as it initially did, ensure that it’s healthy and active.

Below are tips you can use.

Check its health: Ensure that your Poodle receives regular veterinarian checkups and takes a healthy diet. Through these check-ups, it will undergo a physical examination to determine any underlying health condition and receive treatment in case of any. 

A healthy diet for your Poodle should include protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

Avoid processed foods that contain artificial additives and toxic ingredients that can cause your dog health issues and affect its physical performance.

Check its weight: Ensure that your Poodle’s weight is within the recommended amount. If overweight, your dog may be at risk of obesity and joint problems, which means it can’t run as expected. An underweight Poodle can have weak muscles, low immunity, and can’t run fast. To restore your Poodle’s weight, consider feeding your Poodle healthy foods, provide it with regular training and consult a veterinarian.

Check its joints and bones: As Poodles grow older, their joints and bones weaken, causing arthritis. Look after your dog’s joints and bones from when it’s a puppy by feeding it foods and supplements containing calcium, magnesium, and Vitamins C and K. 

Do Poodles make good running companions?

If you’re looking for a running companion, a Poodle is your go-to dog.
Running with it means more bonding and fun. 
Poodles make good running companions.


When you get a Poodle, you’ll have a running or a jogging companion.

It’s a fast-running dog that needs frequent physical activities to burn out its high energy.

Consider enrolling this dog for running tournaments within your local community.

With regular checkups, frequent exercises, and a healthy diet, your Poodle shouldn’t have problems reaching top speeds. 

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