How Fast Can Australian Shepherds Run?

While most dogs love running, some run faster than others.

Australian Shepherds fall in the fast-running dogs’ category.

Whether you own an Australian Shepherd or plan to get one, you may be curious to know how fast it can run.

Australian shepherds are active, energetic dogs, and you’ll always catch them running. 

Australian shepherds are speedy runners.

Their running speed is higher than that of the average dog breed.

Thanks to their high energy and stamina, they can run at speeds between 25 to 35mph.

Knowing how fast an Australian Shepherd can run will help you determine if it matches your preference before getting one.

Learning about its speed will help you understand your furry friend more if you already own one.

Australian Shepherds

What speeds can Australian Shepherds reach?

Australian shepherds are among the fastest dogs worldwide.

Since they have high energy, they need about one to two hours of running every day to keep them active and happy.

Their running speed is similar to Whippet, Vizsla, Dalmatian, and Border Collie dog breeds.

An Australian Shepherd can reach speeds of between 34 to 35mph on average.

However, some of them can reach higher speeds of more than 40mph.

The highest speed that Australian Shepherds can reach varies.

Since they’re born and bred differently, their maximum speed depends on their exercise routine, health, and terrain.

An Australian Shepherd that is physically active and healthy will record high running speeds.

Why do Australian Shepherds run fast?

Unlike other breeds, Australian Shepherds run fast and cover distances with ease.

They have high energy and stamina that keep them at high speeds even when tired.

Below are the reasons behind this breed’s unique ability:


The characteristics of Australian Shepherds explain why they run fast.

To understand these characteristics, you need to go back to their history.

This breed was a livestock herder on farms.

This meant they had to have high energy and speed and love the outdoors.

Until now, these characteristics are still part of Australian Shepherds.

Body structure

For a dog to maintain high speeds, it needs to have an average-sized body.

While big dogs are less swift and heavy, small ones have difficulty reaching high speeds.

The medium-sized body of Australian Shepherds helps them run fast. 

Their legs are big enough to help them cover large distances when running.

These dogs have an aerodynamic body shape that facilitates fast running by displacing air.

When it displaces air, it can reduce drag, thus moving swiftly.

Can you make your Australian Shepherd run faster?

If you’re wondering if your Australian Shepherd can run faster, there are things you need to keep them agile.

They include the following:

Good Health

Keep it in good health through frequent veterinarian checks and a good diet.

A veterinarian performs a physical examination to determine any underlying issues with your dog and, if any, provide medical treatment.

On matters diet, Australian Shepherds require high protein content to aid in developing muscle mass and essential fatty acids for energy.

A good diet will also ensure your dog is physically fit for running, as being overweight or underweight can hinder its performance.

They also need digestible and nutritious carbohydrates to give them energy and dietary fiber.

When choosing your Australian Shepherd’s diet, ensure that the food has an AAFCO quality certification.

You don’t want to feed your dog foods containing artificial additives, fillers, and by-products.

Healthy Bones and Joints

Ensure that its bones and joints are well-formed. Diet plays a significant role in your dog’s bone formation.

Feed your dog foods rich in calcium, Vitamin D, and phosphorus.

When buying dog food, check the labels for glucosamine, an ingredient that facilitates joint and cartilage growth.

Progressive Training

Condition it for running by starting with slow exercises regularly before you progress to more intense running.

You can begin by playing fetch or going for walks, then advance to slow runs in flat areas and finally on hilly areas.

Consider using a fitness tracker to monitor the dog’s daily running activity and performance.

Can you run with your Australian Shepherd?

If you need a running companion and you aren’t sure if your Australian Shepherd can be one, read on.
Running with your pet can be a bonding, and fun experience for both of you, provided you start slowly and then build up their endurance over time. 
You can run with your Australian Shepherd and cover up to 5 miles per session.
After all, this breed is a hard worker with unlimited energy.
Allowing them to run improves their mental and physical health.


Now that you know that an Australian Shepherd is a speedy dog with an outdoorsy spirit, when you get one, ensure that it gets its energy out every day through running activities.

With this breed, you’ll not only have a guard but a running companion.

When it lacks daily physical exercise, be ready to deal with destructive behavior ranging from excessive, lengthy barking to disobedience.

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