How Fast Can A Vizsla Run?

Dogs love running, but some run faster than others.

Vizslas are among the three fastest dogs in the world.

You may be owning a Vizsla or are planning to get one to act as your running companion.

However, how fast can a Vizsla run?

Vizslas are athletic dogs.

Their speeds are higher than that of the average dog speed.

Thanks to their muscles and body structure, they can run at 40mph.

A fast-running dog like a Vizsla is excellent for outdoor activities and everything involving speed and stamina.

Read on to find out about a Vizsla’s average speed and what its agility is good for.

What speeds can a Vizsla reach?

Vizslas are the third fastest dogs in the world.

They come third after the Greyhound and Saluki dog breeds.

You can compare their average running speed to that of a car.

A Vizsla can reach speeds of 40mph on average.

When on a sprint, this dog breed can reach high speeds between 41 to 43mph.

The speeds that Vizslas can reach vary with each dog.

Since they’re differently bred and trained, the speeds they can reach depend on their health, training regularity, and intensity.

Those that undergo regular training and take a balanced diet can easily attain high speeds.

How Fast Can A Vizsla Run

What are the reasons behind a Vizsla’s high speeds?

You may be wondering why Vizslas can run faster than other dog breeds.

What is it about them that makes them agile?

Let’s delve into the reasons.

Body structure

Vizslas body structures are built to keep them light and energetic.

They are medium-sized and lightweight with a compact body frame. This dog breed weighs about 60 pounds with a height of around 25 inches. 

Their slender appearance and well-formed muscles make them run fast.

Vizslas have light and short coats.

This doesn’t add extra weight and length, making them run freely. 


The breeding requirements of Vizslas contribute to their running abilities.

They were initially bred for sporting events, hunting, and fishing.

This meant they had to be fast, resilient, and energetic.

Until now, these characteristics are still part of Vizslas.

Energy levels

This dog breed has high energy levels, which allow it to be active every day.

These energy levels are intense, which means they’re constantly seeking ways to use them up.

For this reason, their energies pump them up to run faster.

Can the running speeds of Vizslas slow down with time?

Provided it’s active and healthy, a Vizsla will continue its fast running speed for years.

However, the following factors can make this speed decrease:

  • If your dog gets an injury or accident, the running speed will slow down temporarily or permanently, depending on the severity of its condition.
  • As dog’s age and get closer to their lifespan, their bodies become less active. With age also comes health issues, and this affects their running speeds.
  • In case of underlying health conditions, either short-term or long-term and obesity. These affect a dog’s physical activities and performance.

How can you make a Vizsla run faster?

If your Vizsla isn’t running as fast as it initially did, ensure that it’s in good health and you’ve trained it for running.

Below are tips you can adopt to make this happen:

Check its health and diet

This involves frequent veterinarian checkups and a healthy diet.

A veterinarian check-up involves physical examination to identify underlying health issues and treatment.

When it comes to feeding your dog a healthy diet, ensure that it contains vitamins, proteins, healthy fats, and minerals.

Include carbohydrates every day for fiber and energy.

Avoid feeding your dog unhealthy, processed foods, affecting their health and physical activities.

Check the weight

If your Vizsla isn’t within its ideal weight, it can’t run fast.

Issues of being underweight and overweight affect running speed and mobility.

While excess weight causes joint problems and other health issues, being underweight makes dogs have low immunity and weak muscles.

To bring your Vizsla’s weight to normal, give it a healthy diet, seek veterinarian help and let it do regular exercises.

Well-formed bones and joints

When dogs get older, their bones and joints weaken, leading to arthritis.

You should look after your dogs’ joints and bones from when they’re puppies by feeding them supplements and foods rich in magnesium, calcium, and Vitamins C and K.

Since a puppy’s bones and joints aren’t well-formed, avoid subjecting it to intense running to avoid damage. 

Frequent training

Before allowing your Vizsla to run for long distances, train and condition it for running.

You can start will slow, regular exercises like jogs and walks to keep it fit for running.

For more training,  incorporate challenges like flyball and disc dog competitions.

After some time, you can advance to longer and more intense running sessions.

Can you run with a Vizsla?

If you’re hunting for a running dog companion, a Vizsla is your ideal choice.
This could be a bonding and fun experience for both of you.
The key is starting with slow runs and then building their endurance over time.
Vizslas make good running companions.
They’re built for running, provided they’ve attained the age of one.
Owing to their high energy, you can run together for an hour every day. 
Before running with your Vizsla, ensure the weather is right.
While running in the hot summer weather can overheat their bodies, the cold subjects them to hypothermia.
When out for a run, pay attention to its needs.
Although this breed’s endurance levels are high, consider their cues and slow down, rest, or take breaks between runs.


A Vizsla is a high-energy, speedy dog that needs a daily running routine.

When you get yourself one, ensure that it remains physically active to burn energy and prevent it from destructive behaviors.

As a fitness enthusiast or athlete, this dog can be an ideal companion because they’re easy to train and love running.

Consider enrolling your Vizsla in running competition tournaments within your local community and watch it triumph.

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