How Does a Dog Naturally Groom Itself?

Groom your furry best friend with natural methods and reap the added benefits! Dogs naturally groom themselves through licking and scratching. Show your pup some extra love by understanding more about the grooming process, and reap the bonus of a clean and happy dog. Knowing how a dog naturally grooms itself is essential in providing your pup with the care they need to stay clean, healthy and stress-free.

How Does a Dog Naturally Groom Itself?

Many dog owners may not be aware that their canine companion can groom themselves. Dogs can actually clean and maintain their own coat and skin by licking and scratching. Licking is a natural way for dogs to keep their fur clean and free of debris.

They use their tongues to lick as far down as they can reach and to spread the natural oils that keep their fur looking healthy. Dogs also use their paws to scratch dirt and debris out of their fur and to help create a good circulation of air around their skin.

Natural grooming can be very beneficial for your pup. It can help keep their coat clean and free of dirt and debris.

It can also help them relax and reduce stress. Grooming can also help remove dead skin cells and promote healthy new growth.

This can help keep their skin and coat looking healthy and shiny. Regular brushing, bathing, and nail trimming can also help keep your pup’s coat clean and healthy.

But don’t forget to give your pup plenty of time to groom themselves naturally. It can be a great way for them to take care of themselves and reduce stress.


Licking is a natural way for dogs to groom themselves. It’s similar to the way we humans brush our teeth. Dogs will lick their fur, which helps them clean and remove dirt and debris.

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The saliva also contains enzymes that help keep their coat healthy and shiny.

Licking also helps stimulate the production of oil, which further moisturizes their fur and helps protect their skin from environmental damage. Another benefit of licking is that it helps keep a dog’s coat free of parasites and other organisms. This can help dogs stay healthier, as parasites can spread disease and cause skin irritation and discomfort.

Licking can be a form of stress relief for dogs, as it releases endorphins in the brain that can help them relax and reduce anxiety. If you notice your pup licking itself more often, it’s probably a sign that they’re feeling more comforted and relaxed.


Scratching is another way that dogs naturally groom themselves. When your pup scratches themselves, it’s actually helping to remove dirt and debris from their fur, as well as distributing essential oils from the skin.

Pay special attention to the areas behind the ears, under the chin, under the front legs and around the tail, as these areas are more difficult for a dog to reach when licking. Scratching can help to remove dead skin cells and reduce the potential for skin irritation and infection, especially around the paws. Your pup will likely do most of the scratching on their own, but it can also help to brush them regularly with a soft-bristled brush. This helps to remove any mats and also stimulates the skin and increases circulation, leading to a healthier, shinier coat.

Benefits of Natural Grooming

Natural grooming has a lot of benefits for your pup! Not only is it important for cleanliness, but it can also provide them with some stress relief. Licking helps keep their fur clean and debris-free, while scratching helps to remove any dead fur and skin.

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Your pup can also spread natural oils around their fur using their tongue.

This helps to keep their coat healthy and shiny. The act of grooming itself can help to reduce anxiety, as it can be a calming and soothing process for them. If you want to give your pup a little extra TLC and help them feel more relaxed, you should encourage them to keep up with their natural grooming.


Regularly grooming your dog is essential for their health and well-being. Natural grooming is a great way to keep your pup clean and happy. When dogs lick their fur, they are not only clearing away dirt, but they are also distributing natural oils.

This helps keep their fur healthy and shiny. Regular scratching is also beneficial as it massages the skin and stimulates blood flow, which helps to keep their coat and skin healthy.

Make sure you give your pup plenty of opportunities to groom themselves naturally. Taking the time to provide them with the right tools, such as a comfy bed or a grooming brush, can help to make the process easier and more enjoyable for your dog.

You can also help with the process by brushing their fur and providing them with regular baths.

Remember that natural grooming is a great way to reduce stress in your pup. It can help to relax and comfort them, as well as improve their overall physical and mental health. Don’t forget to let your dog take care of their own needs and give them the chance to groom themselves naturally.

Stress Relief

If your dog is feeling stressed, it is likely they will turn to grooming to help relieve their anxiety. Natural grooming involves licking and scratching, which can be comforting for them. Not only is this behavior beneficial for their mental wellbeing, but it also helps keep their fur clean.

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Encourage natural grooming in your pup by providing them with a variety of toys and chews. Taking regular walks or playing in the backyard can also help relieve stress, as well as giving them plenty of attention and affection.

Consider providing them with a safe and comfortable place to sleep, where they can relax without distractions.

If you notice your pup licking or scratching excessively, it may be a sign of underlying anxiety or stress. Speak to a vet to ensure that your pup is in good health, and consider providing additional outlets for them to release their energy. Making sure your pup has plenty of ways to manage their stress is essential for their wellbeing.

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