10 Greatest Whimzees Dog Treats Anyone With A Dog Should Check Out

10 Greatest Whimzees Dog Treats Anyone With A Dog Should Check Out

This is obviously really helpful - and one of the best brands of healthy dental dog treats is without a doubt Whimzees.

Whimzees offer all kinds of dental dog treats, with various flavors and styles that will help keep your dog happy, fed, and healthy (see also "Greatest Pumpkin Dog").

However, with so many different varieties available from Whimzees it can often be difficult narrowing them down to find the very best for your four-legged friend. 

Which is why we’ve done the work for you! In our tail-wagging guide below, we’ve got the 10 greatest Whimzees dog treats that anyone with a dog should check out (see also "Greatest Milk-Bone Dog Treats").

Whatever your pooch’s favorite flavors, you’re sure to find dental dog treats that they simply love in our list. Read on!

10 Greatest Whimzees Dog Treats Anyone With A Dog Should Check Out


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We’re beginning our list with these fun Dental Chews dog treats from Whimzees (see also "Amazing Dog Treats & Chews") , each of which are in the shape of an alligator. 

It isn’t just a fun shape that your dog will love, though, because it’s also specially designed to offer the most efficient cleaning experience for your dog’s teeth.

For example, the alligator has functional grooves that work the treat into the little spaces between your dog’s teeth, getting at every last bit and keeping it clean!

Recommended by vets, these Whimzees Dental Chews are guaranteed to clean your pet’s teeth, reduce the amount of plaque and tartar on those teeth, and even freshen your pet’s breath.

They do this through a variety of smart ingredients, all of which bring different benefits. For example, powdered cellulose polishes the dog’s teeth, while alfalfa extract is full of nutrients, and lecithin gives the treats a longer lasting chew. 

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Better still, these dental treats contain no meat, gluten, or artificial preservatives and flavors.


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Our next pick from Whimzees is these Occupy Chews, which are designed to occupy your dog for longer, keeping them engaged and chewing on these dental treats and allowing the treats to do their work.

Accepted by the Veterinary Oral Health Council, like all Whimzees dental treats, these Occupy Chews are proven to clean your pet’s teeth, freshen their breath, and reduce the amount of plaque and tartar.

Additionally, they last 3 times longer than the dental treats from leading competitor companies, ensuring a thorough job. 

Each treat is shaped like an antler, which your dog will enjoy chewing on. The treats are best for dogs that weigh between 15 and 25 lbs, and it’s recommended that they have just one treat per day for the most effective and convenient results.


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This next recommendation from Whimzees is a packet of dental chew dog treats for your furry friend, with each chew in the shape of a long stick with plenty of texture and ridges.

They have a unique design that has been specially crafted in order to help your dog grip them more easily while they’re chewing.

This is really helpful, because they’ll be gripping it for a while! Why? Well, they’re proven to last 3 times longer than the treats from leading competitors. 

Meanwhile, the unique shape and texture also stimulates your dog’s gums, while also reducing the amount of plaque and tartar, and even freshening their breath.

The functional grooves of the “stix” also help get the treat into all the small spaces between the teeth - making them extra thorough.


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Our next pick of excellent dental dog treats from Whimzees is their “Brushzees”, which come in a very unique shape that allows them do a thorough, high quality job of cleaning your dog’s teeth.

Each treat has a long, rigid design with a cartoon tooth at the top, and the shape and texture of it helps to stimulate the gums, cleaning the teeth and reducing tartar and plaque build-up. 

Meanwhile, the ridged grooves of the treats also allow the dental chews to get into all the little crevices and tiny spaces between your dog’s teeth.

Just like a human might floss, because it’s important to clean every part of our teeth, these dog treats do a thorough job getting into all the easily-forgotten spaces.


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Another fantastic dental dog treat from Whimzees’ Occupy Chews range, these ones are shaped like bones this time.

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This is obviously a design that your furry friend is going to responde extra well to, but it’s also a classic shape that provides your pet with a chewy challenge.

Since these are Occupy Chews, they’re specially designed for your dog to be able to chew on them for longer, which in turn allows the treats to do a more thorough job of cleaning your pet’s teeth.

On top of that, the treats are made with a limited amount of ingredients, and don’t contain any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.


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Our next pick is these fantastic veggie sausage dental dog treats from Whimzees.

These aren’t actually veggie sausages as such, they just resemble the texture and appearance of them, which will certainly attract your dog.

In fact, the only vegetable-related part of these is the ingredient of potato scratch, which is used to make them more highly digestible and packed with energy.

The slender, long design of these is perfect for your pooch to chew on, and having one of these each day will stimulate your pet’s gums, reducing tartar and plaque.

Better still, they’ll even freshen your dog’s breath! 

On top of that, the treats are flavored with clove bud oil to make them even more appealing and tasty.


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Another one of Whimzees’ fabulously creative dental dog treats with a fun design that your dog will love, these specific ones are in the shape of cute hedgehogs! 

Of course, these aren’t just designed for cuteness, because they;re creative and ridges designs are specifically crafted for dental effectiveness.

The functional grooves and unique shape allows the chew to get into lots of small spaces between your dog’s teeth while they’re chewing on it - and they’re going to be chewing it for plenty of time! 

Meanwhile, the treats contain no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors, keeping them natural and authentic.

On top of that, they also don’t contain meat and gluten. No gluten is especially useful because some dogs experience discomfort from eating it, so its absence makes these treats more welcoming to all furry friends.


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The design of these next Whimzees dental dog treats might not be quite as fun as previous ones, especially the alligator-shaped treats, but it is practical and fitting!

That’s right, these dental chews are shaped like toothbrushes, which is great because they do the good work of a toothbrush themselves!

With plenty of curves, ridges, and grooves in their design, these dental chews are bound to give your dog’s teeth a thorough clean - getting into all the small spaces.

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Better still, these chews offer a chewing time that’s 3 times longer than the dental treats of leading competitors, so your pooch is going to be biting down onto these for a good amount of time.

And the result? Well, there should be about 62% less tartar on your dog’s teeth, 31% less plaque, and 43% less odor to their breath. That’s what we call results!


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If you’ve loved all the creative shapes that Whimzees have offered with their dental chew dog treats, then your dog is sure to love them even more.

But what if your pet wants more than one? That’s where this tub of assorted dental chew shapes comes in!

With this excellent assortment, you get 3 different dental chew varieties: alligator chews, stix, and Brushzees.

Each of these designs has their own benefits, with different lengths and textures, but will all do a great job of cleaning your dog’s teeth. Even better, the variety will keep your dog’s tail wagging!


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We’re finishing our list by going big! You can never have too many Whimzees dental dog treats, so it may be a good idea for some customers to buy these large display boxes that are packed with the treats.

These ones are the toothbrush-shape variety, and each one helps reduce tartar and plaque on your dog’s teeth.

Final Thoughts

Whimzees offer a wide variety of fantastic dental dog treats, each of which reduce plaque and tartar in your dog’s teeth. Find the best products with our guide!

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