10 Greatest Pumpkin Dog Treats Anyone With A Dog Should Check Out

10 Greatest Pumpkin Dog Treats Anyone With A Dog Should Check Out

As a result, getting pumpkin flavored dog treats is a bonafide way to make your furry friend happy!

Even better, there are all kinds of different pumpkin flavored dog treats out there, coming in all sorts of forms and often mixing the squash’s unique taste with complementary flavors to make something twice as tasty!

In our handy guide below, we’ve got the 10 greatest pumpkin dog treats that anyone with a dog will want to check out. Your dog is sure to love these flavorful treats, and they’re healthy too!

10 Greatest Pumpkin Dog Treats Anyone With A Dog Should Check Out


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We’re starting our list off with these delicious and healthy dog treats that are perfect for your pooch, each flavored with a supremely tasty blend of pumpkin and cinnamon.

This is really a dream combination, because the warm, subtle spiciness of cinnamon goes perfectly with the rich sweetness of the pumpkin!

Better yet, the bars are made with real pumpkin, so you can be sure your dog is getting the best they can.

Wholesome ingredients is the name of the game here, because these health bar dog treats don’t contain wheat, soy, and corn.

On top of that, they also don’t contain any chicken by-product meals, and they’re completely free of artificial preservatives.

If that’s all the bad stuff absent, what good stuff do they contain instead? Well, they’re made with only the best natural ingredients available, and they’re enhanced with minerals and vitamins that will help your dog out.

As you can see, these dog treats are the perfect combination of flavor and nutrition!

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Our next pick offers your dog the irresistible combination of pumpkin and blueberries, with the sweetness of the pumpkin pairing perfectly with the sharp sweetness of blueberries!

Naturally, they use real pumpkin and real blueberries too, so your furry friend is getting something authentic AND delicious. 

As you can imagine, these are healthy dog treats, made with superfoods and wonderfully low in calories. Each treat has just 8 calories, so you can treat your dog without worrying that they’re going to over-indulge in calories. 

On top of that, the treats are appealing to your god in their look, texture, and smell! Each treat is shaped like a flower, has a crunch that will delight any dog, and smells wonderful.


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Up next are these pumpkin biscuits that your dog is sure to love, thanks to their wonderful flavor and healthiness!

Each biscuit is baked only with 100% all natural ingredients which have been locally sourced. For example, these biscuits use 100% pumpkin puree and special bean flour.

This dedication to wholesome, natural ingredients means that these treats are completely free from wheat, gluten, dairy, and grain.

This means that any dog will be able to enjoy them! On top of that, the treats are also free of GMOs, preservatives, artificial colorings, and other artificial stuff that doesn’t do your dog any favors.

The quality of the ingredients is so high that these biscuits are basically human grade!


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The dog treats from Shameless Pets are anything but shameless! Delicious and nutritious, these dog treats promote all kinds of good and healthy things for your pooch - stronger bones, digestive support, healthy hips and joints, and more! 

The reason that these provide digestive support is because the treats are free of grain (including soy, wheat, and corn) and artificial flavors, so they’re going to be extra easy on your dog’s digestive system. 

But how do they taste? Well, Pumpkin Nut Par-Tay offers a combination of pumpkin and peanut butter flavoring that’s going to make your dog’s mouth water.

The sweetness of the pumpkin goes perfectly with the nuttiness of the peanut butter, and the biscuits are soft and chewy so that they’re easy on your furry friend’s mouth. 


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Another pick from the always-reliable Fruitables, these dog treats have a pumpkin and banana flavoring that your dog will simply love. 

The sweetness of the pumpkin matches perfectly with the creaminess of the banana, and the treats even include a hint of cinnamon to give the whole thing a slightly warm, spicy edge. Perfect for the cold fall season! 

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As you can expect from Fruitables, these dog treats are perfectly healthy, since they’re made with superfoods.

On top of that, they don’t contain corn, wheat, and soy, and they’re also free of artificial colorings and flavorings. That’s right, no bad stuff - all good stuff! And each treat is only 8 calories!


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Our next fabulous pumpkin pick for your dog are these chewy and natural dog treats from Emerald Pets.

Made from the finest premium ingredients available, the US pumpkin puree used in these dog treats helps to support healthy digestion - which is especially useful for dogs with sensitive tummies.

Meanwhile, the inclusion of sweet potato pairs brilliantly with the pumpkin, both offering an extremely sweet and delicious flavor.

Even better, the treats are soft and chewy, and they can be broken into smaller pieces so you can give more appropriate amounts to dogs of all sizes and ages.


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Our next pick for pumpkin flavored dog treats comes from Cloud Star, who bake their biscuits into adorable shapes (stars and suns) that your dog will love!

Each treat is made in a homemade style and is made with a deliberately simple recipe using just 7 ingredients.

Naturally, one of these ingredients is the all-natural and real pumpkin. Meanwhile, the treats are processed as minimally as they can, and they’re free of soy, corn, wheat, and artificial colorings. 

Dogs of all shapes and sizes will enjoy these tasty and nutritious dog treat biscuits, and each treat measures a manageable 1.5 inches in width.


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This next dog treat doesn’t come in the form of a biscuit, rather jerky that any dog should delight in chewing on.

Pet jerky Factory has been making this human grade jerky in their own facility for about three decades, so you can bet that they’ve got the process nailed and their treats are good for your dog.

When it comes to the pumpkin flavoring, this jerky combines its uniquely sweet taste with tender turkey, along with a hint of rosemary extract.

All of these ingredients bring healthiness and nutrition to the snacks in their own way.

For example, the pumpkin is high in vitamins A and C, the turkey is packed with multi-vitamins and protein, and the rosemary extract contains antioxidants that should help your dog. 

On top of that, the ingredients are all-natural, and the treats contain no added corn, wheat, or soy. Additionally to that, they’re also free of added colors and artificial flavors. 

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These premium oven-baked dog treats from Darford have a delicious pumpkin flavoring that your dog will love - not to mention adorable shapes!

The company has been making high quality dog treats since 1987, so they’ve got plenty of experience, and they’ve always prided themselves on keeping their treats natural and free of grain. 

Of course, grain isn’t the only thing these nutritious treats are lacking, because they also contain no soy or corn, as well as no meat by-products. And on top of those?

There aren’t any artificial flavors or colors either! As a result, these dog treats will work wonders with your dog’s tummy, and they’ll go down easily.

Better still, the snacks are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. 

Each treat is also in the shape of a heart, making them extra welcoming to your special pet. 


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Our final pick for delicious pumpkin dog treats are these chewy, human grade snacks from Smart Cookie Barkery.

They have a unique flavor, a blend of velvety pumpkin and lean rabbit meat, and all the ingredients have been locally sourced.

The ingredients are all healthy and functional and selected from the very best sources - and there are no strange fillers thrown into the mix either!

Better still, each mini treat is low in calories, keeping your dog’s calorie intake and ideal weight manageable.

Final Thoughts

The unique, sweet taste of pumpkin is beloved by humans and dogs alike, and it’s a great flavoring for dog treats. Use our guide to find the very best pumpkin dog treats for your furry friend today!

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