10 Greatest Nudges Dog Treats Anyone With A Dog Should Check Out

10 Greatest Nudges Dog Treats Anyone With A Dog Should Check Out

Full of taste, deliciously chewy, and often enhanced with minerals, the dog treats that Nudges produces are guaranteed to make your dog wag their tail in delight.

Even better, Nudges makes a wide range of different dog treats, in all different flavors and forms.

However, with so many different types of Nudges dog treats out there, it can often be difficult narrowing them down and finding the ones that will be the absolute best for your four-legged friend.

Thankfully, we’ve done all the work for you! In our paw-some guide below, we’ve got the 10 greatest Nudges dog treats that anyone with a dog should check out.

Whatever their tastes, your dog is sure to love the dog treats in this list. Read on!

10 Greatest Nudges Dog Treats Anyone With A Dog Should Check Out


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We’re starting our list off with these supremely delicious steak flavored dog treats from Nudges, which are part of their Grillers range. 

Nudges is part of the Blue Buffalo company, which is focused specifically on natural and healthy pet food.

As a result, you can expect these tantalizingly tasty treats to prioritize natural ingredients. In fact, these snacks contain real beef/steak as their primary ingredient, ensuring that your dog is getting something authentic and flavorful.

On top of that, the beef has been raised right at home in the USA, so Nudges know exactly what’s going into their treats.

The dedication to all natural ingredients also means that there are no chicken by-product meals in the treats, keeping them fresh and healthy. In addition to that, the treats also contain absolutely no artificial preservatives or flavors. It’s nothing but the real thing! 

Meanwhile, Nudges also avoids putting wheat, corn, and soy into the products. Why? Well, some dogs are allergic to such things, and avoiding their inclusion helps keep these treats welcome to all pooches.


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Our next pick is Nudge’s chicken flavored dog treats from their Homestyle range, which contain a whole range of delicious ingredients that would honestly make a good meal for a human in any other context!

Chicken is naturally the primary ingredient, and these treats use only chicken that’s been homegrown in the USA.

Besides the meat, though, these treats also contain potatoes, peas, and carrots, among other things, giving your pet a fully-rounded meal! Of course, all of the ingredients are natural and from the finest sources.

Your dog will find that these snacks also have  terrific texture that keeps them coming back for more, with plenty of chewiness and generous cuts.


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Meanwhile, the Jerky Cuts range from Nudges offer delicious dog treats in a jerky style, with them being slowly oven-dried and plenty chewy.

These particular treats come in a chicken and duck flavor, which is a brilliant combination that your dog will love. Pairing tender chicken with rich duck, these treats are sure to get your pet’s mouth watering.

Even better, Nudges only use real chicken and real duck for their snacks, giving your furry friend something that’s all natural and bursting with real flavor.

On top of that, there are no artificial flavorings or preservatives used, as well as no wheat, corn, and soy, in order to avoid upsetting some dog’s stomachs.

Better still, these treats are packed with protein that will help your dog’s body function properly. Your dog is sure to love the fantastically charred texture of these chewy, healthy treats!


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Our next recommendation is from the Jerky Chews range by Nudges, which pulls a fun twist on the jerky nature of the treats we just looked at with the previous product - while sacrificing none of the delicious flavor!

These particular snacks are chicken flavored, and they’re made with all natural, real chicken that’s been raised in the United States.

Better still, the chicken that’s used is hardened, which means your dog will be able to chew down on it for much longer, giving them extra fun and flavor. 

There’s plenty of other ingredients used, but they’re all natural, and the treats use no rawhide or chicken by-product meals.

On top of that, it contains no soy, wheat, or corn, because some dogs are allergic to them. Additionally, it’s all kept extra real with no artificial preservatives or flavors.


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Up next is these delicious Protein Biscuits from Nudges, which offer your dog a snack that's much crunchier, with a crisp and hard texture that your dog is guaranteed to enjoy.

Better still, each biscuit is packed with healthy protein to help your dog function better!

These particular biscuits are chicken flavored, and they’ve been made exclusively with USA sourced chicken.

Of course, the chicken is all natural and real too, so that your pooch is getting something authentic.

Better still, like with all Nudges products, there’s no animal by-products contained within the treats either, as well as no artificial flavors and preservatives. Similarly, there’s no corn, soy, or wheat flour.

The snacks are suitable for all life stages of dog, but you need to follow the packet’s guidelines on how much you should give to your pet (it depends on their weight range).


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Another one from Nudges’ Grillers range, these dog treats have a chicken flavoring this time, rather than steak. The difference is sizable, now with tender and light chicken instead of rich beef, and these are naturally a great pick if your dog prefers chicken.

Of course, the treats use entirely all natural, real chicken, and the chicken has been raised entirely in the USA. Better still, there are no chicken by-product meals used in the snacks, which are the less desirable parts of the chicken. 

Your pooch is sure to love the charred texture of these treats, which help to bring out the wonderful flavor even more strongly.


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Our next pick is another delicious one from the Jerky Cuts range that Nudges offer, but this time they’ve got a rich and filling beef flavoring.

Beef is almost the ideal flavor for these snacks, because its richness and heartiness pairs perfectly with the charred texture of the food.

Even better, the snacks use only real, all natural beef, and it’s the primary ingredient. On top of that, the beef has been raised right at home in the USA.

Meanwhile, there’s also a touch of real chicken included in the ingredients too - but no chicken by-product meals of course.

Your dog will be wagging his tail at these, and the lack of wheat, soy, and corn makes them accessible to all dogs without risk of allergies to those things.


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Another range of dog treats from Nudges is Jerky Bones, which are all about giving your dog a long-lasting chew.

If you thought the other jerky products from Nudges were chewy, wait until your dog tries these! He’ll be chowing down on these for ages, savoring all the flavor and fun of every treat.

Each Jerky Bone here has chicken flavoring that comes from real, all natural chicken.

Naturally, this authenticity passes the delicious taste right onto your pet, giving them exactly the tender tastiness and nothing artificial. There are no artificial preservatives or flavors included, either.

Every treat is chewy jerky wrapped in the real chicken, which helps to make these fantastic treats so chewy.


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Our penultimate pick is another from the Homestyle range of dog treats that Nudges too, but this time they’ve got a delicious chicken and bacon flavor to them.

The previous Homestyle treats we looked at were just chicken, with all its tender tastiness, but this combines that tenderness with the rich and unique flavor of bacon. 

The treats use real chicken and real pork to give your pet the most authentic taste possible, and all of the other ingredients are natural too.

The primary meat ingredients are a fantastic combination that goes brilliantly with the chewy texture of each treat.


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We’re finishing our list off with dog treats from Nudges’ Jerky Bites range, which offer your furry friend bite-sized treats of jerky, chewy goodness.

These ones are chicken flavored, and Nudges use all natural, real chicken for the meat. 

Your dog will have these tender, tiny bites, and they’re sure to keep coming back for more! So you’d better follow the feeding chart carefully!

Final Thoughts

Nudges have a wide range of delicious dog treats, with all different flavors and styles. Whatever your dog likes, find the very best with our guide!

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