Gizzy (or Gizmo) is our sweet doggy – he’s a 6 year old, black and white, male Boxer who has been with us for the past 3 years.

He was rescued from a high kill shelter in North Carolina when we were living there – they were going to euthanize him because he is blind after being in a severe accident when he was only a juvenile. We brought him home to live with us as a foster dog while we waited for his eyes to heal.

They did not heal well enough, though, and we decided that to avoid pain for him, the humane thing to do would be to have them removed. The vet said that it would be best it euthanize him, but I felt so strongly about him that I couldn’t let him go.

So, we adopted him instead – and he’s been part of our family ever since!

He loves people, other dogs, and most importantly, food. He also loves car rides, walks, swimming, and playing with our other dog, Arnie. Gizzy can be very stubborn at times, but then again, so are all Boxers. His favorite toys include squeaky things, balls, and anything else that makes noise.

He’s also a bit of a snuggler and will curl up on your lap or next to you if you’re sitting down. And of course, he’ll give you kisses whenever you ask for one.

We hope that you know, even if your dog has been though an accident that has left them with a disability, they can still be a loving and wonderful family pet.