Dog Show Ethics

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The basics of dog show ethics are the following:

  1. No exhibitors should be allowed near a dog that is not in the show ring or at least 2 feet away. 2. The dog owner or handler should not use a standing collar or leash on the dog when the dog is not in the ring. 3. No dogs shall be allowed to leave the dog ring or ring area until they are declared ready by the judge. 4. No dogs or handlers shall be allowed to put their earphones on the dog’s head, neck or chest while the dog is in the ring. 5. If a dog is caught in the ring, the handler does not need to be present, but is required to wait for the judge to declare the dog ready. 6. The judge should make a statement when a dog is declared the winner, stating that the dog owner or handler has reported the dog to the judge to be “
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