Dog Blog Design Tips

  1. Put the sample code next to the text that you want to blog. For example, when you make up a short blog post, you might put the code in an appendix. Dont put the code next to the text.

  2. Use the HTML tags to label paragraphs. For example, you can put the code in an appendix next to the text.

  3. Do not put any text directly in the body of the webpage. Typically, text is placed at the end.

  4. Put a short description of the blog. You can put a short description near the code or near the end of the code.

  5. Put a short headline of the blog. This is the headline that describes the blog and any other information that you want to include. Make sure to put the title of the blog in the headline. For example, if your blog posts about pet care and pets, put the

Megan Turner

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