Do Dalmatians Bark?

When searching for a pet dog, it is easy to get drawn to dalmatians because of their beautiful coats and athletic bodies.

However, identifying if they bark or not is necessary, especially if you are not fond of noise or live in a small apartment. 

So, do dalmatians bark?

Dalmatians are not known to bark much.

Most of these dogs rarely bark, but it’s typically one or two woofs when they do.

They may whine when in need of attention, but otherwise, dalmatians are known to be quiet dogs. 

It can be devastating if your dalmatian starts barking a lot as it’s not their normalcy.

Herein is a description of what could be causing their barking and how to handle it when it happens.

Do dalmatians bark

Are dalmatians noisy?

Dalmatians are known for their quiet nature.

Apart from whining occasionally, these dogs make little noise.

Although some dalmatians may bark because of their individual character or other different reasons, you can quickly train them out of this habit.

dalmatians barking

Why is my dalmatian barking?

It’s important to understand the reason behind your dalmatian’s barking before finding a solution to this problem.

Some of the reasons include:

Suffering from separation anxiety

Dalmatians are used to living in parks and thus tend to get sad and lonely when left alone for long periods.

As a result, these dogs bark to let out their built-up anxiety and boredom.

For this reason, dalmatians are suitable for homes that always have someone around. 

Other signs of separation anxiety in dalmatians include:

  • Escaping
  • Chewing
  • Eating waste
  • Digging
  • Pacing
  • Urinating
  • Defecating

Being protective

Dalmatians are naturally protective dogs.

They always take care of each other when in parks and thus will protect you and your family members at all times.

They do this by barking a lot; hence expect this behavior when strangers are around.

Feeling anxious and threatened

The sight of a terrifying person and loud noises like alarms, sirens, or fights in the house can make dalmatians fearful, and they respond to these by barking.

You should soothe your dalmatian if you notice them bark due to feeling threatened. 

Seeking attention

Dalmatians are needy dogs.

They may bark when asking for human attention, treats, or toys.

It is advisable to spend more time with your dalmatian dog and listen to their pleas to avoid endless barking hours.

However, you should not let them get used to this attention-seeking method.

Instead, teach your dalmatian other positive approaches. 


Your dalmatian is prone to barking when you offer them a treat or take them to the park.

This behavior will be accompanied by leaping and tail wagging in such a case.

However, it should be no cause for alarm as this shows that they are happy or enjoying themselves. 

Letting out frustrations

When disappointed, frustrated, or exhausted, dalmatians let these feelings out by barking.

Thus, expect your dog to bark a lot when feeling isolated for whichever reason.

The good thing is that you can manage this situation by distracting them with a cheerful activity.

How to stop dalmatian dogs from barking too much

The activities below help dalmatians learn when it’s appropriate for them to bark.

Enrolling them in a training program

Instead of figuring out what could be bothering your dalmatian, enroll them in a trusted training program that will handle the situation professionally.

The right training program guarantees you an obedient and happy dalmatian.

Getting them exercising

Dalmatians are active dogs, thus requiring workout activities to keep them cheerful.

You should take your dalmatian out for walks to burn off some steam every day.

If you cannot do this, play some games like tug of war or fetch with them. 

Enriching them mentally

It is necessary to keep your dalmatian’s mind stimulated.

These dogs will rarely bark when mentally focused on another activity.

Get your dog some enrichment tools and toys to keep them focused and entertained.

Installing sight barriers

Dalmatians bark when they get distracted by a person or an ongoing activity.

Find a way to block them from seeing activities going on outside, and the difference might surprise you.

For instance, using protective fencing has proven effective in such cases.

What not to do when dalmatians bark

The following activities only worsen dalmatians’ barking.

Yelling at them

Dalmatians do not understand the difference between positive and negative responses.

Yelling at them will make them think that they have attained your attention, for instance, when asking for something.

Therefore, they will continue to bark.

Hitting them

Hitting your dalmatian is unacceptable, even when their barking annoys you.

This act will make them lose faith in you and strain your relationship.

You could also get bitten, so never attempt to hit these dogs under any circumstance. 


Is my dalmatian family-friendly?

Dalmatians are the perfect family dogs.

Besides being protective, these dogs are active, playful, intelligent, non-aggressive, and gentle. 

Is my dalmatian hard to train?

Dalmatians can be hard to train because of their determined and manipulative nature.

In this regard, they require consistent guidance and training to stay in the right lane. 

How do I stop my dalmatian from barking at other dogs?

You can stop your dalmatian from barking at other dogs by improving their socializing skills.

This can be done by enrolling them in a training program or taking them to dog parks every once in a while.

These activities will help them feel relaxed and less intimidated by other dogs. 

How to stop my dalmatian from barking at night

Most dalmatians will stop barking if you let them spend the night with you in the house.

This is because their barking results from feeling lonely and frustrated, especially if they are left alone outside.

Your dalmatian could also be barking for fun because your neighbor’s dog does so. 

Why does my dalmatian shed so much?

Your dalmatian sheds so much because their hair shafts have a short life expectancy and thus fall off often.

This allows the growth of newer and fresher hair.


Dalmatians are calm dogs, and in case they start to bark for whatever reasons, there are several ways to counter that behavior.

Therefore, this should not keep you from getting one of these beautiful canines into your home. 

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