Do Cocker Spaniels Shed?

Cocker spaniels are famous for their playful and gentle nature.

They also enjoy interacting with people making them the best dogs for first-time owners.

However, these dogs have long lustrous hair or fur, which could make you question if they do shed before getting them as pets. 

So, do cocker spaniels shed?

These dogs are average shedders, but their level of shedding increases when they blow off their coats twice yearly during spring and autumn.

Aside from the seasonal changes, other factors such as age, diet, and poor grooming could also affect cocker spaniels’ shedding.

This article will discuss cocker spaniels coats and shedding patterns.

It will also give an in-depth look at handling these dogs’ shedding. 

Do Cocker Spaniels Shed

Cocker spaniel coats 

Cocker spaniels are double-coated.

They have a soft and dense inner coat that protects them from the sun, wind, water, and cold.

These canines also have a long outer coat with either a smooth or rough texture.

Understanding that these dogs blow off their coats twice yearly due to seasonal or temperature changes is vital to avoid unnecessary worry.

They shed in the fall to promote the growth of a fuzzier coat for winter.

Then during the spring, in preparation for the high summer temperatures.

Shedding during these periods should not worry you, as it’s common for all dogs.

Moreover, because of varying temperatures, cocker spaniels that spend most of their time outside will shed more than their counterparts who stay inside. 

Cocker Spaniels

Cocker spaniels grooming 

Grooming is necessary to ensure dogs don’t shed excessively.

It includes brushing and bathing them properly, as described below.


Due to their long hair, you should brush your cocker two to three days weekly.

The hair could easily get tangled and form mats which will be difficult to comb out if left unattended for a while. 

Take all the time necessary when entangling mats to get the best results.

Additionally, cocker spaniels with wavy hair require more brushing than their counterparts with straight fur because they are more prone to matting. 


Bathing is crucial for these dogs as it helps reduce their level of shedding.

Cocker spaniels should bathe at least once every two to three months to maintain a clean and healthy coat. 

Frequent bathing isn’t advisable as it dries out dogs’ coats, increasing their shedding. 

In addition to that, brush your pup before and after bathing to get rid of the dead loose hair.

You should also always use a dog-friendly shampoo when cleaning dogs to avoid drying out their coats. 

Grooming tools 

Investing in the following tools is essential in grooming your pup efficiently. 

  • A slicker brush – This brush will get through the tough tangles and mats on dogs’ coats. Its thick wire bristles also eliminate loose hairs and massage your pup’s skin as you pull it through their coats. 
  • Bristle brush – A bristle brush will help you attain a smooth and silky coat after untangling your cocker’s hair. 
  • Vacuum cleaner – Aside from keeping your home fur-free, a vacuum cleaner removes loose hairs on these canines. It also eliminates debris and dirt from their coats. Lastly, this equipment stimulates dogs’ skins promoting healthy coats and reducing shedding. 

Factors that determine how much cocker spaniels shed

Below are factors that could make cocker spaniels shed more than they usually do.

  • Age – Unlike other dogs, the shedding levels in cocker spaniels reduce with age. This is because younger cockers shed a lot while developing mature coats.
  • Diet – These canines require a diet rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other essential nutrients to maintain a healthy coat. Therefore, their fur will shed more if they lack these vital nutrients in their meals. 
  • Breed – The American cocker spaniels shed more than their English counterparts. In this regard, select a breed whose shedding is bearable for you. 

Can fish oil reduce my cocker spaniel’s shedding? 

Aside from enhancing dogs’ heart health and relieving joint pains, fish oil promotes a silky coat and reduces shedding in these canines.

Other benefits of fish oil to cocker spaniels include:

  • Allergy control
  • Cancer prevention
  • Slow down kidney disease progression
  • Promote neurologic development

Does my cocker spaniel have hair or fur? 

Cocker spaniels have hair.

There is no chemical difference between hair and fur.

However, fur is thick and coarse, while hair is fine, long, and thin.

Although dogs with hair like cocker spaniels quickly get debris and dirt on their coats, they require less brushing and general grooming than their fur counterparts.

This is because it’s easier to brush through hair than fur.

Is my cocker spaniel hypoallergenic? 

These canines are not hypoallergenic.

Hypoallergenic dogs are light shedders.

Saliva, dander, and dead skin, which carry the proteins that cause allergy flareups, mostly end up on dogs’ coats and spread during shedding.

In this regard, cocker spaniels being average shedders, are not the perfect pets for people with dog allergies.

Difference between the English and American cocker spaniels 

These breeds are alike in terms of personalities but have several physical differences.

To begin with, the English cocker spaniels are shorter than the American variety.

Secondly, the English dogs have longer snouts compared to their American counterparts.

The coats on the English variety are shorter compared to their American counterparts.

Lastly, the American spaniel heads are oval-shaped with droopier ears.

On the other hand, the English variety has rounder heads with less droopy ears. 

When will my cocker spaniel puppy lose their puppy coat? 

You may notice an increase in the amount of hair shed by your pup when they are between eight and twelve weeks.

This is when they will start to lose their fluffy puppy hair and develop an adult coat.

However, this process is gradual; hence you will not suddenly bump into a heap of hair in your home.

Frequently asked questions(FAQs) 

Is my cocker spaniel a good family dog? 

Cocker spaniels are gentle and loving hence great family dogs.

They are also attentive, intelligent, playful, and medium-sized.

Therefore, they are the perfect best friends for your kids. 

Does my cocker spaniel get along with other dogs? 

These canines not only get along with all humans but also with other dogs.

However, you must get them socializing at a young age.

It makes it easier for them to interact and blend in with others.

Does my cocker spaniel smell?

Cocker spaniels have a mild body odor.

Therefore, provided that you are consistent with their grooming, it will be hard for anyone to notice that you live with a dog.

To wrap up

Cocker spaniels are the friendliest and cutest pets you could find.

Although they are not hypoallergenic and shed throughout the year, there are several guidelines you can take to reduce their levels of losing hair.

You should not hold back from getting these gentle and lovely canines into your home. 

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